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Found 16 results

  1. I have a lvl 84 alliance character and i'd like to travel to pandaria and start questing there. How can i get there? Is there a ship or a portal that i have to use?
  2. this mission is bug and impossible to complete, was to have a ship but only has a arvo re in the middle and enemies bug
  3. Hi I'm really short on gold and have been struggling to get more. I want to know if anyone knows which location is the most efficient for farming gold solo.
  4. Hello there, it's my first post in this forum and I hope I did it in the right place. I have this problem with my pandaren, I can't leave the isle either pick hord or alliance. I did the previous quests and I'm stuck here since last week. Is there any bug or did I do something wrong? I need help because I can't continue.
  5. Hello. I would like to play a new character - pandaren. I want to blizzlike xp rating (x1), but there is not rating changer in starting localization. where is he in pandaria? thanks
  6. hello everyone when I do the boss mel'jarak at a certain point he fly and when I attack it sa that is an invalid target how can I do? and why when I go to garalon I can target him but I don't see him and I can't attack him too?
  7. Hi everyone, Sorry if i ask something already asked, but i can't find anything about it with the search. So, i was questing and try out different class and race and my first question after a while is: Is there any plans for revamp/fixing older content (like starting zone or Burning Crusade/Cataclysm zone) ? I know you are working right now on Legion content and i'm very happy about it, but i think a nice e fluid leveling experience would enhance the... experience (sorry for repetition xD) of the players. :3 Thanks in advance for any answer and good work! Lorenzo
  8. Hi, i am looking for an english guild on the 'french' server Rasshrom. i prefer all 90 + lvling guild mainly directed to pvp. if you have something for me, you can add me on the server as: Appelsap thanks
  9. Hi, What is the best way to farm Gate of the setting sun ( for justice points ), What gear is the best for this? ( im playing a Night elf, feral druid. ) And where to get that gear? When is it able to solo this first boss? ---- or is there a better way to farm justice points then killing the first boss in gate of the setting sun?
  10. I dunno where else to post this issue since I already did a bug-tracker report. However, archaeology isn't really a popular profession so the report didn't work too well. So here we go: The BoA weapon rares of Pandaria do not "drop" (i.e. appear as a solve). I solved over 300 and there still hasn't been one weapon coming from the Mantid or the Pandaren. The "Quillen Statuette" of the Mogu (trinket) drops as the one of the 5 mop rares. I Spoke to quite a lot of people who experienced the same -> drop of trinket. never a weapon drop. I really would love to have a fix on this, as the 463 (upgraded 471) weapons are insanely awesome for 85 twinks. To get the caster off-hand was my only reason to even start and max out Archaeology. It's kind of a let down to not get it despite many MANY hours :/... I also started one more bug-tracker report now (same title as this topic). If you see this, I'd be very thankful if you could thumb up my report and/or comment on it and/or start a similar report so that the devs can see this issue. I know for most it's not really important, but for me it would be really great if the items could actually "drop" as a solve as intended. Have a great day everyone!
  11. Hi Guys! Is there anyway on gaining reputation for the Operation Shieldwall faction in Krasarang Wilds? I tried to do the quest line and it just ends up being bugged, i can't even talk to most of the NPC's that are in the beach.
  12. Hello guys. I'm new to wow and i'm starting play in the firetorm grommash server. I already reach lvl 90 and i don't know how to go draenor and how can i buy the wisdom of the four winds spell in pandaria. The private server have some... problems. Can someone can help me? my guild never ask my questions and never help me.
  13. Hi, In the wotlk realm called Pandaria there are 400/600 players connected and in Dalaran 10 max. You can close dalaran international realm and set Pandaria like international realm? I'm Italian and i would to play wotlk in the international realm but there are only 10 players. Please do as you have done with Catalysm.
  14. anyone else having trouble traveling around pandaria??? i get all freezy and crashy when i go to certain areas and it's incredibly hard to get out of the frozen character stucking zones
  15. Hey all, I'm quite new to private servers seeing as i always played retail since right before TBC released, so it might just be that I'm missing something regarding this quest. My problem is that as soon as I hit 85, as per usual I received the quest to venture into Pandaria. Except I got the horde version: "The art of war". Without thinking I removed the quest thinking if I enter SW the problem would resolve itself and I'd be presented with the proper quest. Sadly nothing happened and I find myself quite stuck seeing as the next step: "The mission", which normally can be initiated right outside SW keep also did not present itself. The question obviously is did I properly mess up or is there still a way to initiate said quest? Thank you in advance!
  16. the problem is that after making the quest of The August Celestials when complete does not work, and asks valor points to complete, but they were drawn in wod, how to proceed? ps: sorry my english, traduzido by google