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  1. Hi there. I recently linked my Pandashan account to this new, updated version since I heard Pandashan merged with Firestorm. When I log in to the WoW Legion launcher (Firestorm Version), I don't get an option to go into my old account's Realm, which was Garrosh. This account, which I created a noob on, is in Sylvanas and when I click 'Change Realm', I'm greeted by a message saying I've been disconnected. How can I play on my old account rather than this new one?
  2. Greetings, I found an e-mail today from Firestorm sent on my request to recover my old Pandashan account, in that e-mail there is my username I used way back then and a new password. I would like to transfer (copy) my characters from Pandashan acc. to Firestorm - Legion, but the thing is I cannot login on Firestorm website entering e-mail address on which I received letter from Firestorm. When I try to enter that e-mail address the message appears saying 'Your username/password are incorrects.' Considering information above I would like to know: 1) How do I access my old account on this website? 2) Is it still possible to copy old characters to Firestorm?
  3. Why isn't the AoE loot working? did the developers disabled it on purpose?
  4. Good morning WoW community. I thought it would be interesting to see how long people have been here. There was an early MoP (Pandashan), then there was WoD (Ashran), MoP got better , Then they created Firestorm with WoTLK & Cata. Then they made BC and now Legion. Belive it or not this "server" has been going for quite a while and a lot has happened in a short space of time. I, staying on track of this topic, have been here since ALMOST the beginning. Since early MoP. So I've been here quite a while I just want to say a quick thank you to all the staff & developers. Without them we wouldn't be here as a community playing on here. I'd probably be playing Rift or GW2 or something WoW is better imo. So everyone, how long have YOU been here?
  5. Hello! I was regular player on the Pandashan server. I stopped playing year ago, and i would like to play again on Legion server. I downloaded game and its working and everything is good. But there is a problem. I heard you can transfer one character for free, but it doesn't even let me do that. When i click Change my current character option, i only get to shoot picture and make it my profile avatar. Why is that happening? I linked my account from Pandashan with this one. I would really like my character here. It was on Taran'Zhu.Also. i dont know if its important, but i was force migrated to Taran'Zhu after server ( whose name i forgot, it started on E ) shut down. Thanks for reading and i would appreciate any help.
  6. I had a few characters on Pandashan, 2 of them being a level 90 Deathknight and a level 86 or 87 Paladin. After this whole Pandashan and Firestorm thing, I don't know where they've gone. I haven't played those characters in months, I think they were deleted due to inactivity for large periods of time. I've already played for a little on the Firestorm WoD servers a few months ago too and have a few characters there, the highest being level 49.(Not from pandashan though) Is there anyway I could recover those characters? It would be great if possible.
  7. so basicly ive played back on the pandashan server, my hero's name was Pillav. now i wana get back into the game and i find out a few things the pandashan server doesnt excist anymore, and it told me that this is the new server, seing some familar ppl in the 2v2 ladder for tharan zhul i would like to know how do i get my account back in wich i threw like 200$ , i had like 11 lv90s there, pls help....
  8. Hello, I had an account on the old server Pandashan and I do not know how to move him to a new Firestorm. I have played over 250 hourson this account, and I do not want to lose him. Can you help me please? Thanks.
  9. How I reset my pandashan password ??. Because i don't remember it and I can not merge the character
  10. Hello, I had an account on Pandashane where I also bought boost to lvl 80 but became such a thing that I have come to the time of the email Could you help me with this ?