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  1. Hello, to start off, it's very important you understand this is not a poll made by any admins, devs or anyone who has any influence in how this is going to be handled by the realm. This is just me trying to gather infomation from the playerbase. IMPORTANT YOU UNDERSTAND THIS!!! Okay, so the poll is to see what the players would like, when it comes to the way the titles will be divided by the players who has been doing PvP on Firestorm season1 legion. If u have anything else to add like a smart idea such as "fuck titles is bugged pvp wait season2 plx" then u are more than welcome to exspress that in the comments below. Poll is, either blizzlike cutoffs as this. Vindictive Gladiator: Legion Season 1: Top 0.1%, Gladiator: Legion Season 1: Top 0.5%, Duelist: Legion Season 1: Top 3.0%, Rival: Legion Season 1: Top 10.0%,Challenger: Legion Season 1: Top 35.0%Hero of the Alliance: Vindictive/Hero of the Horde: Vindictive: Top 0.5%, Guardian of the Alliance: Legion Season 1/Guardian of the Horde: Legion Season 1: Top 3.0%,Defender of the Alliance: Legion Season 1/Defender of the Horde: Legion Season 1: Top 10.0%,Soldier of the Alliance: Legion Season 1/Soldier of the Horde: Legion Season 1: Top 35.0%Percentages are based on players with a rating of 1000+ per faction. Or it will be a flat number, such as top10,top50,top100 etc. https://www.strawpoll.me/15469403 <---vote now DISCLAIMER! the result of the poll does not mean this will happen. i will though give the result of this, to the devs & admins and they can decide what to do with it. Thank you for voting