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Found 17 results

  1. warlock

    Hello , I have a problem witch warlock, his damage excessive so much , dmg also demonology minions and pet deal too much damage, they make unbelievable damage. it's impossible to play against warlock .. need big nerf realy big. i do not agree for season 1 ( 7.1.5 ) all warlock get titile cuz of bug . this is unfair and unlogic , warlock need nerf portal pet and damage nerf 80 % at least Enjoy bug warlock video -
  2. Hello all Ive recently tried to start pet battling on sylvanas a guild mate told me to go learn how in orgrimmar, so i did i got the quest to battle my first pet "Learning The Ropes" but i cant battle any pets, i can kill them but not battle, i also cant track them on my map there is no option to. he tried to battle me to see if this would trigger my slots open but i cant battle either, does anyone know how to get around this? do i need to try a different pet master for the quest?
  3. Greetings all, I am curious as to if the spirit fox Lightning Paw has been added yet I am grateful for any replies providing information on this topic. Thank you.
  4. Hello everyone, did anyone else notice that our pets are taking a tremendos amount of damage from aoe spells/abilities? I believe that the devs forgot to flag the spells to not go through avoidance...... avoidance should take 90% of the damage of the aoe spell and on top of that, you have Versatility which reduces the damage taken even further..... Developers, please take a look into this issue... Guys, please bump this thread >.<
  5. Hi, I play as a Blood Elf Beast Master Hunter and i just tamed Loque'nahak. Since he is the best looking pet in the game (I think he is) i really want to see him on the login screen :D. Problem is. He does not. Even if i play MM, the default dragonhawk you get at lvl 1 shows up. I abandoned the dragonhawk and still he shows up on the character screen. It's not a major issue but still. It found it quite annoying. P.S. I already deleted the Cache folder.
  6. Hi, my name is Gelanana, and i'm a Frost Mage. I've a big problem with my frost pet, it doesen't work. It say to be silenced/pacified with all but on the other players it work. I've tryed to change race ( buying it ) but it didn't resolved nothing. I've tryed to put some glyph with the hope of a new pet, but nothing happened. Can u help me pls?
  7. Pets are working now? Earlier (at the beggining of Legion here) they just disappear in random moments. It was rly annoying
  8. I already spend a lot of hours looking for this tiger Savage, to tame him. He should walk in the jade forest, invisible, leaving a (bloody) trail so you can track him. I would like to know if, in the first place he exists on the server, is he fully working blizz-like? Does he walk around visible or even just stays on one position? I wasn't able to find him or bloody trails so far. I hope some one can give me some answers.
  9. legion

    guys you must see it. Guess we all deserve one1
  10. fix the appearance bugs with the unholy dk pet and the glyphs ( Skeleton and Geist glyphs) ...and the overall dk pet for unholy....
  11. can you somehow "fix" your ghoul pet again ? after testing with the glyphs like skeleton or geist appearance for the ghoul, it still remains in the skeleton appearance ( + after trying the Geist glyph, it just grows in size but remains as a skeleton)
  12. So, I'm pretty new to this server, how do the pet battles work? I have a level 15 character. I have trained in pet battles. I have put my pet into the battle slot. It says I need three to be unlocked before I can search for battles. I can't see the green paw print on wild pets to request a battle like on retail. It just comes up with a sword icon to fight them. I'm using a Mac, downloaded from the launcher. Is there a trick - or is it bugged? Thanks kindly.
  13. You drop all those + at me... what is this aritmethics?
  14. Greeting Firestorm Believe or not I`ve lost 5 pets in my Hunter. Any ideas why ? and how can it be solved? Everytime u log in your pet automatically stays next to you, and when you relog this pet wont stay next to the character any more, it disapears. Like I abandoned him. Long story - short, when this problem will be solved and should I keep playing for hunter or wait for next update? Thanks.
  15. hunter

    Olá, vou escrever em português porque meu inglês é horrível. Tenho um Hunter, e fui pegar um pet,mais especifico esse pet, mas quando eu chego lá, olha o que eu encontro:
  16. Hi Guys, i buy the Pet from the Valentine Event, i get the Egg, try to learn and Egg is gone, but i dont have this pet, so what is wrong here, i make daylies for it and i wanne this pet, know someone about this Problem, or am i the only one?
  17. Can someone please make list of Battle pets that DO work? every pet i tried so far did not attack.. every time i sent him to battle, he just stood there and waited for his death...