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Found 48 results

  1. Hello, i downloaded Spartanui from the homepage but my healthbar is gone, look here: how can i fix this?
  2. Hello, I have a really big problem. Let me get this clear. Original server: Divine shield automatically turns on when you are on low health,but you can carry a flag/orb/minecart when it turns on. Here: Divine shield automatically turns on when you are on low health, but you cannot carry a flag/orb/minecart,in other word you drop it. Just today I have dropped flags and orbs about 10 times and we even lost 'cause of me... It pisses me off and I recommend doing it as on original server, Being able to carry a flag/orb/minecart with Divine shield. That is all I am asking you to do 'cause I don't want to blamed for something I did not do myself. Even If you decided to not make Divine Shield Usable while carrying a flag/orb/minecart, I won't be mad and bothered much by that as long as it wouldn't be Automatically... I think that is unfair, 'cause at this point Auto Bubble is Auto Drop. Class and spec: Paladin Retribution
  3. hellow , i have big problem on story quest val ' sharah i left 2 story and but i cant find a quest for complate this , waht to do ? video -
  4. Hi i played on Sylvanas,i looted armor from dead NPC and i want to wear it,but i can" "says" " You must have level 20 to wear it" but i have level 21 please help me
  5. Khadgar NPC is broken. Quest The Kargathar proving grounds is usually broken. NPC Khadgar don´t work destroy a bridge. When abadon this quest then NPC no give quest again. Please Help.
  6. I was trying to follow the quest line to get my garisson upgraded in draenor and it was not working. But that is not the biggest problem. I logged out and when I tried to log back in, the app crashed with a critical error. The worst part is that this happened in two different freaking computers so I know it's not my laptop's problem. Can anybody help me please!
  7. Hello, how come I can't see Artifact Forge and Scouting map?
  8. problem

    I play with fury warrior and my artifact weapon (Warswords of the Valarjar) is ilvl 754, but i put 15 point traits, 2 relics, one fire and one storm but my ilvl is still 754. What i need to do to get higher ilvl on my artifact weapon?
  9. My character (Earthbelly) was flying into The Great Sea using the flight master mounts when I logged in, even though I was supposed to be in my class hall. When I clicked to stop at the nearest flight master, after a few minutes, my character died and is currently stuck in The Great Sea. Clicking "Return to Graveyard" or "Teleport to Graveyard" does not fix the issue and only shows "Can't do that while moving".
  10. I bought me the 100 lvl boost and I did not got that for Payflow he is still lvl 72 I just wanted to say that I am waiting for the processing of my shop support ticket
  11. Hello, could u help me ? ive got problem with sylvanas full client, everytime when i quit the game it stucks and i have to quit it through task manager, and when i start it again, it resets my setting, any advices ? thanks
  12. SO I m DH and when I want to open Artifack Weapon with Shift+ Right Click it don't work It just made weapon icon grey, what should I do, or how can I fix it ??? And also I can t open that forge where u can upgrade traits
  13. Everytime i login my account after the loading section, it says "no realms are available" i can't play .... please help
  14. Hello, everytime i start game, im changing options because they are reseting all time i quit game. Is there any option to save settings and it no reset? Hope for fast reply.
  15. h leaves its search and find BGT but I can not enter, however, why is that?
  16. Hey guys, I want to add some addons to my game but, I see on youtube there should be an addon tab in the character select screen but i dont see one... Can someone tell me how to activate them?
  17. as the title says world quests are not working for me when i kill the mob required by any world quest the mob doe not get counted ( as if i did nothing) i tried cleaning cashe and using analyse ad repair but neither worked am not the only one with this problem ( same thing happened to another death knight ) should i reinstall the game or what ? please help !
  18. Hello, I just wanted to ask you, if you dont why everytime i want to join Alterac Valley or Dalaran Sewers i just can't.. Im clicking on ''Join battle'', but nothing is happening. But i can join all other BGs and Arenas.. If you think you can help me, do it please
  19. Hello, I have problems leveling my new warlock because its damage is weirdly low, it takes like 5 sec to kill a 1 lvl rat that you are supposed to be able to one shot even in lvl 1, please check it out so i can continue on my warlock. TY //Kevin
  20. Hello guys, i am level 68 right now and i got to the point when i found myself in Area 52. I knew there was a MPC that sells armor and weapons for level 60. I tried buying but i cant they are all in red. I have made sure that is for my exact specialization but still stays red. There is no reason too, there are no requirements. Thank you for taking your time and reading!
  21. So I am here since the Litchiking I never had this problem until the merge of servers in to a fire storm. Ever since them I always get data downloading on my PC. Problem is that it slows my game significantly to the point where i'm stuck in invisible walls because not the who area is loaded. I had the same internet for all this time. Since WOTLK to WOD. Are there any solutions? Am I the only one with this problem? I am in a European region, and I select EU server. My pc is average. Spec average.
  22. I cant launch Legion, anyone else has this bug? Please help with Fix!
  23. Hi Guys! I've hit a problem with downloading through the Firestorm launcher so I might resort to downloading through Blizzard but I've heart that Blizzard's Legion is already at 7.1 while Firestorms only at 7.0.3 My question is will Legion 7.1 work with Firestorm's 7.0.3? Please and Thank you
  24. Für den Fall, dass Du auch Probleme beim Start des Launchers hast, gibt es eine mögliche Lösung. Siehe Report Kurz und Knapp: Füge die Domain als Wildcard-URL in deinem Antivirusprogramm als Ausnahme hinzu: * Bei Avira Antivirus sieht das folgendermaßen aus: Nicht vergessen auf Übernehmen zu klicken. Ich hoffe ich konnte euch weiterhelfen. ;-)
  25. I appear to have 5-7 minute load screens on everything past the character list/create screen. I haven't play on this server at all, but I could only imagine how that would affect instanced scenarios like dungeons or arenas and battlegrounds. Has anyone discovered a fix to this issue yet? Looked all over the forums for a response, but all threads I saw have been closed without direct staff answers. Any help would be appreciated.