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  1. So I have level 600 tailoring. blacksmithing and engineering across my characters and I have not been able to find any of the recipes for any of these professions and it seems like very few people have them, based on the low amount of competition on the auction house and the common absence of many pieces of equipment for sale (mainly crafted malevolent). I have farmed for these recipes in the world of the main Pandarian continent, on Timeless Isle and by killing dungeon trash and nothing has dropped any of these recipes. I am even using Potion of Luck. They should be easily found if you fulfill the requirements (as described in all of the wowhead links), which is just having high enough profession level, so I don't understand why I have not come across any. Has anyone had any luck looting them? If so, where did you find it? Tailoring: https://www.wowhead.com/item=100863/pattern-celestial-cloth-and-its-uses Leatherworking : https://www.wowhead.com/item=100864/pattern-hardened-magnificent-hide-and-its-uses Blacksmithing: https://www.wowhead.com/item=100865/plans-balanced-trillium-ingot-and-its-uses Engineering: https://www.wowhead.com/item=94847/chief-engineer-jards-journal
  2. Problem: Not getting the Gnomish Engineering quest. Character: Maerilyn Server: Sethraliss My character is level 63 and has engineering skill 225, I would like her to have gnomish engineering but the quest is not showing up in Ironforge. Wowhead tells me you have to be at least level 20 and have skill 200 so I do fit the requirements. I did accept the Goblin Engineering quest in Stormwind first but I never finished it, I abandoned it before making a single requested part. My profession tab doesn't count me as a Goblin Engineer so I should be still eligible, right? I tried relogging my character, reloading the UI and restarting the game completely but still nothing. What am I missing? Is this a bug? Am I doomed to continue as Goblin engineer?
  3. bfa

    Hi all. I'm playing about 1,5 weeks on Sethraliss server (8.0.1). I'm level 58 now. Have learned inscription at level ~40. Raised this prof. level to 300 (classic) and encountered a problem: where can i find a trainer, who teaches Outland, Northland, Pandaria, Legion inscriptions? In Stormwind trainer can only teach you Cataclysm inscription (and Classic, yeah) and thats all! Also all recipes, except which require Calaclysm inscription, need skill level above 300 so i don't think I will be able even learn them. Can you give me any advise, where can I level inscription further?
  4. Atm the ticket System ingame isnt working so I have to write it down here. I can't complete the quest [Always the Last Thing], which is part of the Legion Engineering quest chain. Also I can't accept the quest The Wrench Calls https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48069/the-wrench-calls which leads the argus Engineering quest chain. Greetings.
  5. Just want to know if anything will be done to fix professions. I had characters with maxed professions on Legion server and when they got transfered all the professions got back to 1 or a bizarre 100. Now I can't gather things I need or craft what used to give me gold. And also I'm stuck, because professions are not leveling. So I'm broke and can't do anything about it. Can I have my professions back to the level they should be without having to buy them from the shop???
  6. So, I've started this topic last two days and I got a reply from a moderator, saying that it was fixed. The Nether Disruptor was destroyed that time, today, it was rebuilt and I was able to get the quest "Boon of the Nether Disruptor" again, hoping that the item "Armorcrafter's Commendation" wouldn't vanish from my bags again, unfortunately, it did. It still did. I wonder if I am the only one experiencing this, anyone else? Blacksmiths? Tailors? Leatherworkers?.
  7. i cant lvl up skinning skill. currently at 362. i had no idea about the lvl scaling zones and now im stuck cause i cant find any lvl 70 beasts, im lvl 89 therefore all the beasts in northrend or outland are lvl 79-81.
  8. hello, I would like to ask how to get the 800 points in BS without the required recipes. And without the dark moon island? Any ideas? I did not get the second rank recipes for the damoincsteal craftsmanship. br Neosilver
  9. Hello, I'm writing that topic to put attention to a very bad bug on this server. I talk about the items you can use in Legion to switch between your professions without losing your recipes. I made a mistake and used: Forgotten Plans of the Broken Isles and Forgotten Formulas of the Broken Isles. And as a result of that I got not my Enchantment or my blacksmithing back as it was before. I just lost all my recipes. And for all the bugtracker lover on the server here is my Report. Further more I want my Enchanting profession back to the state of the 17.6.18 as it was before I used your broken buged Item. At least you could create a topic on the forum and warn about that Item! Or other untested items that are related to the professions. And I am very serious about that bug. I will repost that topic again and again untill you get that problem fixed. And restored my profession. sincerly Neosilver
  10. My buddy wanted to fish to catch a sea turtle but when he was fishing he could not click on a hook
  11. Hi guys, i was wandering if someone has the Alchemy profession rised to 800....because for the moment i am stack at 780 and everything is grey...creating flasks for now doesnt give me any recipe for rank 3...or even 2...is there anyone that menaged to take those recipes?
  12. SO, after the last changelog the fishing os working. You can fish 1 to 800 in broken islands. Just have fishing learned. Yyou will drop both fishes that awards Fishing artifact points - no joke there is a special murloc skull adorned fish line called fishing artifact you'll get at lvl 8'' fishing Also drops fishes that droped back into water give you 5 fishing skill points per fish. Good fishing boys and gals!
  13. I'm wondering which profession would be the most optimal because I've tried multiple and it either makes very bad money or is completely bugged. Please I don't to waste my time on the wrong profession(s).
  14. On retail you can drop your profession and learn something else and with a 1000g book "Forgotten Techniques of Broken Isles" you can relearn what you lost if you return to your old profession. How it exactly works i don;t really know, but this is what I get from the Wowhead.com description. Now on this server I see a lot of unlearned techniques, but I never unlearned anything. I wonder what will happen if I buy it and use it. Will I get everything back what I "unlearned"? Before I going to spend a 1000g I would like to know what will happen. Can anyone tell that had lots of gold to waste or a developer inform us how this work here?
  15. I'm just wondering which professions can be maxed in Legion? Some professions need questing that are bugged, but which ones can be done? As an inscriptor I can do some Draenor daily and my skill (yellow) has gone up to 711. I'm guessing it will halt at 725. I see several 2-3 star recipes on Auction Hall, but pointless if I haven't been taught the 1-star one.
  16. Hi! Does anyone know how to learn "Riddle of Steel" for the alchemist class? I have tried using the daily cooldown crafting to get the other patterns, but this pattern wasn't showing up for me. http://www.wowhead.com/spell=130326/riddle-of-steel PS, was searching in the forums, seems like the GM's locked he previous topic. Thanks!
  17. I bought myself full alchemy skill without recipes. So I learned what the trainer offered on my own and then I started creating MoP potions to learn the rest. This way I learned all the potions and flasks of MoP - except for 'Flask of Enhancement'. The MoP potions will, at this point, not teach me anything more. And the trainer doesn't offer me Flask of Enhancement! Does anyone know where to get Flask of Enhancement !? I am also mixing the Alchemy Perk 'Mixology'. With full alchemy skill the flasks should last 2h instead of 1h and grant 1320 in preferred stat instead of 1000. I got full alchemy but I am granted 1h and 1k stat. I need help with this cause I bought alchemy for real money to get Flask of Enhancement and Mixology !!
  18. Hi, Anyone got an idea if [A Treatise on Mining in Draenor] drops from anywhere? or how do i get this item? Nevermind, i saw a post before my post. Please Delete this thread Thanks!
  19. Hello everyone. Changelog 4/01 - 11/01 states that " the item Schematic: Chief Engineer Jard's Journal now learns the missing Jard's Peculiar Energy Source recipe (issue #111539). As you probably know Schematic: Chief Engineer Jard's Journal was bugged a few time weeks ago, which caused you to just lose the recipe when attempting to learn it. I was wondering if you have to get another one and learn it, in case you've tried to learn it when it was bugged. I'm asking it because I knew that if you've already got the recipe it won't drop anymore for you and it isn't dropping for me . Thanks for your time. Eremite
  20. get the profession with recipes, but the recipes are the profession ones, i believe you guys have to put the info about the recipes, because i'm waiting for recipes like contender or malevolent, but don't receive this, the max level item recipes i receive is 377, i call this lie, 175 points with recipes and get this, it's just ridiculous.