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  1. <Warforged Legion> - PVE at it's finest. First, a little explanation how we got where we are. So our Story began by rebuilding the Guild <Prophecy>. Me and a couple people from the Old raiding guild Prophecy had the Idea of a merge after the Crossrealm merging found its way to Gul'dan. After a couple weeks of really hard working on Progressing and finding our way in the community our plans came to an end. My old Co-Leader left for Retail because he was struggeling with the problems on firestorm and bugs not being fixed. As i was on Vacation with my best friend for 3 days i didnt really get anything of his plans. And he decided that i would go with him. So after 3 days of having fun, i found myself back in an empty Guild. But me and my friends i recruited and had alot of fun with were not finished. We are not finished yet. Our plan is still the same! So now to our Future. The new Guild <Warforged Legion> is the child of all the time and sweat and blood and tears we all have had in the past Months. We have never stopped Raiding in our Group even tho we were split among some other Guilds. After alot of fighting with our last Guild leader and a breakup we didnt really wanted, we have now decided to take things in our own hands. Still we are Progressing. So here you find our Progress: Highmaul Normal/Heroic: All bosses Killed. Blackrock Foundry Normal/Heroic: All bosses killed. As we fought some Struggles with bugs on the Iron Maidens, we are still progressing trough Maidens and Blackhand to find the Perfect way to avoid the bugs that are actually existing. Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Assault: killed on Normal and Heroic. (Loot is bugged) Iron Reaver: killed on Normal and Heroic. (Before Bug exploit appeared and actually unkillable) (Still in conversation with devs bout that problem) Recruitment: As we are to find the best of the best, there is a couple Rules before you can Join our Guild, which are as follows: Itemlevel 660 on your Main is minimum. Actual knowledge about Bosses from Highmaul to Brf to be implemented in the core Raids. Discord group membership and working Headset needed. Offering a couple hours a week for ingame content and fluent Raiding. The addon DBM or Bigwigs are recquired. Fun and a non-toxic behaviour. So you might ask yourself, what do we have to offer? We offer a great community of people knowing eachother for a long long time. We have fought together trough every bad situation and every bug and downtime on Firestorm. We will always have your back and fight for your and our rights. We offer Alt leveling together in Groups of 5 to avoid searching LFG being empty and fluent dungeon leveling. We offer help in every situation of your life, if it's ingame or reallife. You will never stand alone and we keep track of your mental and ingame healthyness. We help you get all the right Stats on your items and find the Best in slot items in Raids. We offer a fair Loot-management and Raidleaders who have years of experience in Firestorm Raiding and avoiding bugs in Raids. And of course we offer you nights of fun and laughter in our discord channel, with the weirdest Music of any kind you could ever imagine. Last but not least: If you now got the feeling: "Hey wow, this sounds like me and thats what i've been searching for", you'll find us online or in this forum! For ingame Contact you can whisper any of our Guild Members but recruitment Officers are as followed: Splunks; Deefknight; Crazylove Feel free to whisper us and after a quick survey you will probably find yourself in the most dedicated and influencal english speaking PVE Guild on this Server! Much love and best regards, Deefknight/Leon (Right hand of <Warforged Legion>)