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  1. pve

    <Prophecy>, the Leading PvE Guild on the Realm "Gul'dan" has Returned and is Recruiting once again. With the announcement of the cross-faction system on the Warlords of Draenor Realm we'd like to announce our come back. Created back in June 2015 as an International Progress minded PvE guild. Prophecy offers you a Stable Raid environment, well experienced Leaders and Players from all corners of the World. Just like in previous WoD Raids, Prophecy's goal is to be the dominant PvE guild on Gul'dan. This also means we're looking to clear HFC bosses before anyone else on all difficulties. Current Raidtimes are: Tuesday - 7:00PM Servertime Sunday - 7:00PM Servertime In order to join our guild, We have some requirements that you need to have in order to join us: All players must have at least an Item Level of 680 to join in, alts excluded. Any evidence of your previous Raiding experience (preferably a BRF or HFC Raid achievement). Must know tactics on every boss. If you don't know a tactic on a certain boss, better ask for help from an officer or at least watch a guide on the boss. We don't want to see new members screwing up on their first day, now won't we? When in Raid, It’s Mandatory to have Discord and DBM/Bigwings. If you are interested to join in, make sure you whisper one of the Officers In-game and tell them a bit about your PvE experience so far. Hope to see you in Prophecy Sincerely, Dasdudu
  2. Guten Abend, hiermit suche ich derweil einige Spieler um eine Gilde zusammen zu erstellen. Folgende Ränge sind noch zu vergeben: Offiziere [übernehmen die Aufgaben der Gildenmeister, wenn er nicht anwesend ist] Anwärter [führen Gespräche bei neuen Mitglieder um die dann in die Gilde einzuladen] Schatzmeister [ist für die finanzielle der Gilde sowie der Bank zuständig] Raidleiter [spricht für sich, leitet den Schlachtzug und erstellt die passende Gruppe] Die Gildenvorstellung 1. Allgemeines 2. Engere Beschreibung 3. Aufnahmekriterien 4. Teamspeak³/Homepage 5. Besonderheiten 6. Schlusswort 1. Allgemeines: Die Gilde Exodus ist eine Allianz-Gilde. Ihr Gründungsdatum war der 31. März 2017. 2. Engere Beschreibung: Die Exodus-Gildenbank besitzt 7 Fächer. Wenn man neu in die Gilde kommt, ist man zwei Woche lang auf dem Rang "Probe Mitglied" und der Gildenrat sowie die Member aus der Gilde werden ein Auge auf euch werfen. Falls ihr euch nicht daneben benehmt werdet ihr zum Mitglied. Zudem werden Vorbereitung auf den aktuelle Content sowie mystisch Dungeon gemacht. Aktivitäten: - Vorbereitung für die kommenden Raid's/mystische Dungeon - Im PVP (Schlachtfeld + Arena) trifft man uns auch öfters, meistens auch am Wochenende. 3. Aufnahmekriterien: Um bei uns aufgenommen zu werden, solltet ihr folgende Eigenschaften mitbringen: - Freundlich - Lernfähig (nicht mosern wenn man mal kritisiert wird) - Zuverlässig - Motiviert + ehrgeizig - Disziplin + geistige Reife (am Abend kann das Niveau gerne mal sinken Zusätzlich solltet ihr Folgendes besitzen: - Teamspeak³ - am besten ein funktionierendes Mikrofon , ansonsten ein Headset oder Boxen zum Zuhören 4. Teamspeak³/Homepage Zum Teamspeak³: Wir haben ein eigenes Teamspeak³ Server. 5. Besonderheiten: Was bei uns besonders ist... Zum einen unsere Spontanität - wenn genügend Leute online sind, wird drüber diskutiert, worauf wir Lust haben und dann wird gemeinsam geraidet/PvP gemacht, um den größtmöglichen Spaß für alle Beteiligten rauszuholen. 6. Schlusswort: Und wem diese Gildenvorstellung zusagt, kann sich gerne ingame bei Iynn, "Name der Offiziere" und "Name der Anwärter" melden.
  3. "Stormwind Secret Service" Hear ye! Captain Hawthornia Leafwalker by Spymaster Mathias Shaw calls to everyone who wishes to join Stormwind Secret Service, A small regiment of watchers, spies & knights, granted & permitted by King Varian Wrynn & Spy Master Mathias Shaw to operate under SI:7 to gather informations, watchers & defenders of he Eastern Kingdoms. No Badges or Uniforms needed! Only secret codes will be given & sent to everyone who wishes to be part of our outfit. Citizens, Craftsman & even Nobles are welcome to join our ranks. Send us your basic information by mail or courier about yourself & we will see to it that you would be put in a respective rank & role. Confirmation of anyone applications will replied with codes & names. Ranks of Stormwind Secret Service: Captain - Guild Master Guardian - Guild Officers Auxiliary - Veteran Operative - Member Pathfinder - Initiate OOC Information: Stormwind Secret Service is a PVE, PVP, RPPVE Guild that aims to keep a casual leveling & social interaction by roleplaying having fun & enjoying the game. If you are a hardcore raider or pvper then this guild is not for you, We are a guild that would like to take things slowly & not in a hurry to reach level cap. That means just playing the way we like leveling how we like not bothering anyone & keeping the game fun an non stressful due of trying to reach the level cap as soon as possible. If you are interested please /W Hawthornia oocly or send a IC Mail. So if you like to rp (roleplay) come & be part of our new family you don't need to be a rogue or warrior or have a spy background ICly be what your toon would you like it to be as long it goes with roleplaying, & yes every race & class in the alliance is welcome. We are a non heavy RP guild normal - medium rp only as long its rp, Please no grifters or trolls, Respect us roleplayers like we respect everyone in the server. Certain guild rules to follow: Guild chat is for OOC use only. You can talk anything but refrain topics about religion,politic & other topics that would lead into racism or insults. Respect everyone Guild Member or Non Guild Member. Do not Beg or ask for gold. Respect is a must. No ERP! Be helpful in anyway you can. Always ask for an apology for your mistakes or always say sorry if you have done or said something wrong. Most of all Have fun with everyone in a good way. Any suggestions, Ideas & Opinions is welcome to be discussed. See you in-game!
  4. Good afternoon. I think all of us are getting tired of this bug and lots of people think it is done on porpose so players have to buy loot boxes to get 890/895 gear titanforged. After doing a mythic+13 MoS, all of us got blue gear. No purple gear as it should drop.. not only we got 865 gear (the minimum based ilvl should be higher on mm+13).. but BLUE!! blue gear wtf! I have printsceens... fix this please. Not only is not blizlike but it kills everyones mood for the rest of the day. This is killing mythic+ players and the game itself. think about what you're doing.
  5. Dear Community Me and 2 other friends have decided to setup a project for both our guild and the rest of the community who is interested in this idea. We want to give both old and new players the opportunity to experience PvE as its supposed to be experienced. and that's by making it harder. the way we want to achieve this is by instead of looking forward. we look back. at things ppl concider "easy" nowadays because they're super outgeared. Ever wondered how an instance looked on HC on a lower ilv? well you can get that experience We're looking for both new, and old players who want to PvE. It's like twinking but on max level! In this link there is all the information you need and how to apply for it if you're interested in joining our team!
  6. Hello, I would like to know (with the information you have about this kingdom that will be released on the Legion) what month or year do you speculate that it will be release? December? Or, who knows, January? I wish I had an idea.
  7. Somos a Brazucas!!! Buscamos jogar em um ambiente tranqüilo e sem stress. Onde procuramos jogadores que se identificam com esse perfil. Para fazer raid com a gente, você precisa ser do tipo de jogador que estuda as lutas antes de executá-las. Valorizamos jogadores que dominam as mecânicas e têm alta sobrevivência. Atualmente 6/7N em Pesadelo Esmeralda REQUISITOS PARA RAIDAR: ILV 840+ Possuir o addon Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) devidamente instalado no WoW Disponibilidade e comprometimento de Horários Estudar e saber as lutas na teoria ( Guias e Vídeos) Interessados podem mandar wisper para: Halif, Khayliel, Bigodones, Hãrusame, Kalyfax, Murfina, Fenna, Fennale, Fennita, Celecia, Shayza ou demais membros que façam parte da guild
  8. You have made the WoD server cross-faction, can you also make the Legion server (Sylvanas) cross-faction too. It would be fun as we are already a PvE server, and we all want lower queue times especially for RDF at <110 and for 110NM and 110HC dungeons. Don't bring up World PvP argument, since no-one does it here and most people have their PvP flag disabled.
  9. I came from wow circle coz admins there just killed pvp content. Thought that here is better but same problems and even worse. First, u guys STILL didnt fix fucking pvp gear from skirmishs and arena. Items ARE 1) rare drops 2) low gear after 840 ilvl! Do u really think that player can have a good gear recieving 1 item for 10 wins ONLY once a week??? Same shit on wow circle - every1 have to go pve. YES, each pvp player (especially new players on server like me) have to go fucking pve instead of doing what they like (smash faces on arena etc). But moreover, doing pve here is almost imposiable coz it's fucking hard to make a party. I understand that your server is multi-national and bla-bla-bla but guys for every stupid party I have to spend 20-30 mins to search ppl. I even do spamming in 4 chats (es,fr,eng,ru) and STILL spend anormous amount of time to make a party to heroic dungeon for daily or bg. WHY U DONT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS? I really dont know how ppl close raids here when it's a big problem to make a party EVEN of 5 ppl. On fucking wow circle there is only ru community and it's much easier to find partners for pve then here do spam in 4 different chats. And last but not least, fucking disconnects all the time!. Today there were 4 different disconects each hour + server restart. 5 times u can't go mm, farm bg and etc. And it's not a "special day", it's happing here last week quiet often. So, to sum up, there is a few advises coz anyway I see potencial here more then on fucking wow circle. First, fix plz pvp rewards. PVP player MUST be able to recieve ALL nesecceary gear from arena, skirmishes and BG WITHOUT fucking pve (hate it, REALLY HATE PVE ON LEGION, and believe me i'm not alone here). 1 stupid item for 1 week is not enouth. It should be constant and non-stop item rewarding for player's victory like in mm+. Second, just think how u can do searching for a group easier. I know it's a hard solving problem but guys try to find a way (may be it can be a npc or blizzlike group seach). Anything but not like this when u are making a party for bg or mm+ for 20-30 min spamming in 4!! chats. It's crazy. And third, plz fix these disconnects, u have a good technichals I'm sure or if there is important works give a massage to community that today will be aweful disconnects or something like this. For last 5h of my game server was down 5!! times and it shouln't be like this!
  10. Um es über die WoW Sektion kurz und knapp zuhalten: Ich bin ein relativ neuer Spieler der ein iLvl von ca. 810 hat und ich hatte schon einmal vor in unserem Clan eine Gilde zu gründen doch es funktionierte einfach nicht da niemand so hoch Lvln wollte und die Personen an WoW interessiert waren. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt wusste ich allerdings noch nicht das es ein eigenes Forum zu Gilden existiert. Da die Gilde komplett neu ist ist es noch nicht sicher ob auf PvP oder PvE Fokus gelegt wird das entscheidet sich dann mit den bedürfnissen der Mitglieder. Wie gesagt ich bin relativ neu falls etwas fehlt einfach unten nachfragen. Falls du Interesse hast kannst du dich einfach bei uns im TS melden und in den Benötige Support Channel gehen. Ein paar kleine Infos zu uns: Einleitung Guten Tag, Wir sind der Venom Gaming Clan und existieren bereits schon seit 2013! Ja du hast richtig gehört seit 2013, wir sind keine Eintagsfliege, sondern wir sind ein etablierter Gaming Clan, der ständig neue Herausforderungen sucht. In den Jahren sind wir nicht nur ein guter professioneller Gaming Clan geworden, sondern auch eine ziemlich starke Community. Vor allem haben wir uns auf Cs:Go und den E-Sport spezialisiert, dabei kommen natürlich aber auch andere Games und das spaßige gemeinsame zocken nicht zu kurz! Und wisst ihr was? Wir haben vor noch lange weiter zu machen und bekannter zu werden sowie neue Trends wie unsren gemeinsamen Communityabend zu setzen! Das konnte dich noch nicht überzeugen oder du willst mehr wissen? Kein Problem, hier unten gibt's noch mehr Infos! Und ich denke du solltest schon mal von uns gehört haben immerhin sind wir einer der größten Communitys und offizieller Partner der Clan suche Member suche Gruppe die mittlerweile über 9000 Mitglieder umfasst! Unser Vorteile Wir sind schon länger in der Gaming Branche tätig und haben Erfahrung! Du kannst dein eigenes Team gründen. Du kannst natürlich durch herausragende Leistungen ins Server Team kommen! Gameserver folgen! [Gameserver sind teilweise bei Events schon vorhanden, konstante Server sind in Planung!] Games außerhalb von Steam! Partnerschaften mit anderen Communitys! Verschiedene Teams in verschiedenen Games! Eine eigene Website sowie ein eigenes Forum! Eine professionelle Leitung! Einen Teamspeak Server mit ausreichenden Slots! Eine ca. 700 Mann starke Community, stetig wachsend! Eine Familiäre und spaßige Atmosphäre! Nähe zur Community sowie Communityposten! Eine Community Leitung und Community Sprecher die von euch gewählt werden! Community-Abende, an denen zusammen gezockt wird Was du besitzen solltest 1.Du solltest nett sein. 2.Besitz einer geistigen Reife! [Angemessenes Verhalten] 3.Natürlich Spaß am Spiel. 4.Man sollte mindestens aller 3 Tage im Teamspeak erscheinen. 5.Ein Mikrofon besitzen. 6.Aktivität je nachdem wie man Zeit hat. [Individuelle Regelung] Unser LoL-Team Da wir uns hier im LoL Forum befinden werde ich explizit auf das LoL Team eingehen da wir eines gründen wollen! Zu allererst sind wir momentan nur 2 Personen aus dem Sec Team und wir wollen Main und Sec Team Gründen. Unser Sec Team soll in dem Bereich Bronze- Silver liegen und dieses Team werden wir hiermit auch führen.[Freie Rollen: Mid, Jgl, Supp;] Unser Main Team soll in dem Bereich Gold-Platin liegen und dieses Team wird von dem zu suchendem Teamleader geführt. ANFORDERUNGEN DES TEAMLEADERS: Du solltest diese Season Gold 2-Platin 1 sein. Ein Mindestalter von 16 Jahren haben. (Ausnahmen: Letzte Season Platin gewesen sein.) INTERESSE? Dann adde mich doch [RéySKR] oder komm auf unseren Teamspeak und bewege dich in den Warte auf Support Channel [IP steht unten]. Infos Bewerbungen Frei im Bereich LoL. Forum: Teamspeak: Steam: oder
  11. Buy Rush of Mythic Achievement +15 (Keystone Master)
  12. Greetings Firestorm community. I know there are a lot of people running old raids and dungeons, and one of the most desired things they dream about getting are legendary quality quest items. Legendary items in theory should be obtainable from the Molten Core raid. Such items are: - Eye of Sulfuras - Bindings of the Windseeker (Right) and - Bindings of the Windseeker (Left) Keep in mind that you cannot complete the thunderfury quest chain as on of the raids required for that is closed (Blackwing Lair), yes, it's been a while now, but there still is Molten Core... I've seen some people asking in world_en chat whether or not is possible to collect these items, so I became curious as well. I remember running Molten Core on Ashran and I was lucky then to get one of the Bindings, it happened last year. Now, seeing old legendaries being added to the shop, can we get an answer from server stuff (preferably devs) are there any chances to get previously mentioned items at all? Or they were removed from the game/hidden from players intentionally for people to buy them from the shop?
  13. Buy Rush of Mythic Achievement +15 (Keystone Master)
  14. Hi dear fellas! Im kinda new here, want ask u few questions till my game will be ready to start. Its all about classes compared to pve - which class or classes for now, on this server, are working best? Im wondering just about DPS's. Thanks a lot lads.
  15. Prestige World Wide Prestige world wide is a semi hardcore guild with a small but helpful, engaging community with high experienced raiders, pvpers that are always able to help in need. We're currently recruiting serious raiders(860+ ilvl, knowledge of strategies for raids, mandatory discord for voice communication during the raid) which are interested in doing full Heroic Emerald nightmare clears. We're in need of healers, dps and 1 offtank. We raid on fridays/saturdays 5-6pm server time. For voice communication during the raid, dungeons, bgs or any other activity within the guild we offer our discord server with channels for each class that offer guides, different builds from our guild class masters. For an invite to the guild u are required to leave your ingame name, ilvl, number of traits in a comment below. If u want to check out some of our work on the youtube channel(We had problems with some of the recording software recently but we got it fixed so more videos are gonna be coming out): Heroic Cenarius: Our pvp video: Heroic Xavius:
  16. Hi, I'm fairly new to the server. I am currently a 781 Arcane Mage but are working on increasing that. I am looking for a guild to raid and do dungeons with. I am not exactly a noob as I've played WoW for 3 years now. Reply to me on here or send me a whisper in game at Dirtymajiks if you're interested.
  17. From Darkness Into Light is a hardcore progressive PvE guild looking for likeminded raiders. Requirements * At least one ToT normal clear * 525 item level * Speak enough English * A good attitude towards the raid or guild regardless of the situation * Knowledge of your class that benefits a progressive raider as well as proper gearing for your spec * And willingness to learn new tactics when required We are currently accepting all classes and specs as long as they fit the above requirements. Healers and tank specced players are preferred but DPS are encouraged to apply if they feel up to the challenges! Contact these officers to ask about joining or you can apply here in this thread also: * Incomingpain - * Ríu - * Verneasimov/Shakyamuni - * Crissy - * Purehearts -
  18. Somos a WoW Brazilian Guild!!! Buscamos jogar em um ambiente tranqüilo e sem stress. Onde procuramos jogadores que se identificam com esse perfil. Para fazer raid com a gente, você precisa ser do tipo de jogador que estuda as lutas antes de executá-las. Valorizamos jogadores que dominam as mecânicas e têm alta sobrevivência. REQUISITOS PARA RAIDAR: ILV 840+ Possuir o addon Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) devidamente instalado no WoW Disponibilidade e comprometimento de Horários Estudar e saber as lutas na teoria ( Guias e Vídeos) Interessados podem mandar wisper para: Halif, Aurusttower , Brzebrasc , Rjzebritiubr , Brzebrazo , Floratta , ormaline , chunzinnha , Semtempo , semcoragem
  19. Somos a WoW Brazilian Guild!!! Buscamos jogar em um ambiente tranqüilo e sem stress. Onde procuramos jogadores que se identificam com esse perfil. Para fazer raid com a gente, você precisa ser do tipo de jogador que estuda as lutas antes de executá-las. Valorizamos jogadores que dominam as mecânicas e têm alta sobrevivência. Atualmente 6/7N em Pesadelo Esmeralda REQUISITOS PARA RAIDAR: ILV 840+ Possuir o addon Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) devidamente instalado no WoW Disponibilidade e comprometimento de Horários Estudar e saber as lutas na teoria ( Guias e Vídeos) Interessados podem mandar wisper para: Halif, Aurusttower , Brzebrasc , Rjzebritiubr , Brzebrazo , Floratta , ormaline , chunzinnha , Semtempo , semcoragem
  20. Are there any English PvE Guilds in Horde? If yes then please contact me @Vanishbrb in the Legion server. I'd like to join one. TIA
  21. Greetings Firsetorm Staff I previously posted a topic in this forum section on Tuesday at 12:04 AM which was left without your attention, also I made in-game ticket the same day, it is still unanswered. Seeing as other people get a response withing 24h I decided to make this topic again. Here is a link to my previous topic I'm hoping to hear from you.
  22. Fixed Ebonbolt, procs gained while you already have a Brain Freeze active and unused will now be delayed slightly. Got this from the changelog .. ok wtf ... mage dev is actualy retarded ? if we cant use brain freeze proc to shatter ebonbolt that makes ebonbolt basicly useless, spending 3sec to cast an ability that may not crit ? ... thats the main reason blizzard made so ebonbolt gives flurry proc instead of fingers of frost so we can shatter it ... ok fck it in pvp we can shatter ebonbolt with ice nova ... but what in pve ? we have to stack 70%+ crit so we have guarantee ebonbolt crit ? .....when they apply the fixes i was so happy to see that hostile npcs and players get the winter's chill debuff instead of me and i though .. wow they maybe fixed frost mage finaly ... but i was wrong tried to cast ebonbolt and after i cast it i got like 1-1.5 sec delay on the proc that mean the bolt is about to hit the target and there is no way to shatter it with flurry .... This makes no sense .. please fix it .. or dont , i actualy dont expect you to take note from this and we will see the same bullshit for like 2yrs till the new expac comes out and it will start all over again -Firestom We dont care about you or the game , we only care about the money .! P.S In before some kids come here and start complaining about frost mage being op and broken , Please learn how to play your class and how to counter other classes . if you cant do that then you are not viable for pvp .. so go slay some dragons and be a good boy
  23. Hello fellow PvE players! Today I'm announcing the (now) weekly Blackrock Foundry Normal and Heroic PUG Raids! Why are you doing this? To protect to from bad PUGs and give you a chance at raiding in the current PvE, especially Blackrock Foundry Heroic. My goal is to get more players into PvE and to liven the raiding scene outside of internal guildraids up. What do I have to do to get a spot? Nothing special, really. Just be online when the invites start and whisper me if you fulfil the requirements. Blackrock Foundry Normal: Raidtime: Every friday - 18:30ST invite, 19:00ST start Signup: Not needed Itemlevel: 655 minimum Encounter knowledge: Not needed, everything will be explained in a simple and concise form. But it would be helpful if you read/watched a guide before. Blackrock Foundry Heroic: Raidtime: Every sunday - 13:30ST invite, 14:00ST start Signup: Not needed Itemlevel: 670 minimum Encounter knowledge: Basic knowledge of the encounters on normal difficulty. What I expect from you is that you are able to take criticism and a somewhat silent environment while the encounter is going on. This way I can do my job as a raidleader and you get the sweet loot! I'm Ruben, ingame known as Rhan, Mepala, Szuen, Mainhand, Haanaria, Beautyshot or Celiyah, have cleared both Highmaul and BRF with multiple chars on normal and heroic with my old guild Prophecy. Because I'm a PvE player at heart I wanna get more people into PvE, especially with the upcoming raid Hellfire Citadel (yes, I will PUG them and no, I'm not insane). If you have any question you can either write me here or ingame, most of the time I'm online with my warlock Rhan. Thanks for reading!
  24. Greetings Today (01.05.2017), I was playing with equipment manager, I've made a new set and when I clicked equip everything seemed OK. But when I clicked and equipped another set, I've lost an item from my previous set (I've lost it completely from my bags, I even checked my bank, void storage, double checked my bags). It's gone. I had a similar experience once with issue like that on Warlords of Draenor and Game Masters were able to help me, I would like to hear from you what could be done now. I have proof in form of screenshots that I indeed had that item, I also have a corresponding achievement wich proves I had it. I'm avoiding posting the name of that item to avoid trolls and people who generally like to make fun of others. Thanks.
  25. You have implemented npc Veridis Fallon, but how to get the exalted ranking if you have no quests or possibilities of obtaining such reputation?