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  1. Hello, please enjoy this video i have made. (May contain strong language in the song(s)
  2. guild

    WHO ARE WE? We are <jynx> serious high skilled ALLIANCE pvp guild with several active members online daily. We try to maintain a place where people help others out of good will. We are focused on Battlegrounds and Rated Battlegrounds. We are looking for 2 core groups for rated bg. Helping each other to become even better with specific class. WE ARE JYNX WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR? We are looking for people who whould like to farm horde in bgs and do tons of Rated bgs when groups are ready. Also you need to know your class at max skill. Every player will be tested with classic DUEL way. English must be 3/5 and guild chat english only. You need to have Teamspeak3/Discord + microfon OUR GOAL - Forming a small, strong group of friends and skilled players which will support each other - Making pvp groups in comfortable times, allowing our members to combine real life and in-game activities. - Just having fun and relaxing togheter without DRAMA. - Making 3rd core group for rated bgs / world pvp ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Guild master Cathria Officers Psycaldelic Nâxxør (Naxxnaxx) Liia
  3. Greymane Needs: Remove requirement for wearing 2 Legendaries. Note: Order resources barely dropp and forcing people to farm 9.100 Order Resources in order to equip 2 Legendaries on a PvP Realm isn't a good choice. Add the vendors "Lieutenant Surtess" & "Captain Roberts" in Starter Area to Greymane. Note: They sell transmog, Tabards and enchants. They exist on Sylvanas. I don't know why they shouldn't exist on Greymane as well. Add the Vendor "Marshal Frazer" to Starter Arena on Greymane. Note: You can remove the normal gear, due to free s3 vendor, which would be abused to obtain free 880+ gear. But add elite gear at least. Lower the requirement costs for Illusions, Enchants & Gems. Suggestions: Glyphs: 5 Mark of Honor Enchants: 35 Mark of Honor Illusions: 60 Mark of Honor for normal ones; 75 Mark of Honor for Glorious Tyranny & Primal Victory. Mounts: 80 Mark of Honor for casual mounts; 120 Mark of Honor for Gladiator Mounts. Note: The prices are ridiculous at the moment and unrealistic. I've done more than 100 wins on 4 characters and i don't have 200 Marks of Honor in total... Plus you removed the daily quests, which allowed people to get an maximum of 50 Marks of Honors daily. Add more Mounts Suggestion: Ratstallion - 138387 Flametalon of Alysrazor - 71665 Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing - 123974 Smoldering Egg of Millagazor - 69224 Corrupted Egg of Millagazor - 69230 Felfire Hawk - 69226 Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger - 52200 Flameward Hippogryph - 69213 Defiled Reins - 141216 Crimson Water Strider - 87791 Flameward Hippogryph - 69213 Fossilized Raptor - 60954 Grand Expedition Yak - 84101 Invincible - 50818 Winged Guardian - 69846 Note: All of them for the suggested amount above. 80 Mark of Honors for each Mount. Add previous Gladiator Tabards. List: Relentless Gladiator's Tabard - 49086 Furious Gladiator's Tabard - 45983 Wrathful Gladiator's Tabard - 51534 Primal Gladiator's Tabard - 115972 Wild Gladiator's Tabard (Horde) - 127365 Wild Gladiator's Tabard (Alliance) - 127366 Warmongering Gladiator's Tabard (Horde) - 127371 Warmongering Gladiator's Tabard (Alliance) - 127369 Note: These Tabards aren't currently avaiable anywhere, not even on Shop. They are really unique and a part of PvP. They should 100% be obtainable. Suggestion: 1.800 in rated 2v2/3v3 or Rated Battlegrounds + 50 Marks of Honor for each Tabard. Add the old daily quests back to Greymane or created new ones, so people have the oppertunity, to farm Marks of Honors daily, instead of having to deal with the bugged reward system, which rarely ever dropps Marks of Honor. Add the old (WoD Tournament) Transmog System on Greymane Note: Transmog Vendors on Greymane currently do not exist at all, and they are a huge part of a PvP Realm in my opinion. Something players aim for and a motivation. There always have been a part of all PvP Realms i played with on every server. I think a transmog system like we had back in WoD Tournament would be a great addition to this realm. Apply a fix to Legendaries. Currently you can't use Illusions on Legendaries. Apply a fix to Illusions. Some Illusions aren't acc wide. They all supposed to be acc-wide. Theres still some improvements, which have to be done, but these are major ones, which in my opinion should be considered and are really important for the Realm. Let me know, what you you people think about this. Open to any suggestions/changes.
  4. Synergy is a new english-speaking EU horde guild created by experienced firestorm players. We're looking to do end-game content and PvP. We're currently recruiting all classes with an item level of 880 and above. Our average ilvl is currently 900+, we do daily mythic runs and pvp. We are looking to start raiding as soon as we grow a bit. If you're interested in an up and coming english-speaking guild, we welcome you with open arms! Please contact Iskald (or) Deathkicker, Felslasher, Paranoic, Smugface - In-game, if you want to join up with us!
  5. Hello. I've recognized that a lot of people on Sylvanas and Greymane are lacking of finding people to play pvp with. Trade chats are barely even used anymore and no one uses the Looking For Group Tool. I am not even sure if it works, but i personally have never seen someone signing in there and i checked couple of times, as i was trying to find people. Making seperate trade chat channels for 4 langauges doesn't make this easier as well. So all that being said, i have spent some time and created a PVP Community Discord Server for Sylvanas and Greymane. People can link their armorys and will be added the relevant role based on their class and rating/title history. This way it’s easy to find people on their same level or if they are looking for a specific class to play with, they will just recognize it by its role color. But they can also type in general pvp chats and have extra channels for LFG, based of their faction. without having to read useless stuff which is being flooded on Firestorm Discord on daily basis.. Making it really hard for people to get their messag read. I've seen few people trying to look for partners on Firestorm's discord, but it doesn't really get recognized due to the spam and the amount of people typing. There will also be Expert players who have gotten multiple rank 1 on Firestorm already and 2.400+ on Live. They will answer your questions if you have any and help you out on your way to Glad! But more of that will be found on the Discord Server. If you are interested, come and join the Discord Server. Let's chat, hang out and look together for partners to play with. You are more than free to invite your Friends to the server. Firestorm Staff members are also more than welcome to join. Discord Server Link: Regards.
  6. Hello everyone im just wondering why didnt anyone solved the rogue bug that exists when you activate stealth and a few seconds later stealth magically disappears out of no where... mind you that im not taking damage, diseases, poisons etc... it just disappears... im posting this here since this forum is confusing as shit and i didnt know where to post
  7. While scrolling the pvp ladder i came across something that just didn't agree with me at all, Quickben will be getting gladiator this season while his partner shockingly shall only get duelist after almost 500 games together with almost the exact same win/lose they receive different rewards. Brothers in arms till the end
  8. Okay... What the hell is wrong with Firestorm? Horde won BG and in chat is written that I got 4 items. When loading screen finished I was in The Hall of the Shadows and opened inventory. What did I see? Nothing!... Items that dropped me I don't have in invenotory... So I am really mad. Because this is like first BG which Horde won after 6 BGs... I know that there are many bugs but this is crazy... I never had big problem with Firestorm servers but now... Why should I play it when dropped items are not in inventory?... I know that there will be a lot of comments that when I don't like it then I should play retail but that is not a point... Point is that I am not here to lie but to know why the hell my items disappeared after BG?... Can some GM answer me where did my items disappear? I know that nobody will answer me anyway... (Why didn't I open topic in-game? Because I will wait 5 days to be viewed by GM and then it might be closed without answer...) After that I still have not a plan to leave Firestorm but that is unbelievable... I am really sorry for anybody who feels somehow offended by this post. Kind regards, @Tigd
  9. Hi, I'm new on this server and I like to do pvp, I wanted to know if I played on Sylvanas I had to wait a long time to enter the arena 2s or 3s. Or I should necessarily play on Greymane.
  10. is there any informations of the current pvp (vindictive) season? when it ends? when its started u said it will lasts about 3 months so i suppose its this month
  11. Hey, I would like to play WoD here. I know that Firestorm provides MOP, WoD and Legion, so I wonder which server is at which addon? Is Sylvanas WoD? Another question: Are battlegrounds working good here (for WoD)? Or do you have to wait hours till one opens? And are hunters (in WoD) here as overpowered as blizzlike? Kind regards
  12. FIx stupid desertir after each closing que! OMG I decided to close que on skirmish and wanna go rated arena and BOOOOM I got desertir for 15 min!!!!! WHICH IDIOT INTRODUCED IT?? a few days ago everything was working fine! FIX IT! coz it's imposiable to play! all the time then u close que u got desertir for 15 min!!!! Nice pvp server, developers!
  13. Today. A small group of players decided to invade Elwyn. Joined another group of allys and tried to repel us, but we managed to destroy each one of them. Unsatisfied, we went to the SW gate, and killed them all there. We were not content, and we killed Anduin, then we returned to Goldshire, and to finish, we all killed at the gate again. REALM: GREYMANE
  14. I read someone's post about no '' HK: '' message system, can you please fix it? My girlfriends & I play for 6 months and still no this HK This is very bad.. please FIX IT..
  15. Why when I kill someone.. don't get: '' HK: Private, GrandMarshall, Rank 1, 2, 3.. or pvp level '' ?? Can someone fix it? It's bad when you kill someone, nothing write there.. Fix this and everything shall be better.. Nice to play then.. many of people have the same problem, and this is meeeeh..
  16. Guten Abend, hiermit suche ich derweil einige Spieler um eine Gilde zusammen zu erstellen. Folgende Ränge sind noch zu vergeben: Offiziere [übernehmen die Aufgaben der Gildenmeister, wenn er nicht anwesend ist] Anwärter [führen Gespräche bei neuen Mitglieder um die dann in die Gilde einzuladen] Schatzmeister [ist für die finanzielle der Gilde sowie der Bank zuständig] Raidleiter [spricht für sich, leitet den Schlachtzug und erstellt die passende Gruppe] Die Gildenvorstellung 1. Allgemeines 2. Engere Beschreibung 3. Aufnahmekriterien 4. Teamspeak³/Homepage 5. Besonderheiten 6. Schlusswort 1. Allgemeines: Die Gilde Exodus ist eine Allianz-Gilde. Ihr Gründungsdatum war der 31. März 2017. 2. Engere Beschreibung: Die Exodus-Gildenbank besitzt 7 Fächer. Wenn man neu in die Gilde kommt, ist man zwei Woche lang auf dem Rang "Probe Mitglied" und der Gildenrat sowie die Member aus der Gilde werden ein Auge auf euch werfen. Falls ihr euch nicht daneben benehmt werdet ihr zum Mitglied. Zudem werden Vorbereitung auf den aktuelle Content sowie mystisch Dungeon gemacht. Aktivitäten: - Vorbereitung für die kommenden Raid's/mystische Dungeon - Im PVP (Schlachtfeld + Arena) trifft man uns auch öfters, meistens auch am Wochenende. 3. Aufnahmekriterien: Um bei uns aufgenommen zu werden, solltet ihr folgende Eigenschaften mitbringen: - Freundlich - Lernfähig (nicht mosern wenn man mal kritisiert wird) - Zuverlässig - Motiviert + ehrgeizig - Disziplin + geistige Reife (am Abend kann das Niveau gerne mal sinken Zusätzlich solltet ihr Folgendes besitzen: - Teamspeak³ - am besten ein funktionierendes Mikrofon , ansonsten ein Headset oder Boxen zum Zuhören 4. Teamspeak³/Homepage Zum Teamspeak³: Wir haben ein eigenes Teamspeak³ Server. 5. Besonderheiten: Was bei uns besonders ist... Zum einen unsere Spontanität - wenn genügend Leute online sind, wird drüber diskutiert, worauf wir Lust haben und dann wird gemeinsam geraidet/PvP gemacht, um den größtmöglichen Spaß für alle Beteiligten rauszuholen. 6. Schlusswort: Und wem diese Gildenvorstellung zusagt, kann sich gerne ingame bei Iynn, "Name der Offiziere" und "Name der Anwärter" melden.
  17. Greetings , I am playing on this server for very long time , I have even been part of the QA team so I know how they work and what part of the game they focus on. I am here because I want to remind all of the MoP QA team that PvP exists. I am guessing that you don't know what it is so let me try to sumarise it for you. PvP (or Player vs Player) is when there is a real player fighting another real player. It can be a duel , battleground , arena , world PvP. PvP is going through lots of bad things lately and I am here to talk about it and make a few suggestions. There are lots of players that are doing PvP so you shouldn't just ignore it like this , there is lots of bad stuff going on in PvP right now To name a few most irritating ones: - You sometimes fall through world after being feared or disoriented - Sometimes people get this "immune" bug and they can't be stunned (specially annoying in arenas as it happends there as well) - Random battleground crashes - BM huntards Lately there is lots of these random battleground crashes and it is super annoying (I can provide you crash logs if needed) and something has to be done about it , if there was something in PvE that causes crashes you guys would be right on it in matter of seconds , so please show some respect for the PvP part of the game and fix our stuff as well. Fear/disorient and then you fall through world has been here for so long that I can't even remember when was it not bugged...It probably worked properly during the days of pandashan or something Immune bug should finally get more attention as well as I have alredy provided the developer with all the info that he should need , including getting him the player with that bug. To end the post here , I just want to say that PvP is a big part of our community and you guys should take it more seriously , taking some tiny breaks from fixing PvE and actually fixing some PvP stuff won't kill you , I'm sure of it , I remember when I was part of QA that I had to beg and cry to get some PvP fixes and I had to wait for over a month (that was at the point when PvP didn't get any fixes done in over 6 months AT LEAST) and what did I get? 1 and half week and then "We gotta work on PvE again". Just because you don't play PvP doesn't mean it shouldn't get fixed. I will provide you with crash reports (if needed) so feel free to PM me on forum. Have a nice day.
  18. Hi everyone, does anyone know why on pvp 1v1 rank list there is no mine characters listed, and I play only rated, on 2 chars, and there are no names on list? Thanks for the reply!
  19. Why some tanks have so much HP on PvP instance and some don't? Prot paladins have so much HP and prot warriors DONT HAVE NOTHING, prot warriors is so nerfed or bugged. You have to fix they HP!
  20. Class information: Stalwart protector who uses a shield to safeguard him self and his allies Type: Tank/Dps Gems: Meta: Reverberating Primal Diamond +216 Strenght and +3% Increased critical effect Red: Bold Primodial Ruby or Bold Serpent's Eye if you got Jewelcrafting +160 Strenght or +320 Strength Yellow: Inscribed Vermilion Onyx or Smooth Serpent's Eye if you got Jewelcrafting +80 Strenght and +160 Critical Strike or +480 Critical Strike Blue: Radiant Wild Jade +160 Critical Strike and +80 PvP Power Prismatic: Blood Primodial Ruby or Bold Serpent's Eye +160 Strenght or +320 Strength Enchants: Head: N/A Neck: N/A Shoulder: Greater Tiger Fang Inscription +200 Strenght and +100 Critical Strike Cloak: Superior Critical Strike +180 Critical Strike Chest: Super Resilience +200 PvP Resilience Bracer: Mastery +170 Mastery Weapon: Dancing Steel +1650 Strenght around 10 seconds Shield: Greater Stamina +300 Stamina Gloves: Super Strenght +170 Strenght Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle +1 Extra gem socket for belt Legs: Angerhide Leg Armor +285 Strenght and +165 Critical Strike Boots: Pandaren Step +140 Mastery and increased move speed Rings: N/A Reforging: Expertise-->Critical Strike Expertise-->Mastery Haste-->Mastery Hit-->Mastery and Critical Strike --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Macros: Burst macro: /cast Blood Fury /cast Recklessness /cast Berserker Rage /cast Avatar /use 13 Demoralizing,Skull and Mocking Banner macro: #showtooltip Skull Banner /cast Skull Banner #showtooltip Mocking Banner /cast Mocking Banner #showtooltip Demoralizing Banner /cast Demoralizing Banner Medallion of Cruelty Macro: #showtooltip Grievous Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty /use 14 /cast Grieovus Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty PvP guide made by r1 protection warrior Jazeera cheers.
  21. Hi. pls help me i get my starter set at greymane realm. But i see on other People Legendaries and Vindictive Gladiator items or set. How can i get these items on greymane realm?
  22. "Stormwind Secret Service" Hear ye! Captain Hawthornia Leafwalker by Spymaster Mathias Shaw calls to everyone who wishes to join Stormwind Secret Service, A small regiment of watchers, spies & knights, granted & permitted by King Varian Wrynn & Spy Master Mathias Shaw to operate under SI:7 to gather informations, watchers & defenders of he Eastern Kingdoms. No Badges or Uniforms needed! Only secret codes will be given & sent to everyone who wishes to be part of our outfit. Citizens, Craftsman & even Nobles are welcome to join our ranks. Send us your basic information by mail or courier about yourself & we will see to it that you would be put in a respective rank & role. Confirmation of anyone applications will replied with codes & names. Ranks of Stormwind Secret Service: Captain - Guild Master Guardian - Guild Officers Auxiliary - Veteran Operative - Member Pathfinder - Initiate OOC Information: Stormwind Secret Service is a PVE, PVP, RPPVE Guild that aims to keep a casual leveling & social interaction by roleplaying having fun & enjoying the game. If you are a hardcore raider or pvper then this guild is not for you, We are a guild that would like to take things slowly & not in a hurry to reach level cap. That means just playing the way we like leveling how we like not bothering anyone & keeping the game fun an non stressful due of trying to reach the level cap as soon as possible. If you are interested please /W Hawthornia oocly or send a IC Mail. So if you like to rp (roleplay) come & be part of our new family you don't need to be a rogue or warrior or have a spy background ICly be what your toon would you like it to be as long it goes with roleplaying, & yes every race & class in the alliance is welcome. We are a non heavy RP guild normal - medium rp only as long its rp, Please no grifters or trolls, Respect us roleplayers like we respect everyone in the server. Certain guild rules to follow: Guild chat is for OOC use only. You can talk anything but refrain topics about religion,politic & other topics that would lead into racism or insults. Respect everyone Guild Member or Non Guild Member. Do not Beg or ask for gold. Respect is a must. No ERP! Be helpful in anyway you can. Always ask for an apology for your mistakes or always say sorry if you have done or said something wrong. Most of all Have fun with everyone in a good way. Any suggestions, Ideas & Opinions is welcome to be discussed. See you in-game!
  23. 1. Arcane mage still big dmg 5 sec one shot, oficial 15 sec kill 2.Fury war still bugs heal 50% per 10 sec, oficial 15% heal per 10 sec 3. demon hunter still bugs no burst like higt dmg 100% (burst 300%) , oficial 30% (burst 90%) 4.feral druid still bugs debuff on 1.2kk dmg in 1 sec( can down in 3-4 sec ) , oficial 400k dmg like 1 sec 5. boomkin 1.3kk crit all time spell stupid run run damage no one cast down fast, oficial cast only max x3 and max 700k 6 Ret paladin still no work skills arterfact weapon stun only demon and undead from pvp, oficial still work 7 udk bugs from pet much debuff fast down, oficial low x2 like pet 8 dpriest one skill crit on 1.6kk, oficial max 500k 9 arm war or fury war skill lost weapon cc 6 sec and cd 25? wtf? , oficial 3 sec debuff cd 40 sec 10 bm hunt still bugs pet dmg like all time hunt run run run run, oficial only hunt target enemy pet normal still dmg, and run like low 50% 11 MM monk still bugs sit control, jade just all healing full hp, ofiicial have stun mmonk, jade just cancelaura cant be healing admin u understand? why ready stupid fix no one in 200 day retard, like server stupid ready! just nah report bug, i'm tired like all time work, oficial i'm play R1 ret like higt rait, why i talk all 100 time like no one fix stupid admin, thank for games, games over noob bye!
  24. Check my quads 3333