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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, when i quest with my girlfriend i always get more experience of quests and mobs! for example when i get 34k for a quest, she gets only 11k. i have no heirlrooms or any kind of exp boost active. we changed her race to panda like i am but still she gets less exp. why is that? this makes questing together very annoying because im always ahead....
  2. I played back in September and October of last year and couldn't even level because of blue boxes showing up in areas so I couldn't quest to level up, has this issue been fixed and what are more recent bugs going on in this game?
  3. is it just me or everytime i make a new char , like the new dk i made , i was at the brownmill quest and neither was the npc at brownmill , or the lich king at deaths breach when i tried to reset the quest , it seems like after some quests , once u finish some of them , the rest dont work , idk what to do
  4. soo i was doing the starting zone of pandas , until i hit a point in where i cant get the quest called the healing shin-zin su , and there are two of the ncps that give that quest (ji firepaw) one says greetings BigBigPanda and the other allows me to upgrade gear of lvl 465 or above , help?
  5. idk if this should be here , but i cant finish the night web's hollow , it tells me to return to executor arren but instead of a yellow question mark he has a grey one , i tried redoing this quest like 20 times but still the samething , pls help me ive been stuck a whole day on this
  6. Afther starting on this server i liked it untill lvl 60 i did not had much struggles but then... Outland was okay while questing like 20% of the quests where bugged so it was do able So Northrend is just like 40% bugged quest especially icecrown and zul drak now in hyal , it is just something to cry about.. starting quest doesnt work, flying doesnt work looting doesnt work NPC FALLING trough a mountian its just retarted , how can you run a legion server if your previous content isnt playable??
  7. I was wondering when will suramar be online for questing faction standings. As two 110 gear items requires players to be honorred with the nightfallen. The items are hands and shoulders. Im just curious
  8. Hi I recently joined the server and cannot find any help on starting on it, so I have questions such as is there any quick ways to get to 100 and any special private server options such as 'malls' and such like that? Or is just the normal quest and stuff.