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  1. i am wondering if LFR and LFG (premade group finder) are working? if LFR is working, does it show the amount of players in queue or not? (for me its always me and no one else) the same goes for LFG (premade group finder), also why is noone using it and always just spamming the world chat?
  2. I have small questions about old game content. As for now, i see that this server is great and i have no greater problems with it. Maybe I haven't seen them as i have only low level characters ( 28 lvl blood elf mage and 16 level human warlock). I am leveling through quests and I could say that only 1 in 25 is bugged, so it's really good. I have also done few dungeons up to shadowfang keep and also had no problem. So where is my question? I always wanted to see and complete those old raids, dungeons and other expansion related content ( probably all alone, when i will have good gear). So i wanted to know if those are working: 1. Old dungeons and raids ( classic up to draenor. I guess that legion and bfa works really good here. Well, at least that's what I think because all those people, who look on world_en for players to mythic dungeons). I am not asking for full list of what's working ( i have searched for it and i guess there is no such a thing). Please just give me your opinion 2. Are scenarios working? 3. Does the WoD garrison system work? I like the concept. 4. Does the legion Class order hall and artifact weapons work? 5. Does the War campaign form the bfa work? Thank you for your help. I will still play, no matter how much of those work. At least I can play for free with nice playerbase. Really thank you for your help
  3. I know there will be a lot of push back regarding Mac players, but is there any way to get this game working on a Mac without splitting the hard drive?
  4. So basically I am playing a Human Hunter, and I changed my XP rate to 1x, at the start of playing on this server, because I was following Zygor's Leveling Guides/Talent Guide addons. But soon after selecting 1x XP rates, I realized that a LOT of the quests don't work, or they are literally missing (Which is understandable because this IS a private server, I KNOW it won't be 100% completely perfect). Seeing as I have to skip some of the quests in the guide because they aren't working or they are completely missing from the game... I want to change my XP rates back to 3x, but I don't want to have to walk all the way back to the Human spawn area. So how do I change my XP rates, without going all the way back to the human spawn area? I am only level 10 right now, so I don't have a mount or anything that can help me get back there faster. Thanks in advance!
  5. since it is never announced on the forums I really think everything should be announced here like get a server status forum when its restart maintenance how long is this restart or is it actual maintenance?
  6. Hi i have a question i leveled my void elf from lvl 20 to 110 and after reaching lvl 110 i didnt get heritage set nor allied race mount is it some sort of bug or those things are not implemented yet i dont know.In advance thanks for responce.
  7. Hi all. I have several question in regards of the 7.2/7.3/7.3.5 update that recently took place on the server: Will there be a changelog for the new implementation? And if there will be, when? Legion Assaults - they work I think, I've completed several of them, but they are not shown on the map as WQ and also do the end 3 man scenario work? Professions - when will be some of the profs fixed - cries in 700 jewelcrafting.. Nightborn - is the race mount obtainable - it's a quest reward ~mi want da manasaber~ Is there a list of the working Mage Tower scenarios? Well this pretty much sums up my questions.
  8. Hi everyone, I am new to this server, and new to WOW. When I start playing this server, one-thing that I notice is lots of players are choosing the Sylvanas realms with the legion expansion. I am curious to know why so many players choosing this realm, and what makes it so special. Because it seems like no one like the latest expansion, and they all like to stick with the oldest version of WOW. I hope everyone can help to solve my curiosity. Thank you for you help
  9. How to level because quests seems not to work properly yet. Almost all quests even after you finish cannot be returned and you get no exp for that of course.
  10. why my game is look like this only with the luncher of this server?! besides i can't take any question and i can't drop any item and the items are showed with red question mark and says retrieving item information
  11. Hey guys. I play in WoD but in the future I want transfer my character from WoD to Legion. Will this occur? And for free? Thank you very much.
  12. Hi! im interested in joining the WoD server, but i dont know what to expect. I stopped playing in Wrath, and now that i heard so many bad things about WoD i wanna see it for myself. However, as i said, i have some questions. 1. How is it? Are there really as many bugs as people claim there are? 2. Can i run old raids? like ICC for example (for transmog, invincible etc etc) 3. How is the community? I saw that there are currently around 1k online, will i see people running around still or everyone is in garrisons? 4. How is the PvE and PvP situation in general? 5. Are updates frequent? 6. Lastly, how should i level up in WoD? as i said, i only played wrath for a short while so i think i'll be lost lol. Thanks in advance for the answers.
  13. So i just started playing on this server and on WoW in general. So i have few questions. 1. How do you get vote points? 2. Mounts who can change skill in riding according to your level, can you buy them only with donations? 3. What is the main differences this server has from Live server, except for the fact i don't need to pay subscription? 4. Some quests in starting zones don't work properly, is this normal? 5. On mini map, in WoD expansion, the location of quest holder is often displayed wrongly, is there any way to change that? 6. Is there Titan Panel for WoD expansion? 7. How party-focused end-game is? 8. How much people play on WoD Grommash server, if someone knows? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hello, I've got a question for you, GM's.. When' i've deleted my original named character by my nickname, and just wanted to remake it, I was not able to name it that way ever again.. even after 7 months.. (On WOD i mean). Now that I am in the Closed Beta testing and i've named my first char there by my own nick i'm wondering like.. Will you wipe the server before it goes live for everyone? If so, which i hope u will, Will you wipe all the name databases too? Because I'd love to transfer my main character there and Rename it to my normal original nick (Which cant be done now on WOD due to this "bug" ; hope i will be able to do this once in Legion.. ) So basically the Question is - Will you wipe (delete) all the stuff done in the Beta Testing + the Name Databases? Thank you, SpeekeR.
  15. Hi, I'm just curious about this... on the cataclysm server this worked fine... So I made some alts and sent over some of heirlooms to them. Just because, you know, fun, I was going to transmog my heirlooms to something else so I'm not looking at the original models. BUT for some reason when I try to, nothing happens. Can anyone comment on this? Am I doing something wrong or can you not transmog heirlooms to look like other gear anymore? If that's the case.... well that's sort of lame.
  16. Hello, everyone. I have a question about X-mog. Is it possible to xmog random cloth head on mage in to Cowl of Absolution which is for priest class? Thanks for answers!
  17. I wanted to play some WoW, then i saw WoD and a lot of people on realms. Is there a lot of bugs? Can i get lvl 100 without problems? Is PvE and PvP on 100 bugged so much?
  18. Hello guys i was playing on grommash in april 2015 and as i remember i couldn't play pve because nearly all the dungeons were bugged so i quit any ways im now planning to return to the great world of warcraft but im wondering are all the dungeons fixed now ? can you play pve fully ? are quests between lvl 85-100 fixed ? and thank you
  19. I would like to know how come you fix this Fixed glyph Glyph of Ascendance appearance is now modified according to the specialization of the player. when you can't get the recipe of the glyph because it's dropped in tanaan jungle that is not released and many other glyphs are not discoverable in inscription because god knows why ... ???
  20. Hi, i just wanted to transfer my character from pandashan to ashran and didn't find the way to do that !!! i looked in the shop , character's list , account management .... and couldn't find anything !!! is this feature available ?? is it going to be ??? can i transfer character's from LK expansion to Wod expansion ??? i hope that someone have answers to my question !!! i'll be waiting for replies ... Thank's in Advance .
  21. I've heard that you can transfer one character to another realm for free. Is that true? I was playing in Pandashan. I want to play in Warlords of Draenor realm now. How do I transfer my character from Pandashan to Warlords of Draenor realm?
  22. I have several characters on the Pandashan server. I want to try out the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Do I need to level up my characters again?