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  1. Trying to do the rouge class quests and finding myself stumped. There seems to be no NPC's. I searched the bug tracker using multitudes of keywords to no avail. Any help, ideas, suggestions? Thank you in advance
  2. quests

    Hi guys... This 2 quests dont work for me ...idk maybe for you work but i have problem: 1 The holepess Ones... It dont want spawn that Mobs what i must kill...or maybe i cant see them - https://www.wowhead.com/quest=9682/the-hopeless-ones 2 Razormaw i use item what i get from quest but nothing hapen...dragon still dont show - https://www.wowhead.com/quest=9689/razormaw 3 I shoot Magic into the darkness...problem is when i walk into that house nothing hapen - https://www.wowhead.com/quest=9700/i-shoot-magic-into-the-darkness 4 Strategic Strike...Boss Sheya Stormweaver dont spawn in tornado - https://www.wowhead.com/quest=13512/strategic-strikes
  3. Nordrassil Hero's Call: Mount Hyjal! / Warchief's Command: Mount Hyjal! - Works As Hyjal Burns - Doesn’t Work Side chain under Nordrassil: Inciting the Elements - Work The Earth Rises - Works Flames from Above - Works Protect the World Tree - Works Furino's side chain: War on the Twilight's Hammer - Works The Flameseer's Staff - Works Flamebreaker - Doesn’t Work The Return of Baron Geddon - Doesn’t Work Emerald Allies - Works The Captured Scout - Works Twilight Captivity- Works Return to Alysra- Works A Prisoner of Interest - Works Through the Dream - Works Return to Nordrassil - Works
  4. Hi, I played mostly Cataclysm WOW in the past and I would like to try something newer, so Sylvanas here looks quite interesting to me. What is the current status of the server from bugs point of view? I don't expect it to be so smooth and tuned as well-tuned Cata servers...but how much are the classes broken here now and what percentage of quests and low level dungs is working properly? I have seen some comments from people complaining about bugs and things like Garrison not working for horde etc, but those were mostly a year or more old...so I hope it changed to better by then. Which classes are the most OP at this time for PVP? And which classes/specs are broken so much that it is not worth playing them? How good is Demon Hunter class? Are random dungs and BGs being played on levels 10-80, or only on max level?
  5. Hello wen i am going world quest and i kill something so it don t count me and then i cant complete quests
  6. Yo guys, I just want to know if the class order hall quests are working at this point or not. People have said that they're not in older threads, but in game I see players running aroung with the artifact skins which are unlocked by completing the full order hall questline... Now what's the truth... I have boosted DK, and a non-boosted DH and the only quests I can get from the class halls are not working. The quests are for example: I have to kill and loot the bosses from dungeons, and the others are weapon collecting quests (which is irrelevant anyway since you can get those from the titan guy). Also I tried to begin the questline from the start as the wowhead and all other guides was telling me. Neither works. Furthermore I got stuck in one of the main azshara questline (drawing table/book fight in azshara for instance), and I can't complete the artifact intro questline as well. I was just in the hope that these might help me unlock the class hall questline. Can someone please give me an advice, tip, or information on how one can make progress/gear up in this server, what's working and what's one should focus on? Things just works differently here than on retail. (PS.: sorry for my bad grammar if i had any)
  7. Hi, I just got my warlock to lvl 71 and quests in Northrend are so boring. Can you guys tell me other ways to xp ? Like soloing dungeons ? or killing mobs that earn lot of xp ? like in Pandaria- there is spot with fireflies and you can kill like 30 of them with one aoe, and you level very fast without quests. So pls tell me some ways or secret spots for farming mobs fo xp. Im 71 lvl Affliction Warlock Full heirloom
  8. So for the past 2 days or so I've been trying to figure out what to do about starting my Class Hall Campaign Questline. As a monk I have no Idea where to begin since a lot of the questlines I guess are not working? But I have seen Monks who have completed it and gotten the achievement so I know there's a way to do it. Is there any Monk players out there that could help? It's really frustrating not being able to have that 3rd slot for my artifact weapon. Thanks.
  9. is it just me or everytime i make a new char , like the new dk i made , i was at the brownmill quest and neither was the npc at brownmill , or the lich king at deaths breach when i tried to reset the quest , it seems like after some quests , once u finish some of them , the rest dont work , idk what to do
  10. Hi, I started to play 2-3 months ago just to relax from College. My pc is bad and old (the game runs at 8 fps on Legion) so I only do low level quests and avoid PvP and Raids. While playing I have been founding a lot, and I mean A LOT, of quests that are bugged or simply don't work for one reason or the other. I have been keeping some kind of lists of these missions but before sitting down and writting them in the bugtracker I want to know if I'm not going to be ignored. I know this server is "end-game oriented" and most of the players don't care for low level areas, so it's understandable if you (the mods) aren't going to take your time from fixing high-level dungeons to fix one of the Worgen's starter missions. I just want to know if I should spend my time on it. Lots of love and keep the good work <3
  11. Given that many of the quests in the goblin starting area are not working, is there a way to advance to the point where you can get the 'message for saurfang' quest to receive the 'pack hobgoblin' racial ability?
  12. I got 2 questions and bug. When will nightfallen rep live so we can start farming the rep to get 2 last silver hand pieces. And World quest Language of the lost the second part of it where u need to kill the boss to get the Oracle's Scrying orb isnt working, it wont drop the orb as loot, everytime ive killed the boss its not dropping.
  13. Hi i just hit 100 and i go to ashran. I did 2 quests and now i have quests 0/1 orc tooh. Where can i find orc tooth ? i asked other players but noone answer -.- pls help
  14. Gnome level 6 in tinkertown and ohh? what is it? no quests
  15. I just started on this server and I have noticed that sometimes I will accept a quest and it will basically complete the quest as soon as I accept it. Is this something this server just does for lower level quests? Is there a way to stop this from happening? I started as a Worgen and I thought at first that it was just that area that is bugged, but it is doing the same thing in Goldshire as well.
  16. Ok, this will be harsh, sorry (kind-of)... First off, kudos to being the 1st to release Legion on a private server - quite a feat, but still... How did you guys determine that this expansion was ready for 'release'? This is realistically still an 'alpha' status by most standards - 'beta' at best. There are a large number of bugs in every zone that I've been in - so many that I can't imagine any competent QA would have missed them or deemed them acceptable. Several of them share similar gameplay mechanics, leading me to believe some core quest mechanics still need work. Levelling is a nightmare. I know you want people to donate and buy lvl 100, but have some pity/pride on content under that threshold... Are you trying to piss questers off, or just want them to grind mobs to gain XP? Every zone I've been in has bugs - some are so badly bugged that they're effectively unplayable. Want a shitty experience that will drive players away? That's #1 on the list. If you don't address this soon (or bump the XP rate to x7-x10), players will soon leave to whatever company releases the next private Legion realm that actually has a viable questing experience. Speaking of mobs...what's with that? Multiple mobs spawn where there should only be one, and when they all aggro, it's a guaranteed death. As far as levelling rates are concerned, what's with the gross disconnect between character XP rate (x5) and profession XP rate (x1)? From a player trying to level profs along with a toon, I have to spend 3x longer in a zone (or more) to keep my professions in line with my character level. Which brings me to my next issue - returning to your corpse. No flight-form when ghost and trying to return and respawn? In Outland, I can understand - even Northrend (to an extent), buy in Cata and beyond? That's insane. Speaking of critical issues, what's the deal with guilds? Create a guild, and GM gets 'removed' as soon as they log off. Guild bank is randomly wiping all items that have been stored. Calendar events don't work. How did this pass QA? What is the point of reporting bugs at this point? Several of these issues have been reported and up-voted already, but let me ask the question - wouldn't it be easier to report what ACTUALLY WORKS??? -Frustrated, ignored peon that hasn't paid Firestorm $$$ for stuff (yet).
  17. The title says it all basically. When i complete a quests it doesn't show me the right spot where i should return it. It shows me where I finished the quests. For example i kill an NPC and i complete a certain quest and it shows it completed over the dead NPC. Any way to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  18. As we all know there are many bugged quests in all of the Draenor zones and in many other zones too. We also know that the Devs are preoccupied with the new Legion expansion and as such are doing very little to fix Draenor for the time being. So until such time as the devs are able to switch their attention back to fixing the multitude of bugs on currently existing servers I have a suggestion. A 'Bugged Quest Completer' Perfect for these problems of being unable to locate the hand in. I have experienced this approach first hand on another server and it worked well. I have no idea how they accomplished it but I do know they had a database of known bugged quests that was referenced when you clicked a complete quest icon once you had completed such a quest. If the quest was known to be bugged it would auto complete and you would get the appropriate reward and follow up quest should there be one. If the quest was not a known bugged quest you would get a message to that effect and nothing further would happen. There would obviously be grey areas such as the quest 'Finding A Foothold' - The first character I attempted this quest on, had already built the level 2 Garrison and the hand in ? seemed to be inside one of the town hall walls. However, I was able to complete this quest when I noticed a complete quest button - Brilliant! - On another toon I managed to complete and hand in this quest to Prophet Valen who was located in the Lunarfall Ruins as he should have been, before I levelled my Garrison to level 2. However, on my next attempt, Prophet Valen was not where he should have been at the Lunarfall Ruins although the yellow ? was there. I have spotted him at another location but was unable to hand in. I went ahead and built my level 2 Garrison and the yellow ? was in the same spot inside my Town Hall walls, as it was on my first attempt. Unfortunately I have been unable to replicate whatever it was I did to get the complete button to appear and so that quest remains as completed in my log, along with a few others I have not been able to hand in. Please give us a way to auto complete these pesky quests that prevent quest chain progress!
  19. Hola esta búsqueda es la Un'goro cráter, no tiene manera de terminar, me gustaría arrumazem [siempre vigilante desde arriba]
  20. Hello, I am trying to do A Taste Of Iron for couple of days now and it just doesn't work for me, whenever I take the quest and go to try to mount the cannon it just dissapears, I have no idea how to continue and I need help, thank you!
  21. I'm unaware if this needs to be formatted like other forums are, but here is an entire list of suggestions for this server that would make things very easy for all of us: 1) Add more portals near Alliance and Horde bases, thus making it easier to travel for new players. 1a.) OR, teach each player every flight path upon creation. Something like that. I would say a teleportation stone, but that would need quite a bit of scripting and it would have to be not usable in combat or battlegrounds. Or, make the teleports from the stone have a 20 second cast time? 2) Fix more of the quests for players that are still leveling 2a.) OR, add leveling zones where players can just AoE kill mobs. All of the content that players look forward to is at level 100. I understand that they can donate for level 100 premades (I did myself), but in a sense, it ruins the fun. Leveling zones are at least enjoyable. I also understand it would cut the server short of a lot of money, but even with a leveling zone or zones, it would still take two to three hours or more. 3) Offer starting heirlooms for 1st-time players, that's another solution to the leveling. I've helped at least 10 or 12 players get heirlooms by buying them for them as well as giving them the money to upgrade their heirlooms to level 90. 4) Please add the rest of the heirlooms that are missing from Guild Vendors. Please. I have 64/80, all maxed to 100! I totally wanna collect each and every one! (APPRECIATION): Whatever you guys do, please don't get rid of transmogging the heirlooms (if you weren't already aware of that). It totally sucks having to run around in dungeon set 1 looking gear until level 60 when you can buy the replica warlord gear and transmog it. And even then, the Warlord/Grand Marshal gear is super boring. I appreciate you guys not removing it! Thank you! 5) Buff Feral Druids? They don't do crap for damage. Really, garbage. 6) Add a system where players can farm gold for Epic iLevel 620-640 gear? Or even rares if they just hit level 100 on their first character? It wouldn't cut money losses much since people love to save time. A lot of the garrison quests are too bugged to gather up the materials for the gear, and PvE isn't very commonplace since a majority of the dungeons aren't working. Ever since the merge, it seems as though 85% of the playerbase is now of a foreign language, thus making it impossible to ever do dungeons/raids with them anyways. It takes weeks, if not months on end, to get the Epic conquest gear depending on faction. Alliance tends to win a lot, I've noticed. 6b.) Or, remove the Arena and BG rating requirements of the epic conquest gear and add gold as a secondary currency? Players can't donate for CQ points nor can they donate for that gear itself. So, only the players that are aware of the bugs of each class on this server and take advantage of that end up getting that gear. It sucks so bad. Why even have the rating requirements if certain classes are still bugged? Having that gear is not a demonstration of skill as long as there are bugs to be had. Heart of the Wild for druids is still not working, for example. And their damage is crap. Sorry to sound insulting or disrespectful towards the server, but it's true. Please remove the rating requirements D': 7) Make WoD dungeons Soloable? As I stated before, there are hardly any English or American players left. Attaining gear has become very monotonous especially on Horde, constantly losing and racking up honor 100 points at a time and RARELY getting CQ points. Creating a Premade group is not an option with the lack of American players. I don't even know what to do. Just be happy with the PvP ilevel 690 gear and getting stomped on? It sucks. There definitely NEEDS to be an alternate gear system, especially as long as many of the classes are still bugged. Check the database for classes that nobody plays? I used to be, single-handedly, the best Resto Druid on the server when it was just Ashran. Many people knew my name then, and I had a good reputation for always helping others. Nowadays, my heals are garbage. Why? I don't understand what happened. I appreciate you taking the time to review this post thoroughly and give each of these ideas a consideration. If it ends up declined, I understand, because it's a list of suggestions, not just one. I hope other players see this as well and hopefully we strike common ground on some of these issues. When's the last time you saw anyone in the PvP iLevel 730 Elite Conquest gear? I have not seen any so far. I'm sure there are some, and I guarantee that their class is nerfed, bugged, or they secretly farmed arenas with a few real life friends and managed to not get caught. Please do something, GM's. My resto druid is suffering from gear deprivation ever since 6.2 has been added :'(
  22. I believe there should be a way to reset old quests (Levels 1-60, maybe some level 70) that the player turned in, MAINLY the ones that were bugged that have a transmorg that can ONLY be acquired from the specific quest. I bring up this idea cause there are a couple quests that have transmorgs I want...but I can't get now cause the quest is already completed and I absolutely REFUSE to delete my characters just to get the quests again (SCREW THAT!) and I am sure there are other players with the same issue.So, give players the option to re-acquire these quests.
  24. I'm new to this server - I followed instructions to install game and can log in - but with my newly created warlock, I can't get any start zone quests. When I click on McBride, he says he could my help, but doesn't actually offer a quest for me to accept. Any ideas?
  25. I have been having problem with the starting area for blood elves. Whenever I start a quest that requires me to retrieve certain items, the quest tracker shows those items duplicated as two different stacks. When I collect the required items, the quest tracker shows that I can now turn in for my reward. When I go to the quest giver to turn in, the option to continue is grayed out.