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  1. Hello i have question. When it`s fixed this achvie ??. Supposedly the mount of ragnarosa in hc 25 have 100% chance drop and no droping
  2. english

    I only speak English... I am looking for Active English Speaking Alliance Guild for at least 3 of my characters Priest (Healer some what new to healing), DK (Blood and Frost Specs) Druid (Feral) I do have a Rogue that is in another guild but willing to join another guild and my rogue is mostly for PvP. I am looking for the following below English Speaking Only Casual PvE PvP Raids Dungeons Active I also have 1 Horde Warlock as well for Horde guild. Let me know what guilds I can join?
  3. Okay so i am a lvl 60 warrior trying to do this dungeon with my friends i was trying to get into it but it said normal difficulty was not enough to enter that dungeon sowe wanted to change the difficulty to higher so we looked up on google asked a bunch of people but everyone said the same it gives you an option if you right click your characters option there is a dungeon difficulty option but we did not have that please help us!
  4. Guten Abend, hiermit suche ich derweil einige Spieler um eine Gilde zusammen zu erstellen. Folgende Ränge sind noch zu vergeben: Offiziere [übernehmen die Aufgaben der Gildenmeister, wenn er nicht anwesend ist] Anwärter [führen Gespräche bei neuen Mitglieder um die dann in die Gilde einzuladen] Schatzmeister [ist für die finanzielle der Gilde sowie der Bank zuständig] Raidleiter [spricht für sich, leitet den Schlachtzug und erstellt die passende Gruppe] Die Gildenvorstellung 1. Allgemeines 2. Engere Beschreibung 3. Aufnahmekriterien 4. Teamspeak³/Homepage 5. Besonderheiten 6. Schlusswort 1. Allgemeines: Die Gilde Exodus ist eine Allianz-Gilde. Ihr Gründungsdatum war der 31. März 2017. 2. Engere Beschreibung: Die Exodus-Gildenbank besitzt 7 Fächer. Wenn man neu in die Gilde kommt, ist man zwei Woche lang auf dem Rang "Probe Mitglied" und der Gildenrat sowie die Member aus der Gilde werden ein Auge auf euch werfen. Falls ihr euch nicht daneben benehmt werdet ihr zum Mitglied. Zudem werden Vorbereitung auf den aktuelle Content sowie mystisch Dungeon gemacht. Aktivitäten: - Vorbereitung für die kommenden Raid's/mystische Dungeon - Im PVP (Schlachtfeld + Arena) trifft man uns auch öfters, meistens auch am Wochenende. 3. Aufnahmekriterien: Um bei uns aufgenommen zu werden, solltet ihr folgende Eigenschaften mitbringen: - Freundlich - Lernfähig (nicht mosern wenn man mal kritisiert wird) - Zuverlässig - Motiviert + ehrgeizig - Disziplin + geistige Reife (am Abend kann das Niveau gerne mal sinken Zusätzlich solltet ihr Folgendes besitzen: - Teamspeak³ - am besten ein funktionierendes Mikrofon , ansonsten ein Headset oder Boxen zum Zuhören 4. Teamspeak³/Homepage Zum Teamspeak³: Wir haben ein eigenes Teamspeak³ Server. 5. Besonderheiten: Was bei uns besonders ist... Zum einen unsere Spontanität - wenn genügend Leute online sind, wird drüber diskutiert, worauf wir Lust haben und dann wird gemeinsam geraidet/PvP gemacht, um den größtmöglichen Spaß für alle Beteiligten rauszuholen. 6. Schlusswort: Und wem diese Gildenvorstellung zusagt, kann sich gerne ingame bei Iynn, "Name der Offiziere" und "Name der Anwärter" melden.
  5. why is r the low level raids like molten core at lvl 100 thats so dumb
  6. All of the MoP / WoD instances and Raids are broken since luanch and you did nothing about it.
  7. Greetings Firestorm community. I know there are a lot of people running old raids and dungeons, and one of the most desired things they dream about getting are legendary quality quest items. Legendary items in theory should be obtainable from the Molten Core raid. Such items are: - Eye of Sulfuras - Bindings of the Windseeker (Right) and - Bindings of the Windseeker (Left) Keep in mind that you cannot complete the thunderfury quest chain as on of the raids required for that is closed (Blackwing Lair), yes, it's been a while now, but there still is Molten Core... I've seen some people asking in world_en chat whether or not is possible to collect these items, so I became curious as well. I remember running Molten Core on Ashran and I was lucky then to get one of the Bindings, it happened last year. Now, seeing old legendaries being added to the shop, can we get an answer from server stuff (preferably devs) are there any chances to get previously mentioned items at all? Or they were removed from the game/hidden from players intentionally for people to buy them from the shop?
  8. Why I can't enter MoP Raids as Solo ?? I got item lvl 770+
  9. Hi Guys, Have u tried any mop raids in Sylvanas realm? How many of them completely work?
  10. Hi there! I was checking legacy dungeons and raids and I noticed most of them are bugged. Vanilla and WoTLK seem to work fine, but Cataclysm-MoP-WoD raids are all bugged, and most dungeons from MoP to WoD are bugged too. I know it's not a high priority bug, but it's annoying we can't get transmog items, achievements, mounts, pets, toys... Considering this server has realms for those expansions (and I assume PVE works fine there), would it be hard to copy the scripts from there and use them in this realm too? Maybe you have to change a thing or two but I think it wouldn't be a hard work, but it would be a big improvement to this realm. Would love to hear back from you. Thanks for your nice work.
  11. Hi all community of Firestorm Legion. I have question about server. Is it moving forward or staying at same place for few weeks? Because people leaving server and goin play to competition servers. Do you have an idea, when professions will work? When start PVP season? When open new dungs or raids? When class order hall quests release? When world quests will be here? Thank u for all tips.
  12. Hi everyone, We will release the Iron Maidens encounter this 11th of July on live realms, without any loots, PvE ranking and achievement. We can't tell you when the boss will be really relased with its loots, ranking and achievement yet, it'll depend on the reported bugs, if there is any. This encounter is also available on the PTR realm. We want you to give us feedbacks if you ever experienced any issue or something wrong during this fight. Please, use the following format: - Raid difficulty. - Steps for reproducing the issue. - If possible, any image or video related to this issue. All of these returns will help us to fix the boss faster and easier, so we can offer you a content of the best possible quality. Thanks for your support, and enjoy your fight against the Iron Horde!
  13. Well, I recently made a thread about the current raid progression and I was pretty amased that people actually answered it. Not only that, but i just got a few WoW errors in the last weekend, and then it was already fixed. After further inspecting the raids I played and reported about its errors, i found that they were rather rare and predictable(like HoF door bug on 2nd to 3rd boss, only bugs if regroup) and not so troubling. I also found that there was some improvements in the timeless isle, adding some more stuff, like some more details to npc, new buffs and debuffs,etc, and i guess that the server is currently pretty good. I mean, i still get pretty angry at some errors in low tier raids, but i found that I am rather unlucky, and that most people seem not to get those errors at all, and yes i reported on the bugtracker, and just made this thread to say.......thank you, firestorm( or pandashan, i'm still confused with that )for the excelent work you ppl have been doing in the past months that has been making the server really good, despite some recent errors. Very good job PS: I still don't know how to get my old acount, or even if i can...does that actually give some character or stuff back? I don't know where to ask this better than here
  14. So, i'm here to publish my complaint about the current state of Pandashan. I've submited bug reports, but low to none have been answered. And i am really not happy with the current progression of raids. I mean, SoO is out, but Mogu'shan Vaults is not working entirely, and pandaria raids (in general) often bugs in many ways (i.e. boss unattackable, reset boss,etc.), so i'm here to tell u ppl: fix stuff in an intelligent way. Why would you continue working on Siege of Orgrimmar, the last raid, if the first, secound and third aren't working nicely? I just don't see any easy way to obtain gear in Pandaria other than pvping, cause raids are soooooo bugged(yes, i am aware of timeless gear though, and i'm happy you people fixed that). I just want that pandaria raids become fun again, cause in the current state, i'm sorry, but they are not. All that being said, i just want people to comunicate more in the forums, and that complaints are efectively aswered. Don't get me wrong, i love the work of you guys, and i expect i'm not sounding like a hater Keep up the good work , but take those things into account. PS: As of now, an wow error problem is plaguing Taran'zhu, please take a look on that. Sincerely, Phoinix.
  15. Hey guys, I've been trying to enter 2 MoP raids, the Mogu'shan Vaults and Throne of thunder but I just can;t enter them on any difficulty. Nothing pops up on the screen, I just hit the invisible wall, can anyone help?
  16. ClassicBlackwing Lair: not workingMolten Core: All bosses workRuins of Ahn'Qiraj: All bosses work Ahn'Qiraj Temple: first boss dosen't work but all the others do The Burning CrusadeGruul's Lair: WorksKarazhan: All bosses except medivh worksMagtheridon's Lair: WorksSerpentshrine Cavern: WorksTempest Keep: WorksThe Battle for Mount Hyjal: WorksThe Sunwell: Not workingBlack Temple: WorkingWrath of the Lich KingIcecrown Citadel: WorkingNaxxramas: WorkingOnyxia's Lair: WorkingThe Eye of Eternity: A bit buggy but can be doneThe Obsidian Sanctum: WorkingThe Ruby Sanctum: WorkingTrial of the Crusader: Not working at allUlduar: the following bosses dosent work: Algalon, Yogg-saron, Thorim, Freya dosent have loot, Asambly of iron dosen't have loot, all the other bosses worksVault of Archavon: A few bugged loot tabs but can be completedCataclysmBaradin Hold: WorksBlackwing Descent: Works kinda, a bit messed up with heroic and normal mode all being on at onceDragon Soul: Not workingFirelands: Not workingThe Bastion of Twilight: WorksThrone of the Four Winds: Not WorkingMists of PandariaHeart of Fear: last boss dosent work but all others doMogu'shan Vaults: WorksSiege of Orgrimmar: Not WorkingTerrace of Endless Spring: WorksThrone of Thunder: all bosses up to megaera works, megaera dosen't Please tell me if there's something here that needs to be fixed :3
  17. Just wanna know the names of active raids because so I was able to join even one
  18. Hello yesterday i try to build a transmog set starting from catacysm to the pandaria MSV hc and normal first boss no loot Firelands empty Dragon Soul empty TOES last boss no loot no title gain hc and normal mode HOF first boss bugg hc mode last boss bugg hc mode The Bastion of Twilight last boss bugg no title gain Blackwing Descend just 2 boss working youcant gain title Throne of the Four Winds empty Draenor quests bugg after you complete the quest the npc is missing to give him the quest Bugg mobs on all Draenor Battleground and Arena insane lagg spike and i speak with more players having same problem
  19. Hi, Thanks for checking it out I am recruiting guild members who play at 11:00am to 11:00pm SERVERTIME. The guild name is 'Satan Demon'. This is a new guild (lvl 8 and Alliance). We will be doing PvP and Raids in the beginning.As more people join we will be doing other events and stuff. Goals and Aims We are aiming to be the overall top guild with many members. Pretty high aims right? Well we will be working hard to achieve it too The main thing is to have fun because it is still a video game Recruitment Since this is a new Guild we are looking for officers too General Head Officers Raid Officers Recruitment Officers ^^^^^ I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE OR NOT JUST BE DEDICATED AND LOYAL ^^^^^^ And of course THE PEOPLE who actually make a difference Notes Once the guild gets started I will get mumble aswell <--- Recommended but not required Thanks for sticking around to read this all To join send me whisper if i am online otherwise PM me My name: Riutsujr PEACE ."". ."", | | / / | | / / | | / / | |/ ;-._ } ` _/ / ; | /` ) / / | / /_/\_/\ |/ / | ( ' \ '- | \ `. / | | | |
  20. Hallo Ich suche: Eine deutsche (deutschsprachige) Gilde auf Hordeseite, mit dem Vorhaben: PVE (Raids), Gemeinsames Leveln, ggf. TS Laberei Ich habe langjährige Offi-Erfahrung, kenne bis hin zur Schwarzfelsgießerei die WoD Raids auch bereits recht gut - Joah, würd mich freuen wenn sich da was findet! Ansonsten würde ich hier einfach mal deutsche Hordespieler bitten, sich zu melden - Evtl lohnt es sich ja schon bald, mal eine Gilde zu gründen auf Hordeseite! MFG Dragonskull
  21. So I am hoping while I am downloading firestorm to join a server that has plentiful raids going on. I was on a different wow private server but found that maybe its not the one for me. I love raiding and gearing up. Especially when I don't have to level up to 1-XXX. But if the server has the right exp multiplier I am willing to grind up a toon. The instant 85-100 boost when you first start playing is nice. Hopefully I find some of that here.