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Found 6 results

  1. i have played in firestrom for 787 hours and got 1 legendary item ! i did a lot of dongons , raids, pvps and emissary quests and still just one ! my main essue here is the drop rate is soo random is infair to some payers because some new players who made thier caractair with boris have more legendaries than others who played fo so long so plz if you can fix this problem witch is making some players feeling like the game is not rewarding them enough for investing such time in it and make them stop playing it .
  2. I read about it searching in the forum, but I'm not able to find it. I am playing Troll, but no luck in starting zone so I head to Orgrimmar but I just can't find it. Any advice here?
  3. Hey guys, I am curious if this server has the way to change the xp rate to blizzlike (1x). Me and a friend are wanting to play on a server with the ability to do that so we can actually work on our characters.
  4. i have a simple idea that will not only encourage people to play through the game with 1x xp rates but will also make it worthwhile. the idea is: - if someone chooses an xp rate of 1: he will get 5x loot drop rate (uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, money(gold)) - if someone chooses an xp rate of 3: 3x drops - if someone chooses an xp rate of 5: 1x drops
  5. Hello. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the rep rate on WoD realms. Or, if it's different from realm to realm or it's the same across the server. Thank you!
  6. Hello, I am aware that right now all realms are right now 5x ("All realms are now Rates x5 for xp, loots except golds / epic items which stay x1"). Is it possible that in future this will change in Grommash realm? Thank you in advance for your answer.