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Found 2 results

  1. Yo people ! I'm new on Firestorm, I used to play in many private servers as a huge pvp fanatic. On high rated games, I've always played healer through every expansions (from TBC to MoP), as resto druid, resto shaman and mw monk. I enjoy druid and monk the most (so please, no answer such as "play the one you like"), shaman just doesn't fit my needs anymore in mop. But the thing is, I can't decide which one I should play here. Between these 2, which one should I focus on from your point of view ? Which is the most/least played, and why ? Which is the most needed here on Firestorm ? Is there any game-breaking bug in these specs ? Thanks in advance for your answers and please explain your choice in every aspect of it !
  2. Rated bg population is quite low and most of time when you queue for 10v10 you will stay 30 minutes waiting and disband ur team because nobody is joining. If you guys can set an Announcer to all the realms and factions that someone is in queue i am sure that many will make teams for Rbg and join.This suggestion is also valid for 3v3 and 5v5 arenas that not many join. Cheers