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  1. ===============Introduction=============== Prophecy, one of the leading PvE guilds on the realm, with a notoriously long-standing reputation of consistent, successful raids, is opening it's doors for new members! Do you have the determination, the need, the unrelenting desire burning inside, to be at the very top of every DPS/HPS meter addon anyone can find, no matter what? Do you want to be so far ahead of the curve, that all of your friends come fawning at you, to join their raid, the instant they /inspect and /drool over how decked out your character(s) are with phat epix?! Are you tired of the hassle, of always seeing raids falling apart after 1 wipe, everyone starting off with wide smiles on their faces but leaving the very next moment with a frown? Do you wish to be a part of the most well organized raids, a healthy, positive community and an outstandingly knowledgable and sophisticated officer team? Then look no further, <Prophecy> wants YOU to be part of our core raiding team! ===============Main activities=============== [PvE] Regular Guild raids will be hosted for the following instances with descending priority. Hellfire Citadel - [N] / [H] || Progression - 1/10 NM (TBD) Blackrock Foundry - [N] / [H] || Progression - 10/10 Highmaul - [N ]/ [H] || Progression - 7/7 Raiding schedule: Raids take place on mostly Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays but regardless, we are just for fun trying to raid any day. All raids take place on 8 PM ST (Server Time) ===============Recruitment=============== Guild recruitments will be done in-game or on the forums. You reply to this topic, or as a DM to me, or any of our current officers. Officers list: No officers. Guild Master: Friend ===============Joining Requirements=============== - A level 100 character with at least 670 iLvl or higher - DBM/BigWigs - Excellent understanding of raid mechanics - Friendly, non-toxic attitude - Commitment to the guild, it's guildies and the server - Good knowledge and understanding of the English language ===============Additional Info=============== Guild hierarchy and rankups will work as follows: each member has a certain number of ranks they need to achieve and conquer before/if they are to become an Officer. Each guildie is free to approach the ranking system in their own way or at the pace of their choosing. Best way to rank up would be to make sure you are always helpful to other guildies when/if it's needed of course. Be active in our guild raids and in guild chat discussions. Do not break any Guild rules or Server rules. Being in a guild means something more than just sharing the same line of text under our names. Keeping that in mind is key to how your rankup will go. Help us continue to offer the best, most well-organized and successful raids to this server's community and maintain the image and friendly environment our guild has had since its inception (back during patch 6.0.3 in June 24, 2015.) ========================= EDIT: Date: 24/06 Hey, if you are still looking for a high-skilled, dedicated PvE guild on Gul'dan, then look further! We are still growing big and strong. We are recruiting mostly skilled ranged DPS and skilled healers to keep us alive and help us take Blackhand Heroic down! We are looking for motivated, dedicated players, those which enjoy WoD raids and content! If you have any interests to join our guild simply either private message me, reply to this thread, whisper me in game. Looking forward! - Friend. ↓ Blackhand Heroic down.
  2. Hello Firestorm community, we are an international English speaking horde guild, as you may know, on Gul'dan realm and we finally decided to recruit new people to the family. Before we jump into rules and "how to apply", let me tell you a brief history of the guild. Guild was made at the late December 2015 on the private server called Warmane(Molten in the past), therefore "FW" after the name of the guild, which represents the realm we come from - Frostwolf. Reason why we decided to transfer guild here is because we are done with MoP and we seek for a new challenge and that server doesn't have WoD or Legion but it would not matter because they do not allow players to switch from one expansion to another - SO we stumbled upon this server with all those perks and we have decided to make our new home here. As for Warmane, people still see us as one of the best guilds that was friendly and not arrogant like other end-game content clearing guilds. But with 10 overgeared characters leaving behind, I strongly think this was our best move. We are experienced guild, fast learning, and we have retail experience and we provide all kind of guides - is it retail-like or private-server..like (we already have leveling guide for this server that can help you hit 100 in a day). Today we decided to open a recruitment and get more English speaking people to the guild since we noticed there are not many (truth be told). But enough about that, lets jump to the recruitment rules,application and "what happens once I'm in?" information. Paradigm FW (pve/pvp) is a English speaking guild which uses Discord for raids that occur at 18:00 RT(realm time). If your application gets accepted you will be notified with a proper email as well as in-game mail about it + names you need to contact to get in. Once you get invited, you will be given a rank of trial. Trial rank lasts until you join 2 raids and after that you will be given a rank of member or social (stay noticed that trial rank lasts for 2 weeks unless something unexpected happens). Social rank is friendly member of community and he can re-apply for a position of a raider (member) once he thinks he is ready,but not until at least 2 weeks are passed AFTER trial period. But you won't be kicked from the guild at any given time after you get in - only reason for Gkick is disrespect of other guild members and/or your superiors. Once you become member you have equal rights as a guild master in raids, which means we force equality in guilds and mere virtual rank is on the side unless is required to act. More about that on our website and/or in-game. We need more people to join our family and have fun as we raid or PvP! Website you can apply to is http://paradigm-fw.shivtr.com/ We are about to start raiding which makes a perfect moment for people to join and progress together with us, we took some time to prepare, level up, gear up (get xmog xD) so Firestorm community, join us on this new adventure we set our eyes upon and have some fun as we reach the top and become the best guild on WoD as well !
  3. Back to Wow after about 3 years + playing from TBC to Cata killing almost all that the game had to offer. Today I have a much more relaxed approach to gaming but I've retained the "old school" way about the desire to optimize every aspect; idc if it only brings a tiny little plus, I'll spend cash on it , always carry flasks food etc, run quick after wipes, never ninja afk (grrr), etc, etc ,etc. I know it's a tall order but ideally I'm looking for a guild that is skilled, knows it can be server first but cba chasing glory like fundamentalists, probably have played way too much mmos, have a real life, keep their knickers on wipe nights (hey, it happens even to the best), are more interested in the good vibe going on in the guild than badmouthing the crap outside... etc, etc, etc. I am a feral druid dps - I guess I could go tank to help out but tbh I had so much of that role that I'm not too keen. I'm easy rotating and even occasionally skip my turn if a guildie gets the shakes and must absolutely have his / her fix kek. That's about it really - oh wait I started about 10 days ago. Ofc my gear isn't imba, purely from vendors sitting at a proud ilvl505 atm sadly I haven't had a taste of any mop contents yet but looking fwd to finding a good home where to remedy that. Now that's it. Wishes heavens to all, and excellent hunting ! Myriandore
  4. Hello everyone, welcome to APEX! A quick introduction to what APEX is and what our goals are: APEX stands for the highest point of something big, in our case we want to be a strong high end pve guild that aims for the top (fits the name right? :D) So with that said i want to talk about our goals. We want to be a small but very strong PvE guild. We are currently not recruiting. Reason being is the fact we are small and wanna stay small, we do recruit whatever we want but it might be happening that you will be benched! 1 other thing that seperates us from the rest (i believe) is the fact we want to avoid any bug abusing that can be done during pve. We will and shall not use any usebugs and exploits during a fight if its not needed. Unless the fight is too buggy and can only be killed with a "cheesy" mechanic that shouldnt normally be possible. but even then we try to avoid it as long as we can (we'd rather skip a boss / not do it then abusing on that boss!) What does Benching mean if you are not familiar with it? Benching simply means you will be inactive for raiding, unless we need you, that also means you are unable to do PvE content if we have not yet done it with the coregroup, This is because we want to prevent the benched players to have ID when we need them which is the same as not having you. Ofc do we give you the ability to raid once we are past a certaint point and the weekends are free for you to do whatever you want pve related! Being benched is ideal for inconsistant players who are not always as active as the maingroup is, you will fill in the spot if its free incause 1 of the core members is unable to attend for any reason! Want to see us in action? scroll down, i'll upload all the video's in my post below this one!
  5. Greetings Community, I'm more than proud to say that <Its not polite to stare> is now OPEN for recruitment. *Mists of Pandaria* <Its not polite to stare> is a progressive PVP guild, therefor you'll only be accepted into the guild with acceptable knowledge of PVP. Requirements: Be level 90. Rating 1800 or HIGHER, exceptions are made. Item level higher than 500. Have a working microphone which is understandable. Be 16 years or older, and know how to behave properly within the Guild and respect your fellow Guild Members. Be very active is a MUST. Guild Achievements/goals: Have a well-known guild, to help new Members of the guild and grow bigger to become even better (Basics a PVP Guild has) Application Format: APPLICATIONS ARE TO BE SENT TO ME THROUGH FORUM PM. What we're looking for: 2v2: Healers, DPS. 3v3: Healers, DPS. 5v5: Healers, DPS: Open positions: Guild officers, Members, Recruiters.