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  1. Is there any easy way to get reputation with tushui pandaren? I tried dungeon farming with tabard but it doesn't seem to be working. I would be very grateful if someone helps.
  2. Hello, i am trying to get Pandaren Ambassador achievment so i need Tushui Pandaren reputation, but after i bought Tabard and started cleaning dungeons nothing happened. Is there a way to farm this specific reputation?
  3. Just wondering if reputation gains will be reverted back to x3 for Sethraliss? Since ilvl cap is now 395, the rep pieces are barely worth the effort. But rep collectors such as me would really appreciate reputation gains being back to their x3 state. Cheers!
  4. Introduction This is a mini-guide to help people get the reputation that is required, to fly in legion maps, the easy way. Original Factions You are required to reach "revered" with: Court of Farondis Highmountain Tribe The Nightfallen The Dreamweavers The Valarjar The Wardens In order to get the reputation. You have to farm world quests. Though, we all get lazy since there are many quests and the terrain in legion is horrible. First of all you need to discover the maps which is part of the pathfinder requirement and in doing so, discover the flight path points, too. That will allow you to reach the world quests easier. You need to do the emissary quests whenever they become available to you. In order to do them, you need to complete 4 world quests in the map they are on. Those emissary quests give you 4500 reputation with the faction on the map. That is where you will get most of the reputation required. The second thing you need to do is check the maps for any blue bubbles (quests). Make those your top priority since most of them give you 750 reputation (as opposed to the red normal quests which give you 225 only). You do not even have to do the normal quests (if you are lazy). Just keep doing the emissaries and blue bubbled quests. New Faction You will also need the Armies of Legionfall reputation for the pathfinder 2 achievement which is also required for flying. Do the emissaries for the legionfall rep always. Also, there are a lot of hidden quests on the legion map if you want to farm the reputation. A lot of the quests in the Broken Shore map (legionfall reputation) give you Legionfall War Supplies. You can use the supplies at the Deliverance Point (south of the Broken Shore map) on the construction table to participate in the construction of three things. Just place any amount in any of those three options. Each 100 supplies grant you an Artifact Power item plus around 450 reputation. You can get revered with the legionfall really fast doing so. Also, if you have a friend who already has flying plus a flying mount, you can ask him to tag along when he is doing the quests. This will go faster.
  5. i wanted the flying cloud mount, so i get all the achievements to get exalted with the lorewalkers, i saw many guides and managed to find all the scrolls and even some "optional achievements" (the three golden statues and the balance thing) however besides this optional achievements i'm not getting any rep, and neither the scrolls lorewalker cho is supposed to send to my mail, i checked the achievements tab and it says i finished them, and have a green mark in all the scrolls listed there, so i don't know what am i doing wrong or what should i do.
  6. You have implemented npc Veridis Fallon, but how to get the exalted ranking if you have no quests or possibilities of obtaining such reputation?
  7. Which dungeons in Sylvanas are good for gaining reputation? Both dungeons which automatically give rep for a certain faction AND dungeons that will give reputation for whichever tabard you have equipped. Please give me examples of both.
  8. Hello Anybody who knows how to farm shado-pan rep?
  9. Hello ! I don`t know why but mobs in frostfire ridge ( magnarok ) should give reputation with frostwolf orcs and other mobs from around the area but they don`t ; same thing with the mobs for laughing skulls. Is it a bug ? Thanks
  10. One day, I was farming reputation for Shado-Pan to get the tiger mounts. I am now revered with them and decided to buy 100% more reputation for them. I also installed the game from scratch on another computer, so I have no idea what the problem is and how to fix it. Thanks for your attention. IGN: Dalarene
  11. Hi Guys! Is there anyway on gaining reputation for the Operation Shieldwall faction in Krasarang Wilds? I tried to do the quest line and it just ends up being bugged, i can't even talk to most of the NPC's that are in the beach.