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Found 19 results

  1. 3% hit -> agility -> mastery-> crit -> haste Video version: Video Guide
  2. 3% hit -> agility -> mastery-> crit -> haste Video version: Video Guide
  3. Video version: Video Guide 3% hit -> agility -> mastery-> crit -> haste
  4. Hello everyone im just wondering why didnt anyone solved the rogue bug that exists when you activate stealth and a few seconds later stealth magically disappears out of no where... mind you that im not taking damage, diseases, poisons etc... it just disappears... im posting this here since this forum is confusing as shit and i didnt know where to post
  5. Hello, how come I can't see Artifact Forge and Scouting map?
  6. Best regards, everyone, I hope you are enjoying your experience in wow as much as I do. My next report is to give you feedback to improve the gaming experience on this server, with the implementation of the new system mythic + mythic, I believe that additional rules should be put into work, to be able to continue with a healthy experience and without promoting bad intentioned people, improper behavior and whiny babies in the scene of people who dedicate time and wish to complete content provided by the hardworking team of developers from firestorm. First, to shine some light as to to why I'm doing this, I recently had the opportunity to get my first key, level two, eye of azshara, inviting a group of very good players with high levels, including an infamous healer, whom I will not mention, to prevent my feedback from turning into a witch hunt. The healer, after a mistake that every human can do, decided to leave the group after a wipe, the first wipe, leaving the group completely useless and my key ended shit back, all because according to the healer, our group did not have enough dps to kill the first boss, which was being healed by an add that the very fucking healer could do interruption or a stun. But no, it was all the fault of the dps (the lowest dps was 400k). My point is, we need to implement a rule to allow us to punish this kind of behavior that interferes with the growth and enjoyment of the game, by selfish, childish and destructive behaviors coming from people who do not have the slightest regard for others, and do not think Twice in doing this kind of shit or worse, just because there are no rules to penalize them. Regards, Your friendly horde player Pirateria PS. If you ever do this, you are the worse kind of player there is out there and should feel bad.
  7. guys haste is not increasing energy regen at all, that's why classes with energy resources cant do much dps. i've reported this issue, please vote for it on tracker.
  8. Fk your! where fix?
  9. Hello, as rogue, how can I get to Chamber of Shadows from Hall of Shadows?! There is no torch to click on to open the bookshelf door... any help? Thank you
  10. can someone 100% confirm that rogue haste doing energy regen or its not ?
  11. Hello all, i have problems with honor talents alot of them didn't work for Sub rogue, and some defoult talents. Can any body help?
  12. What can we say about it :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  13. rogue

    Hello, I am creating this topic to dicuss state of the roguecraft on this server. For general guidelines refer to Based on my current experience best dps and probably pvp spec is outlaw, which probably works the most. While other specs leave higher numbers to be desired. I personally struggle to reach 140Kish dps and I don't know many who can do much better, but then I don't know many people. Assa seems to be recently nerfed heavily and performs poorly. Subtetly can hold 100K dps, but the mastery seems not to be working (finishers do dmg similar to outlaw in spite of 67% dmg bonus for instance)
  15. Hello. I have created this post in order to find out more on rogues. Currently, I play a warlock as Twistedx but recently I've come to favor the thought of creating playing a melee class that can play aggressively. How do rogues fair in PvP? Generally, are they a bad class to be playing at the moment? Are they a good class? I do not happen to see too many good rogues online as it seems as though melee classes such as warriors, monks, and dks are more popular. What specialization has the most working mechanics? What are the mechanics that do not work? Thank you for your time and efforts!
  16. Hello Firestorm Community, i am new player. My main character is Subtlety rogue, i mostly switch all the three specs, i play Rogue for over 5 years, i've mastered it, i love PvP, love when enemies are dying in pain while running away from me hehe. I heard a lot good opinions about this community and i decided to visit and perhaps stay and play here. But i need to know few things. I have questions. - Current Warlords of Draenor content, is it playable? are there too many game breaking bugs? - Is it worth staying here, i'm searching for quality servers. - How is the development, are the bugs being fixed fast? - Why the English speaking realm "Grommash" is so low populated, and the Spanish one is so high populated, is this server Spanish. (That is all okay, it's just that i am looking for English people, since i don't know Spanish) - What is really working on WoD and what's not (PvP / PvE) - The site player statistics, are they real? - Most importantly, is this server Blizz-like? - Is Timeless Isle working on Mists of Pandaria? - I heard that on Mists of Pandaria, Prideful gear is released, but why in site it displays that the MoP server is PvE, is it PvE only? - And some, general information, for example in-game latency, does it lag often? - Almost forgot, what about Legion? - Is there any plans for it in the future? I am sorry for the time that some of you may waste for answering me those questions, i am a player that doesn't want to give money for virtual things, and still, i am looking for free servers that have good quality and security. I am looking for server that developers know what players want, developers that know what they are doing, developers that are doing what they are supposed to. That's it guys, looking forward for the answers that i hope to get.
  17. Okey in sub rogues we have this passif ( its supposed to regen 8 energy per 2 sec as u can see in this pikaboo montage ( but in firestorm it doesnt work Rogues are unplayble because of this bug always out of energy its already been more than 2 weeks and this spell is bugged are u planning to fix it soon?
  18. Salut j 'ecris ce sujet pour vous demander votre avis à propos des armes que le rogue finesse doit prendre en pvp,actuellement j ai deux dagues mais j'aimerais bien test une dague/une épée une main , est ce que ça en vaut vraiment la peine ?Merci d'avance pour vos réponses et bonne soirée
  19. please fix the rogues, many rogues getting stealth in the middle of the fight in the arena, even stunned, it is impossible to play well, they get stealth and can heal themselves using bandage, even paladins with their shields can't do this, really unbalanced class.