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  1. I was wondering if there are any roleplaying guilds on the sethraliss realm. I have some RP experience and I am fond of WoW lore so please let me know if you are out there!
  2. The <Iron Edge Cartel> is a new guild looking for english speaking role players. The guild is English only, and welcoming any and all members who wish to join, regardless of experience with role play. The Cartel is aimed to be a hub for roleplayers, a place to talk about rp ideas, trade, connect with other roleplayers. /join rp-ooc ingame Add Phevhe in game to join the Guild! About Phevhe About <Iron Edge Cartel> Addons and various links and info
  3. Hello and welcome! I decided to create a single thread for us roleplayers! After looking for so long for others into RP over world chat and various guilds, I realized that this is the only way to form an RP community on this server. As a reply for this topic leave a list of your RP character bellow, and the realm you play on, so that we can find each other and play together! I play on Grommash (US) server mainly. Horde characters: Aródu, Ingwe Alliance characters: Adraan Be sure to message me, or anyone on this thread, if you are interested in RP. If you are new to this, please go on YouTube and look up some guides for RP, as well as maybe get the addon MyRolePlay - this makes is much easier and more enjoyable. Take care!
  4. Hello. I am new around firestorm & i am looking for RP'ers or which server has the most rp community alive. Please let me know trhough the comments thank you,. Like this
  5. The Darkmoon Faire is in town! Enter the Darkmoon Carousel for a crazy ride! Thank you for Maræne and the other guy for having fun together and making this spontaneous photoshoot! Enjoy and have a good laugh :-)
  6. Are there any horde roleplay guilds around? Cant manage to find any despite doing some looking, but I'd be pretty hyped to join one.
  7. So... I recently joined this server on the Sylvanas realm and from the looks of this forum there are at least a number of people interested in roleplay. As such I propose the use of a custom channel "RP-OOC", which would help in finding other people interested in roleplay, plan some events and all that sort of thing. This is something we used on another server I roleplayed on some 2-3 years ago and it worked pretty well.
  8. original story

    So this is the story of my character Janore. I don't think it's fitting for a biography during roleplay but i want to share it here anyway, maybe someone will get a kick out of it. Janore is born from a Highborne family of magi, the Starweaver family. Her father is the head of the Royal Spellsmiths, working under Lord Xavius, and her mother passed away long ago due to an illness. During the War of the Ancients, Janore's father, Kaesarac, realized the plans of Xavius and Queen Azshara and sent Janore off to the Night Elven Resistance while he stayed behind to act as a spy to the resistance force. At the end of the war and the Well was collapsing in on itself, Kaesarac couldn't make it out in time and was trapped inside the palace while it crumbles down. Struck by the news that her father didn't survived, Janore's heart is filled with grief and that grief turned into hatred towards the ones that took her only family away from her. Fueled by a newfound purpose to defeat the Burning Legion, Janore became a follower of Illidan Stormrage and trained to become a Demon Hunter. Janore's training was successful; she became a skilled Demon Hunter under Illidan's teachings. Her skill in controlling Fel energy is without equal due to the larger than normal amount of demonic magic infused into her body and her past of being a magi. During her training, Janore became close to another demon hunter named Talaeloran. After Illidan was imprisoned for creating the second Well of Eternity on the peak of Mount Hyjal, his followers were forced to disband. Janore and Talaeloran decided to set off together to wander Kalimdor and hunt down demons that still remained on the world. During their travel, the two encountered a wounded night elf Sentinel in Feralas which explained that her squad was sent out to put a stop to the ogres in the ruins of Eldre'thalas and their attempts to summon a powerful demon. Janore and Talaeloran patched up the sentinel and accompanied her back to the ruins to slay the ogres and their summoned demon. When they arrived, they found many slain ogres with vicious wounds on their bodies. They progressed further inside and found a hulking Pit Lord standing next to a swirling portal glowing with a sickly green color. Talaeloran told Janore to destroy the portal while he distracts the pit lord away from it, then he rushed in, warglaives at the ready to attack the pit lord. After a hard-fought battle, they successfully destroyed the portal, struck down the pit lord and the few demons that managed to cross through. Talaeloran decided to absorb the pit lord’s powers, laying his warglaives down to the ground and kneel. Unexpectedly, the sentinel they were helping suddenly lashed out and struck a mortal blow at Talaeloran. Caught off guard, there was nothing Janore can do as it all happened in an instant. The sentinel then charged at Janore, but was quickly cut down. Janore ran to Talaeloran’s side, trying to mend the grievous wound on him. As Janore was attempting to heal Talaeloran, a swirl of black smoke entered the room and formed into a shadowy figure. A demonic voice echoed out from the dark mists, the smoke then congealed into a Nathrezim, he introduced himself as Nethorus, a general of the Burning Legion. He explained that the pit lord’s plans were unintentional and was not a part of the Legion’s agenda so he apologized for it. Nethorus explained that the slain sentinel’s weapon was enchanted with a special spell that were specifically designed to slay demons and that Talaeloran will soon die from it. He then made an offer to Janore, he will save Talaeloran’s life, in return, both of them join him as agents of the Legion. The dreadlord tried to convince Janore by saying that the Legion’s cause is noble. Now that they’re demon hunters, their people will always hate and fear them, that is the reason why the sentinel tried to kill the two of them, so there is no point to defend the ones that only wants them dead. Janore refused as she threw her glaive at the dreadlord, Nethorus easily dodged the attack and faded away into the shadows, leaving a small Legion communicator and instructed that if she ever changed her mind, then the offer still stands and Talaeloran does not have much time left. A few moments passed and a squad of night elf sentinels marched into the sanctum. They saw the scene of battle that took place; two demon hunters and a fellow sentinel slain. They assumed that the two had slain their comrade due to the demonic fury that is within them, so they readied their arms and attacked the two. Janore quickly picked up Talaeloran and fled, barely escaping the vengeful sentinels. Once they got far enough away, Janore laid Talaeloran down and they talked. Janore said she is considering the offer the dreadlord Nethorus made to them if it means saving Talaeloran, but he absolutely refuse as he would rather die than join the demons they’ve sworn to fight. His condition worsened, he reminded Janore to never be swayed by the sweet words of the Burning Legion. As Talaeloran’s final moments approaches, his last words to Janore is he hope that they will meet once again in another life. Once again, a loved one was taken away from her. This time, she is consumed by sorrow and fury. From the shadows, Nethorus was watching, he used this moment of weakness to whisper thoughts of hatred, of anger, of havoc, of vengeance. Janore gave in to the chaotic energy within her, she transformed into a monstrous demonic winged fiend and started flying towards the the base in Feralas where the squad of sentinels that were there in Dire Maul are stationed. When she arrived, she started to bring destruction on all that is in her sight. Fel flames burst forth from Janore’s eyes, burning everything she sets her gaze on. Sentinel guards tried to put her down but was brutally slashed apart by Janore’s warglaives. The carnage continued until all that’s left were ash and bones, on that day, the entire town was erased from existence. With her fury quenched, Janore walked off, dropping the Legion communicator to the ground and crushing it under her foot. A few survivors managed to escape the massacre and eventually encountered a tauren tribe which helped them. The elves told of the destruction of their outpost and sought the help of the tribe to destroy this demon before it wreaks even more havoc. The tribe elders agreed, sent a group of braves and shamans to help the elves track down and eliminate this threat. The squad followed the trail of fel magic until they finally found Janore, kneeling at a simple unmarked grave. The troops spread out and surrounded the demon hunter, they prepared for their assault. Following a booming war cry, the forces of night elves and tauren descended on Janore, blades and spears at the ready. Janore fend them off, one by one. Seeing that it is impossible to kill her with such a small force, the shamans and druids started channeling a spell of sealing. The muscular braves held her back for a brief moment while the shamans drew a circle around the ground where Janore was at, and with a final incantation; the spell was complete and Janore was sealed within the circle. Victorious, the group of tauren returned to their tribe and the elves thanked them and they too made their way to a nearby night elven outpost, leaving Janore there, imprisoned for eternity. Hundreds, thousands of years passed. Janore was left alone, with nothing but her thoughts. In that time, she grew to resent the elves and tauren, the elves in their ignorance bite at their own saviors and the tauren blindly follow whatever is told to them. She replayed the events countless times inside her mind, living it again and again. Her demonic body removes the need for sustenance like food and water, she could not leave, she could not die, bound to this place until the end of time. The fel energy seeps out from Janore's body, corrupting the grounds surrounding her prison, nothing grows there and no animal would dare approach. In that time, Janore knew nothing but hate and sorrow. Until one day, she sensed something. A small presence, it was shuffling around in the ruins close to her. It seems tired and weak. As the creature approaches closer and closer, she saw that it was a small tauren, must've been only a boy. It's been ages since she saw another living being, let alone a sentient one. The tauren boy gets closer and finally, the two gazed upon each other. Janore introduced herself and then the boy did the same. His name was Anropp and he was wandering lost into these ruins. Having spent so long without anyone to talk to, Janore said she will cook the raw food he have in his satchel and tell him stories if he would keep her company for a while. The boy was observant and he noticed that Janore was actually trapped inside a certain area marked on the ground, seeing that she can do him no harm and he was in no hurry to start stumbling around in the jungle again, Anropp agreed. Hours passed, Anropp and Janore conversed with each other. After eating his fill, Anropp nodded off to sleep. His arrival has reminded her of joyful and painful memories, memories that is best left forgotten. Janore’s hatred still burn within her heart, she was screaming and shouting for him to wake up so that he would leave. Before she knew it, she was crying. The pain was unbearable, she picked up rocks and tossed them at Anropp, one after another each missed again and again. Janore cry out in agony and rage, cursing the whole world in between each sobs. When Anropp finally wake, Janore was silent. He asked her why she was trapped there in the first place, only to be responded to with a cold grunt telling to leave, but he refused. Anropp said he wanted to free Janore from her prison, to which Janore respond by saying that if he freed her, she would kill every living being in the entire world. Anropp said that he doubt her, as from what he's seen, she is not evil, whatever rage she had inside her, it has been long gone. He walked closer, taking hold of her hand and asked how can he free her from her bonds. Janore looked at him and said that to free her, another living being would need to take her place. Janore's other hand grabbed onto Anropp's, her grasp tightening. Anropp tries to remain calm in this situation but inside, he is terrified. He pleaded that if she let him go, he will go and find another way to free her. Janore dig her claws into his arm, slowly pulling him in. A few moments passed but it felt like an eternity, the two stared into each other's eyes. Janore turned away and let go of Anropp's arm. The boy was relieved and told Janore that he will be right back. A few hours later, as night falls. Janore was there alone once again. When the thought of the boy has left her for good crept into her mind, she hears the sound of distant footsteps, rapid steps, running. When she looked up, she saw Anropp running towards her, in his dirtied hands were a tiny sapling. Janore explained that due to her fel aura, nothing will grow on the ground she's in. Anropp said that his father taught him a few things about nature and this sapling is a species that is especially resilient and if anything would grow on these soil, it would be this tree. Anropp stepped into the circle and started digging into the tough dirt as Janore stand and watched. He carefully placed the small sapling into the hole and covered up the roots then he stepped outside the circle. His heart is thumping out of his chest, from both fatigue and nervousness, he called out to Janore to step outside. Janore stared at the plant for a few moments, then she looked forward towards Anropp. He said that she should test out by slowly reaching out. Before he can finish his sentence, Janore stepped forward and falls onto Anropp, embracing and thanking him with tears streaming down her cheeks. The two stood and laughed. They walked out of the ruins together, leaving behind the sapling for it to grow. Eventually Anropp, with the help of Janore, found his way back to his tribe. Janore decided to watch over him, making sure that his life is going well until the day he dies. From then, perhaps she will return to her duties as a Demon Hunter, travelling the world, seeing where her journey would take her next. I hope you all enjoyed! ~Huy~
  9. Witamy, Polska gildia Roleplay rozpoczyna swoją działalność na serwerze Sylvanas w Przymierzu. Zapraszamy wszystkich zapalonych jak i nowych roleplayowców. Zainteresowani proszę o napisanie do Astragosy bądź Arkatosa
  10. Anyone around that RPs? Send me an IM or reply here so we can plot! I can do Alliance or Horde.
  11. Hello everyone, I am the Guild Master of "Fire And Steam", an RP Guild on the Tournament Realm for WoD, Horde Side. The Guild can be found on Guild Finder, check only Role-playing as an interest, availability both Weekends and Weekdays, and check all the class roles available to you. In case you don`t know what an RP (Roleplay) Guild is, I suggest you use Google to learn about WoW RP. It`s basically creating a story for your character, and interacting with the game world as He/She would. The Guild does not require you to be In Character all the time in Guild Chat, however you must separate Out Of Character speech with double brackets. For Example: "Hmm... the harsh land of Draenor has left me scarred. ((Hey, just got home from work))" We will schedule RP Events, and sometimes do PvE. Do -not- come if you have no interest in RP. When you submit applications through the Guild Finder, state your level of experience with RP (Don`t worry, we accept newbies too) and a shortened version of your character`s story. That`s all for now. Hope to see you there. Note: I know this is the Grommash Realm Guild section, but the Tournament Realm has no Guild Forum. I can`t stress this enough, this Guild is on the Tournament Realm. (You`d be surprised how many people don`t get this, and search on Grommash.)