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  1. Helll folks! I was wondering if there are people want to roleplay or doing roleplay already. Faction doesnt matter. Im just checking the pulse!
  2. The <Iron Edge Cartel> is a new guild looking for english speaking role players. The guild is English only, and welcoming any and all members who wish to join, regardless of experience with role play. The Cartel is aimed to be a hub for roleplayers, a place to talk about rp ideas, trade, connect with other roleplayers. /join rp-ooc ingame Add Phevhe in game to join the Guild! About Phevhe About <Iron Edge Cartel> Addons and various links and info
  3. Hello and welcome! I decided to create a single thread for us roleplayers! After looking for so long for others into RP over world chat and various guilds, I realized that this is the only way to form an RP community on this server. As a reply for this topic leave a list of your RP character bellow, and the realm you play on, so that we can find each other and play together! I play on Grommash (US) server mainly. Horde characters: Aródu, Ingwe Alliance characters: Adraan Be sure to message me, or anyone on this thread, if you are interested in RP. If you are new to this, please go on YouTube and look up some guides for RP, as well as maybe get the addon MyRolePlay - this makes is much easier and more enjoyable. Take care!
  4. Hello. I am new around firestorm & i am looking for RP'ers or which server has the most rp community alive. Please let me know trhough the comments thank you,. Like this
  5. "Stormwind Secret Service" Hear ye! Captain Hawthornia Leafwalker by Spymaster Mathias Shaw calls to everyone who wishes to join Stormwind Secret Service, A small regiment of watchers, spies & knights, granted & permitted by King Varian Wrynn & Spy Master Mathias Shaw to operate under SI:7 to gather informations, watchers & defenders of he Eastern Kingdoms. No Badges or Uniforms needed! Only secret codes will be given & sent to everyone who wishes to be part of our outfit. Citizens, Craftsman & even Nobles are welcome to join our ranks. Send us your basic information by mail or courier about yourself & we will see to it that you would be put in a respective rank & role. Confirmation of anyone applications will replied with codes & names. Ranks of Stormwind Secret Service: Captain - Guild Master Guardian - Guild Officers Auxiliary - Veteran Operative - Member Pathfinder - Initiate OOC Information: Stormwind Secret Service is a PVE, PVP, RPPVE Guild that aims to keep a casual leveling & social interaction by roleplaying having fun & enjoying the game. If you are a hardcore raider or pvper then this guild is not for you, We are a guild that would like to take things slowly & not in a hurry to reach level cap. That means just playing the way we like leveling how we like not bothering anyone & keeping the game fun an non stressful due of trying to reach the level cap as soon as possible. If you are interested please /W Hawthornia oocly or send a IC Mail. So if you like to rp (roleplay) come & be part of our new family you don't need to be a rogue or warrior or have a spy background ICly be what your toon would you like it to be as long it goes with roleplaying, & yes every race & class in the alliance is welcome. We are a non heavy RP guild normal - medium rp only as long its rp, Please no grifters or trolls, Respect us roleplayers like we respect everyone in the server. Certain guild rules to follow: Guild chat is for OOC use only. You can talk anything but refrain topics about religion,politic & other topics that would lead into racism or insults. Respect everyone Guild Member or Non Guild Member. Do not Beg or ask for gold. Respect is a must. No ERP! Be helpful in anyway you can. Always ask for an apology for your mistakes or always say sorry if you have done or said something wrong. Most of all Have fun with everyone in a good way. Any suggestions, Ideas & Opinions is welcome to be discussed. See you in-game!
  6. So I like to create backstories for my characters, and now that I'm playing with a DH I'm thinking about a Blood Elf who used to be a Warlock and lost everything when he summoned a demon who was more than he could manage and ended up killing some friends. After that he promised to wipe all demons from existence, then he heard about Ilidian and his pact with Kael'thas so he decided to train with him and became a DH. The thing is, I don't know if such a transition is possible. Do you guys know?
  7. The Darkmoon Faire is in town! Enter the Darkmoon Carousel for a crazy ride! Thank you for Maræne and the other guy for having fun together and making this spontaneous photoshoot! Enjoy and have a good laugh :-)
  8. Greetings friends! My name is Riodont(In-game Yontil) and I´d like to encourage players to try role-playing style of playing wow. I´m kinda new to this but I´d love to play with other ppl this fantastic type of gameplay! Since there are no RP-realms on firestorm right now, i´d be really happy if we can make a friendly RP community If you´re new to this term, check the website :https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/13686008916 Or text me through in-game mail on name Yontil for extra info! Lookin´forward to meet ya!
  9. Are there any horde roleplay guilds around? Cant manage to find any despite doing some looking, but I'd be pretty hyped to join one.
  10. Hello, now that you clicked, please read this post. Hello, my name is Jesper "Tweek" Jørgensen, and i am going to make the servers biggest RP event, but i can't do this alone, i am not a roleplayer and i've never done it. That being sad, i would like to try it atleast once, and yes it may seem a bit silly, to write in a funny way, or act like you are 1.2meters because you happened to pick a Dwarf hunter, but i think it could be fun. And it if you dont have anything better to do, then why not? This is a post just to get the ball rolling, like i said i want to make it big, maybe even so big we get backing from the FS team, i have yet to work out the roleplay it self, but i am sure, that i can come up with something epic and truely awsome with some help from you guys. So if you think that a evening of roleplaying insted of pew pewing for epix could be fun, slap your name on a comment and if you got any brilliant ideas you are more than welcome to post one. But please, do not troll this post, i will report you if you do.. PS. There are roles for any Hot Milf's who are willing to be a part of this event. With love Tweek
  11. Anyone around that RPs? Send me an IM or reply here so we can plot! I can do Alliance or Horde.
  12. Why tournament realm ? Of course there maybe questions about our choice of server. Since "instant level 100" feature offers a great highway to shape your character and gearing up, we thought that the realm still the best choice. Also, you can obtain any profession of choice and master it in a short time. Thus, you'll get even more chance to colour your character with the features of these professions. Gold is free, means a flexible movement around the server. STORMWIND ROYAL VANGUARD We are a squad of loyalist Alliance elites who serve to the King and the higher seats of Kingdom. Thus, there is no ranking in the guild. Only titles to prove that you are an experienced member or not. Our aim is to protect the Alliance and the royal palace against any threat it can face. You can be anything [ex: Lord, Baron, Countess, Corporal...] as long as it doesnt contain somewhere related to lore. [For example: We wont allow yourself as Lord of Redride, Baron of Duskwood...In such cases, you should use somewhere imaginary, that doesnt exist in Azeroth] Those who want to join us and prove their roleplaying experience willingly are welcome ! You will attend a short test to detect your role playing skill, and all be done. Planning to make countless transmog runs and role playing events. Whisper "Llyena" if you want to have a look !
  13. Hello everyone, I am the Guild Master of "Fire And Steam", an RP Guild on the Tournament Realm for WoD, Horde Side. The Guild can be found on Guild Finder, check only Role-playing as an interest, availability both Weekends and Weekdays, and check all the class roles available to you. In case you don`t know what an RP (Roleplay) Guild is, I suggest you use Google to learn about WoW RP. It`s basically creating a story for your character, and interacting with the game world as He/She would. The Guild does not require you to be In Character all the time in Guild Chat, however you must separate Out Of Character speech with double brackets. For Example: "Hmm... the harsh land of Draenor has left me scarred. ((Hey, just got home from work))" We will schedule RP Events, and sometimes do PvE. Do -not- come if you have no interest in RP. When you submit applications through the Guild Finder, state your level of experience with RP (Don`t worry, we accept newbies too) and a shortened version of your character`s story. That`s all for now. Hope to see you there. Note: I know this is the Grommash Realm Guild section, but the Tournament Realm has no Guild Forum. I can`t stress this enough, this Guild is on the Tournament Realm. (You`d be surprised how many people don`t get this, and search on Grommash.)