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Found 5 results

  1. Has anyone ever had an issue where the game won't save system settings? I've tried running as admin without success and it's annoying to redo all the graphics sounds settings every time. Oddly enough addon settings are fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. As many here have encountered there's been a rash of Bugs with mail not sending and also with system settings NOT being saved. I was fine until I did ONE thing. Originally I was running a upgraded version of 7.1.5, yesterday I switched to a full torrent version of 7.1.5 from the Firestorm site. I think something in that version is what's causing all the bugs, even my wife's laptop had them. I switched about an hour ago to the version of 7.1.5 FROM THE LAUNCHER. I emphasize this for a reason, both my computer and the wife's laptop have no problems whatsoever. I'm also thinking the only parts that would need to be saved from the torrent version would be the "Data" folder and, of course, your addons. For the HORDE, Wjm67x
  3. Hello, everytime i start game, im changing options because they are reseting all time i quit game. Is there any option to save settings and it no reset? Hope for fast reply.
  4. When i install addons they just don't show up. I tired installing them manually and using curse client. It also appears that every time i play the game all my settings are reset and I get the cinematic and the accept of terms of use etc., Help ?
  5. I'm sure most people have logged their characters today and found all their addons have lost their settings. Here's how to get them working again. Step 1: Navigate to this folder on your pc: World of Warcraft Pandarian\WTF\Account In there you will see a folder with the old username you used to log in with. Inside that folder look for SavedVariables. (World of Warcraft Pandarian\WTF\Account\USERNAME\SavedVariables\) Copy all files inside SavedVariables. Step 2: Navigate back to World of Warcraft Pandarian\WTF\Account. Open the folder with the email account name you use to log in with now ie. NAME@EMAIL.COM. And now paste the files you just copied to the SavedVariables folder. (World of Warcraft Pandarian\WTF\Account\NAME@EMAIL.COM\SavedVariables\) if you're not 100% sure. I hope this will help some people ^-^