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Found 59 results

  1. Hello guys, I wanna buy "Shop Legion Artifact Appearances" to my warlock but i am wondering about The Mage Tower Artifact Challenge Appearances. Would "Legion Artifact Appearances" give to my warlock The Warlock Legion Class Mount? I wanna buy "Shop Legion Artifact Appearances" to my druid too but will it give to my druid the Archdruid's Lunarwing Form? Thank you for your time reading this,
  2. Hay guys i play on the Legion server and i got that problem that i cant open the shop on mine mobilephonebrowser anyone can help me or say me what i can buy in that shop?
  3. You said that in BFA you'd sell Legion's sets in shop, but it doesnt. And why the fuck people that did'nt got Mage Tower appearances have it???
  4. Can you guys add the transmog sets to the shop for bfa and i would ask if we can get wod weapons and legion armor transmogs for firestorm points ? thanks good work
  5. Just want to know when the shop will be updated. BFA realm is not there yet.
  6. Account banned due to Chargeback - How to proceed now If you are looking at this, probably it's due that your account has been banned. The main reason is because you performed a Gamepoints.mx (now Gamepoints.xyz) donation (paying using PayPal), you redeemed the code with the points, you spent the points, and after that, you asked for a refund to PayPal or the donation wasn't processed successfully (lack of funds, cancellation, etc...). This is considered an abuse of the system, and while this means permanent ban, we have a solution for this. If you want to get your account unbanned so you can play again, you need to follow the next steps in order: Contact PayPal and/or your payment provider and check what happened with your donation: why it didn't go through, or why did it get refunded. Complete the donation correctly or, if the refund was done on purpose, repeat the donation so you get the same points or more that you donated previously. Make a shop ticket informing about this. If the new donation covers the debt of the previous one, we will adjust your points amount and we will unban your account. Have a nice day. The Firestorm Staff
  7. Hey all, I was curious to see if anyone has been able to get their third tint for the Mage Tower artifact weapon appearance? It's the tint that requires you to win 10 rated battlegrounds. I am not much of a PVPer but I would really love to get that appearance tint on my DK. Has anyone gotten it and if so how hard do you think it would be for someone who does little to no PVP to get it? I also wondered if anyone had heard anything that I'd missed about whether or not those appearance tints might be on the shop once the BFA server goes live? I certainly wouldn't mind paying a few dollars to get those tints if they were. I would really appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks!
  8. Hello guys, I need help for the silver points. My question is how can i earn those points? I want to buy a fly set but i don't really know how i get the silver points. Thanks for help and i hope someone can help me. 😅
  9. As a legion weapon that drops from Aggramar I think this weapon should be added into the shop for around 200 to 300 loyalty points, since its a weapon for transmog purposes and it doesnt really have any other use in game i dont think it should cost donation points.
  10. I am selling my character called Andrê, you can check it out here: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/community/armory/6/16/666453 Troll Warlock (Greymane) Top features: 1. Gear: With two legendaries and a lot of high ilvl gear, my warlock has the great amount of 902 ilvl. 2. Rating: With 2205 rating in 1v1, I am top 8 in ranking PvP. Also 1772 in 2v2 and 1085 in 3v3. 3. Mounts: With 107 mounts, including the ones that need honor marks and the first one of prestige. 4. Honor: With Prestige 4 and lvl 10, you will enjoy the appareance and mount from lvl 2 and 4 of prestige. 5. Artifact: With 54 traits, you will rekt all your enemies. 6. Damage: With high ilvl, high amount of traits and the best talents for affliction, you will not lose never, you can heal and deal dmg as a crazy bitch. 7. Others: With high lvl followers in class hall, toys, mounts and mogs, you will never be bored of playing this character. Also has low mining (but allows you to farm materials from legion 62/800) and low engineering (but allows you to make a couple of legion recipes 126/800). If you are really interested in buying this char, just message me here in the forum or take my WhatsApp: +525551392864 We will talk about the right price in private.
  11. I saw many illusions in the book dat we cant get ingame so my question is can you add them in the website store so we can buy it with firepoints or loyal points.
  12. Hey, I tried to buy from the shop and it wouldn't work, I pressed validate cart, but nothing happened.
  13. Hello, Firstrom! Help, I'm in a crisis! When I log into the shop, it does not show my character, a level 18 blood elf paladin on the Garr'osh server. I just bought a lot of points, and now I can't access them! Please help! Best, Brosephus
  14. The Firestorm website is a thing of beauty. It is really awesome. Though, months ago someone updated the items icons on the shop and made them larger and forgot to add the padding required. For anyone who can modify the shop.css file at: https://firestorm-servers.com/assets/css/shop.css?v=4.73 Find .items_list tr.original td:nth-child(2){padding-left:20px;width:70px} then replace it with: .items_list tr.original td:nth-child(2){padding-left:15px;padding-right:12px;width:70px} You can see the before and after in the images attached. I have already added this fix to a Greasemonkey script at my end. If anyone wants it let me know.
  15. Hey, i just wanna ask if its possible to buy with my last 80 Firestorm Points one Level 100 boost for my friend on another account? Or is it possible to share my points to his account? Greetings
  16. Is it bannable to write (not spam) character selling offer in to world chat channel ? and Can I offer character under recommended price?
  17. Will the development team bring back Paypal as a payment method anytime soon?
  18. I bought me the 100 lvl boost and I did not got that for Payflow he is still lvl 72 I just wanted to say that I am waiting for the processing of my shop support ticket
  19. Hey everyone. I was just interested if any of you have ever bought a character from the Firestorm shop. And if so how many of you. This is just for my own curiosity. And others if they're interested in knowing too. EDIT: I've tried making this into a poll but I keep getting an error. So if you can please just say whether you bought one/more or not.
  20. Regarding the character marketplace, is there a way to hold a private sale of a single character? In other words, I find someone in game that wants to purchase my character, and I'm willing to sell said character. Is there a way to make that sale directly to that person without the character being up for grabs by everyone in the character market?
  21. copy

    Hello and good morning today after accumulating the required points I went to the firestorm shop to pass a character from my WoD to Legion, a beautiful undead dk to which I devoted hours of playtime but this happened and the thing is I only have 11 characters, there's room for 1 more since in legion the maximum is 12 this is probably because the limit in WoD is 11 and the shop has that bug, or maybe a deleted character is still occupying the place?, can i get an answer and hopefully a solution, i was looking forward to playing with my bony friend
  22. Apologies if this is a repost, I didn't see a search function. I'm currently level 90 and am wondering what would happen if I bought flying in draenor from the shop right now? Would I be able to fly or is there some timing/level restriction?
  23. Now you addicted the artifact appearances to the shop, but now you will not fix it on the game, you've to fix it, guys. 130 Firestorm Points? Can you sell it for some 400 Loyalty Points? Because some of us can't buy it... Please, help. And fix it.
  24. Hey guys, i was buying the "Infinite Timereaver", but.. i bought it not on my Main, because i didnt read its Charbound Mount then. I thought it would be normal Accountbounded. Is there a posibility to get the Mount from my twink to my main ? Greetings
  25. Hey. There's this Shop Change which I like, but i have two questions: 1. Are Legendaries from the shop transmogable? 2. Artifact Appearance requested a lot by the community has been added to our shop! This way you can get them faster! Need a specific look? Now, you can choose your favorite! This was posted in Shop Update thread by Inveric, but i can't seem to find where to buy Artifact Appearances. Are they not in yet? Or was the idea scrapped?