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  1. Loyalty point is a currency which can be used to purchase different services and items from the shop. They will appear as silver coins on the website. The golden coins are donation points and are rewarded when you donate to the server. You can see how many points you own by visiting your account. You'll receive loyalty points based on your activity in the game. All you need to do is talk to a non-player character. The non-player character is located in the main capitals of the game, and her name is Jeanne. Here is a screenshot of what the non-player character looks like (mirror): All you need to do is talk to her to receive your points. You will receive a daily minimum of 5 points (they're given to you without you having to do any particular actions or meet certain criteria). You can earn 20 points per day at the most, this limitation is linked to the account and not the character speaking to the non-player character. Point bonuses for your account: +2 points: If you haven't been banned in the past 6 months. +1 point: If you have purchase points from the shop. +1 point: If you have validated your account e-mail address. +1 point: If you have been a part of Firestorm for 2 weeks. +1 point: If you have been a part of Firestorm for 2 months. +1 point: If you have been a part of Firestorm for 6 months. +1 point: If you have been a part of Firestorm for 1 year. In-game Activity bonuses (2 points): +2 points: Participate in a battlefield. +2 points: Finish a dungeon with the Looking For Group tool. +2 points: Finish a raid with the Looking for Raid tool. +2 points: Complete 5 arena matches. In-game Activity bonuses (1 point): +1 point: Do 5 duels. +1 point: Kill a rare creature. +1 point: Complete three achievements. Professions related: +1 point: Obtain profession resources (5). +1 point: Crafting a certain amount of items (5). +1 point: Making an epic item. The bonus activities cannot exceed a total of 7 points, there are activities that you will receive 2 points and 1 point for. You will not get twice the points for the same action. For example, making two epic items will not give you two points but only one. Source: July 26, 2016; Announcements; Inveric (Original article has been removed: link).