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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am hoping that the following suggestion will be taken into consideration. I've been playing here for about a month now. The community is pretty nice compared to other servers, the staff is extremely friendly which is a big plus. A good method to fight gold sellers( the none stop spammers ) is simply disabling whispers, yelling, invite to party , joining group channels until the player reaches a respectable level. We all know that we have high exp rates here so we can't simply have it at level 10 or 15. It needs to be at at least level 50. As soon as the account has a character that reached level 50, they will receive an in-game mail from the server, which tells them to verify their account through email and add a working phone number ( verify that as well via message or code ). Please keep in mind, the email can be used only once and the phone number can be linked to one account only and only once. once the phone number is used it can't be reused or moved from another account to a newer one. This method will drive gold sellers into the abyss of madness and the players will be able to enjoy there time here in peace. Thank you for the awesome servers. -Elune
  2. Hey everyone. Today I wanted to send some items I farmed to my other two characters, in order to sell them (I sell items from specific characters so I can keep track of my money). However, after I sent few mails I got this message saying that I have sent too many mails in short period of time. I understand where this is coming from. For those who don't remember, there were mail spamers at some point in time on Firestorm, and they were very annoying. So, I pretty much like this feature, and I'm supporting it's existence. However, I was wondering if a GM or Developer could explain how exactly does this work, so that I can avoid being mail-muted in the future. Mainly: 1) How much mails/time do I need to send to trigger this? 2) How long does mute last? 3) Is there any way for me to avoid this, and yet send items to my characters. P.S.: Not all my characters are on the same account.
  3. Hi. I was wondering if the devs could please fix the chat menu for when you right click a user and click report spam or report afk. As when you're in a BG, the world, ...; it's annoying when players are afk (in BGs for example) or spamming the chat and doing the report option does nothing. Yesterday I was near the conquest vendor and some player would not stop spam yelling. The more people told him/her/it to shutup the more he/she/it would spam. And right clicking the report>spam option got rid of some of the text but immediately the chat flooded with the player's spamming again. Maybe you could place a limit on how many times a player can spam the same message or something?
  4. Pls guys read forums before opening new threads about same issue