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Found 19 results

  1. i cant lvl up skinning skill. currently at 362. i had no idea about the lvl scaling zones and now im stuck cause i cant find any lvl 70 beasts, im lvl 89 therefore all the beasts in northrend or outland are lvl 79-81.
  2. Hi there! I'm currently stuck in the demon hunter starting area. Every time I fly up to this fortress thing on a bat, I'm being teleportet out of the map on a stupid stone somewhere in the nether. When I'm finally back to that bat-lady and flying up again, I'm getting teleported again. What's up whit this? Thanks in advance!
  3. I was doing the raid Lich King with my friends,then we came up on a bird that you couldnt hit for 30seconds.In that time it stunned me for EVER! I tried to unstuck myself,didnt work couse i was stunned,tried to reset firestorm,still didnt work.Then i went to the Firestorm site and tried to unstuck myself from there,but guess what,It teleported me in front of Stormwind and I was still stuck.Please HELP,Im 110lvl and I dont want to lose my 110lvl character.
  4. My toon is stuck in jade forest, he is also dead and cant use spirit healer, to top off im on island outside main land and ghost griffin can't fly. Can someone help me?
  5. So me and my friend ran Icecrown CItadel on 25 Player Normal difficulty, but AFTER we killed Sindragosa we were both stuck in her ice. Since then it has almost been 24h with no help from support and I have also tried out every possible fix. So I am trying to get the GMs' attention on here and if someone else could help me (and several other people that I found on world chat) that would be great. I am honestly very annoyed and just wanted the Kingslayer title for my toon :c And because I just think the GMs could easily help me, if I could find one. So please guys help me out, don't know what to do at this point
  6. So I downloaded the entire game client and then went on to download the launcher. After opening the launcher it started updating and got to about 80 percent of the update. However, after that it just stopped and has been stuck like that ever since. I have tried restarting the launcher and re-installing it, but in all cases, it just starts from the beginning and then gets to a certain point and stops. It still shows it's "downloading" but the bar does not progress. Could someone please offer some assistance.
  7. Hi guys, So today i went to the Raid, Sunwell Plateau, and when i got in, i noticed that some moobs weren't appearing, and when i passed NPC's, bosses, they didn't attack me. So I figured I should be getting DC pretty soon, so I logged out. When i logged in, my character got stuck, like all of the image was freezed, i didn't have anything happening in my monitor like the image was really frezzed, and i couldn't do anything. I went to other char's and they were fine. But my Paladin is stuck, So I went to Firestorm's site and did unstuck my character, and it did, I was relocated to Stormwind City, but the problem continued, the image is freezed and i can't take any action in game or have any kind or camera movement. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Tyzun.
  8. i transfer a lvl 100 char to Legion, i let it look for dungeon stuff, it found a group, i got in and the game crashes, i get back in 2x more with crashes, and now it crashes nonstop with logging in, i had this bp before, the i am stuck option doesnt help, so some one out there know how to fix my char Tiyanak in Legion
  9. Did anybody know about the Swiftclaw problem where you try to rid on him and end up stuck and can't finish the quest nor the Quest line..... please help for solutions whole bunch of lvl 7s stuck unless log out and that doesn't help the quest.
  10. Greetings, Dear Administrations, can you please Restart "Grommash" server ? Cause a lot of people can`t access to the guild window. If we press "J" button that gives ass access to the guild, the game is freezing. And we can`t even close the game, sometimes even Task Manager can`t help and we have to restart our PC. This is the link with many replies for this issue: We are asking for immediately restarting. Thanks.
  11. when i finish with the quest that you kill the queen and get the key and go downtair i have turn in the quest and i get (return to the blak temple) then loading screen start to download when its finish ( i found myself) disconnected so i logged in and boom i have back to the demon hunter place and i dont have any quest and i cant use the portal so plz if any gm online now can you teleport me out my name is (sarzfull) :'( thanks
  12. i'm stuck in Assault on the dark portal zone! I manage to do some of the quests, but i cannot complete the "Taking a Trip to the Top of the Tank", and the first quest "The Dark Portal". Taking a trip to the top of the tank: i manage to get to the top of the tank, so the quest should be done by now... and it's not. The Dark Portal: I did talked to the archmage at blasted lands, but i did it after completing some of the quests in the Assault on the Dark Portal area so... after talking to the archmage (back in blasted lands), he teleported me to the AOTDP area but he was missing! I guess i should have done this quest in the beginning of the quest chains but now that the portal is already destroyed, i guess is not there anymore. but i steel have to turn in this quest.. I'm so stuck here and this is my first experience at WOD.. i'm level 94 and i wanna leave this place!! Plz help
  13. Hi! I'm playing on Firestorm for about 3 weeks and now stuck. But from the begining, I was doing quests in draenor and lost control of my character, i couldn't move, i tried heartstone and it works, but on my second attempt i stuck and died, it's obvious i couldn't use heartstone, so i used unstocking function from the web, and it put me in my heartstone location but it didn't help on my loss of control. I want to ask admins, if They can, to put me far away of stormwind, let's say exodar, so i can use heartstone and see if that helps. Thanks in advance I don't know what informations do you need, so ask.
  14. I was banned recently for 3 days and I can't leave GM island.... Please do something about this.
  15. Hey Guys, Just re-installed WoW, and when I'm playing, suddenly, after some minutes playing the game stops working... It freezes completely....any ideas?
  16. hi everyone when i level 90 go to tanaan jungle and start chain quest but one quest (arena 100kill quest ) doest work for me and i stuck in wod start zone i cant swim or run another place . is there any way to go out start zone
  17. I had a goblin leveled up to 15 after teleporting away from Kezan to Orgrimar. I accidentally used my Hearth Stone but it set me back to Kezan, and there was no teleportation portal at the starting zone. I tried to create a new Goblin, but realized that the teleportation has gone missing!!! This happened after the server reset. So... How do new goblins get created and leave Kezan in this server now?
  18. When i was doing the final quest from WoD Tanaan Jungle quest, i clicked the bombing thing it has disappeared and i got stuck, and still cant move. If anyone can help me, please do! I used the Unstuck feature on the website but it doesnt work i still cant move tried everything possible. Thank you, LITTLEMONSTER
  19. I completed the quest A taste of Iron (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=34445/a-taste-of-iron) and at the end when i kill all of the 200 Orcs it dismounted me and i cannot move i tried unsucking ,reloading , relogging, restarting my pc but nothing seems to work. Please help.