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Found 12 results

  1. I'm new in this server what is the best dps class (i mean most bug free class) in this Legion server? Suggest me plz
  2. I know that a guy asked already for something similiar i nthe shop,but what about putting in the shop a Frostmourne ,But not the sword of Arthas,well,i mean, a Replica of Frostmourne,just for cosmetic Purposes for 100 Fire storm points, bet peps would love it. Have a nice day!
  3. Will the development team bring back Paypal as a payment method anytime soon?
  4. dear admin team I don't have FB page and I am not planning to use it we have already nice forum here in forum we have "changelog " section or " announcement" section etc etc and ppl normally checking forum to getting info about server /realm in this case we are checking forum for getting info why server offline or other stuff and there is nothing about it can you write in forum pls instead FB. best regards
  5. Because you do not put the beginner an item of armor's inheritance (damage) pros which is starting from a good force an aid. Example wow freaz (not wanting to divulge anything) A suggestion would be a good By: Google Tradutor
  6. Hey support ! I have a suggestion,why u don`t put in SW and Ogrimmar some portals to the main cities like from SW to Ironforge or other cities?And of course why don`tyou give a heilroom weapon to new players and also last,why dont you make all flying paths discovered?!That will help leveling up process a lot,and I think that a lot of players will agree with all my suggestions ! Thanks&GL !
  7. Now we have shop updated but there are Alliance/Horde titles available for both faction on web shop and I think it is not good. (My opinion) For example there is title Hero of Orgrimmar and I can have it on Alliance character and Hero of Stormwind is not there. I know that there is option to change faction but then there you should be something like title change after faction change. For example when you are Horde and you have title Of Orgrimmar after transfer to Alliance you should have title Of Stormwind or do selection to web shop when you want to buy title for Alliance character then there will not be Hero of Orgrimmar title for my Alliance character or Lionhearted title for Horde character. Think about this, I will welcome some ideas about this. Thank you for reading. @Tigd
  8. Hello all, I think this will be good idea to add Transfer section from TBC realm because when player is decided to no longer play TBC he/she will be able to transfer character to newer expansion. (No other things to web shop for TBC, only transfer.)
  9. Is there some way to download full Legion game because in-game downloading is so slow for me. I don't know why but I am in Skyhold for about 20 mins and still "Important game data is currently being downloaded." (Can I download game from Battle.net launcher and replace data folder?)
  10. In my opinion, a lot of players will welcome Legendary Transmogrifier NPC on WoD realms. Why not to have legendary trasmogrifier on WoD realms too when we have it on MoP realms.
  11. FIrst of hello everyone , i recently joined the firestorm and i am enjoying it , I also like the Pure pvp server's However as new player there is one huge problem and that is 100 Lvl playes hunting us like some sort of animals, As new player i got noone to ask for help and i keep getting hunted and killed over. My Idea/suggestion is to implement a system where if player 10(15 maybe) levels higher than you are and he kills you , you would get a protection shield OR be completly removed from Pvp ( deflagged so to say ) For 10 min. This way we can fight players at our lvl's But super high lvl players wont be able to camp us. Also this will prevent us from abusing it by attacking 100 level players then complaining about it , since u wont be able to attack them anymore. Thank you for reading this .
  12. This is mainly aimed at WoD, since I don't play MoP anymore, and that's to sort out the server. If any effort at all is going into fixing bugs (PvP is all I've seen, I don't do PvE). A few reasons why I think bugs aren't being sorted out are because developers are putting more effort into cosmetics rather than actually sorting bugs. For example, the big Firestorm update. Developers spent months on the project when they could have put that time into improving the server's quality instead of actually fixing bugs. Another example is now Legion. It's totally off topic and going onto a new expansion that will have even more bugs that will take up time of developers. Yes, it's great you have the world's first Emulator, but if that's where all the effort is going, then it really isn't worth it. Especially now, since the 6.2.3 update, I've seen versatility stacking shadow priests getting Power Word: Shield's for 100k (I'll provide a SS whenever I can), which has probably already reported, I assume. Another is balance druid solar beam bug. It's not been working for over three months now(that I've counted), I believe, yet no fix whatsoever has happened. If developers started putting more effort into fixing bugs, I'm sure this would have already been done and dusted and under the carpet, but its not happened and it's severely limiting balance druid as a viable spec to play in arenas. If I'm mistaken, and effort IS actually going into bug fixes, then I'm sorry, but this is just what I've noticed. So, to conclude, stick to what you know, a lot of my friends are quitting because of general PvP bugs that are severely irritating. Thanks for considering.