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  1. 1) With m+ released, it is already time you start selling first 15 artifact knowledge scrolls for order resources. New players will ditch you for other servers.... 2) Warrior has only 4 followers, 5th follower quest, which is obtained in Highmountain and sends you to order hall, is missing completion NPC. 3) Priest has 4 followers only. No clue where is 5th. 4) Most classes have bugged level 100 followers who do not level up, making us avoid some missions due to low level/missing spell followers. 5) Player pets apply necrotic in mythic+, allowing hunters/Unholy dk's to stack buff infinitely, thus doing dps for 2 player+. 6) Some dps after many months of playtime and gear(2m+hp) still have no clue about what stats/talents/rotation they have to run to be relevant(400k+) 7) It feels like some mobs in lower mythic+ have "hidden fortified" buff when they sometimes randomly hit big chunk of you hp. 8) Maw of Souls has been bugged for a week now. Some players(including me) constantly Disconnect/Lag after first boss(inside ship&Helya fight). Needs to be adressed 9) Some frost mages probably know something that others don't. They hit 400k Ice Lances. For you know Ice lance base damage=30k, its base damage gets tripled against frozen targets-90k, it's tripled damage increases with crit - 200-250k? But Hitting 400k is NOT RIGHT! 10) Some MW monks on arena are immune to interrupts, the only way to kill is hard stun cc or just fight him 1 hour until he runs out of mana.(Can post arena screenshot where MW monk healed 92m before running out of mana) 11) Good job with actually implementing legendary drop system. 12) I like EN HC, you can see who is an actual noob in miliseconds. Too bad we now need to find good players tho. 13) WQ ilevel has been raised to 865. Maybe make start ilvl maximum to 850-855? 14) HoV is a hard dungeon, don't try mythic+, avoid key. 15) With emissary quests, we now have excess order resources, 5k+ and nothing to spend it on. 16) Highmountain - Suramar world quests would be nice. 17) You might just skip Return to Kharazan, Bring Trial of Valor/ EN MM and then Nighthold. Everyone will be overgeared for Kharazan anyway, people are already 870+ Cheers, and keep up good work.
  2. When you look at the forum topic Support-Suggestions you'll see 3 subforums: Accepted, Denied and Pending. You have to go to each post to see what is actual the suggestion. Can you guys not make a list of what has been accepted, denied and what is pending? It would make it much easier to read and you could give links the actual post in these subforums. Or give at least a better header of each topic.
  3. As we all know there are many bugged quests in all of the Draenor zones and in many other zones too. We also know that the Devs are preoccupied with the new Legion expansion and as such are doing very little to fix Draenor for the time being. So until such time as the devs are able to switch their attention back to fixing the multitude of bugs on currently existing servers I have a suggestion. A 'Bugged Quest Completer' Perfect for these problems of being unable to locate the hand in. I have experienced this approach first hand on another server and it worked well. I have no idea how they accomplished it but I do know they had a database of known bugged quests that was referenced when you clicked a complete quest icon once you had completed such a quest. If the quest was known to be bugged it would auto complete and you would get the appropriate reward and follow up quest should there be one. If the quest was not a known bugged quest you would get a message to that effect and nothing further would happen. There would obviously be grey areas such as the quest 'Finding A Foothold' - The first character I attempted this quest on, had already built the level 2 Garrison and the hand in ? seemed to be inside one of the town hall walls. However, I was able to complete this quest when I noticed a complete quest button - Brilliant! - On another toon I managed to complete and hand in this quest to Prophet Valen who was located in the Lunarfall Ruins as he should have been, before I levelled my Garrison to level 2. However, on my next attempt, Prophet Valen was not where he should have been at the Lunarfall Ruins although the yellow ? was there. I have spotted him at another location but was unable to hand in. I went ahead and built my level 2 Garrison and the yellow ? was in the same spot inside my Town Hall walls, as it was on my first attempt. Unfortunately I have been unable to replicate whatever it was I did to get the complete button to appear and so that quest remains as completed in my log, along with a few others I have not been able to hand in. Please give us a way to auto complete these pesky quests that prevent quest chain progress!