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  1. Title some context: told him that my account got cracked, GM told me that I should change password or use 2-step verification. Then I proposed to offer proof to IP ban the perpetrator and this was his response.
  2. So I just downloaded Legion and can't seem to log in. I'm coming from Garrosh, never had any problems logging in, and all my log in info is correct. I'm getting the BLZ51901001 error every single time, after following all the fixes I could find on the forum. Am I missing something? Is the log in process somehow different on this server than it was on past servers, which worked pretty much perfectly? Like I said, my log in info is correct. And there is definitely nothing wrong with any of my network settings or OS problems (I'm on mac, if that means anything)... since all that was suggested as a fix for this on the support forum. Hope I can find out how to actually get in game from someone here... thanks!
  3. The shop support team will assist you if you are experiencing the following issues: Didn't receive the item you purchased from the shop. Something went wrong with a service you purchased from the shop. In order to receive help from shop support you first have to create a ticket. Creating a shop support ticket is simple: Follow this link: https://firestorm-servers.com/us/support/index Click on Create a Ticket. Provide the required information and select the transaction that you're having an issue with. The shop support team will not provide assistance on some matters, for example: Purchased the wrong item. Chose the wrong realm to send your items to. Chose the wrong characters to send your items to. You can read more about it here:
  4. Greetings Firsetorm Staff I previously posted a topic in this forum section on Tuesday at 12:04 AM which was left without your attention, also I made in-game ticket the same day, it is still unanswered. Seeing as other people get a response withing 24h I decided to make this topic again. Here is a link to my previous topic I'm hoping to hear from you.
  5. I posted this in the Bug Tracker Realm: Gul'dan Character (name, faction, level...): Twangster, Alliance, 100 I purchased the follower Solar Priest Vayx from the NPC at Lion's Watch, Tanaan Jungle for 1,000 Apexis Crystals. When I returned to my Garrison, Solar Priest Vayx not only appeared on my list of followers, I even sent him on a short mission. The mission was completed successfully. The next day when I logged in I noticed that Solar Priest Vayx was no longer in my list of followers however, the 1,000 Apexis Crystals I paid were still missing from my total. I reported this to a GM who instructed me to put it in the 'Bug Tracker' Ryuzaki L replied I have not this problem Are you sure you have to use the contract that is in your bag ? status changed from new report to waiting more informations I then posted the following Yes - I bought the follower and used the item I was given - I then went back to my garrison and used the follower mission table - Solar Priest Vayx was in my list of followers, so I sent him on a quest - The quest completed successfully. When I logged in the next day he was gone. There are quite a few problems with the Tanaan jungle and shipyards but they seem to apply to all of my characters that have built a shipyard and created Lion's watch in Tanaan jungle. These problems are varied and include - bugged dailies - no mobs to collect items from for daily quests - overly long respawn times for the mobs that do exist. The daily for collecting crystals doesn't work because nothing happens when you click on them etc- I had the same sort of problem buying shipyard plans - I purchased and learned the battleship plans but couldn't build one as the only ship I can construct is the destroyer of which I already have two - I am unable to equip the blast furnace - The initial naval quest required to progress shipyards has never been available to me, so my shipyards progress has stopped. But as I said the same is true for several of my characters. By way of trying to be helpful and thinking that if I went into more detail it would help Firestorm resolve the problems - I then posted the following.... Please allow me to elaborate. ... Quest Tooth & Claw Tanaan Jungle - The only mobs that drop the teeth are Murkhides that live on the beach at the Southern end of the jungle and 2 spiders that spawn near the Horde camp. I have been logging out and back in at 5 - 10 minute intervals most of the morning and have thus far collected only 50 of 100 teeth required, as the mobs seem to be on a very long respawn time. Other players also patrol this area regularly, therefore the demand far outweighs the supply. (Tanaan Jungle ) The Battle For The West - The yellow ? is on the map but there is no sign of the hand in - Exarch Maladar. Disarming Sha'nar - Nothing happens when you click on the crystals. A Little Wetwork - There are 2 Elite mobs at the Iron Docks that did drop the manifests required of which I have 8 of the required 15, however for some time now,these mobs no longer drop the manifests. Breaking Their Fel Bonds - I cannot find any mobs that drop the required Fel Blood. (Shipyard) Destroying The Competition - I built the destroyer to complete part one, but the mission 'A Little Combat' has never been available - I checked the naval missions map several times a day for at least 2 weeks after getting this quest and have yet to see that quest. There was another quest to equip a blast furnace that I forget the name of as I abandoned it. Nothing happened when you tried to equip the item and bofore you ask - yes the slot was unlocked on my ship There is also another quest in the Tanaan Jungle - you have to collect I think it was 20 blades. I could find only 2 mobs that dropped them, both of which were ridiculously over powered elites that required a group to kill. So that is a non starter too jeyeljeyel then assigned the ticket to himself and posted the following... Hello, I barely can't read your report, it's like blocs of reports not organized at all. I can't work with this, please respect the ticket formatting and create one ticket per issue. In the correct status changed from waiting more informations to invalidategory. This is Firestorms idea of Customer Service? Support? Call it what you will, it is in fact Laziness, Incompetence and Arrogance all rolled into one. So I guess the moral of the story is that there is no point in contacting a GM in game - They will 'Pass The Buck' When using the 'Bug Tracker' keep it simple and only present one problem at a time, in as few words as possible because the Firestorm people don't appear to have the mental capacity to read full sentences let alone fix any issues. We still have the same bugs now that were reported over a year ago because Firestorm are not interested in fixing anything. They just want your money. Pay to be a VIP? Are you serious? Why subscribe to broken servers with sub standard customer support?
  6. Okay guys, I understand it makes somewhat of a sense when you download the Legion client and encounter bugs or technical issues to want to put them in the general discussion. However, in order to keep this section as clean as we can, as well as be able to solve your issues, we need you to help us out. So, whenever you encounter a bug ingame go and report it over at the Bugtracker If you have a technical issue, please head over to our Tehnical Support forum and follow that structure. If someone abused a bug, insulted you, or you want to report them for any reason at all, please use the Player Report If you think you were wrongfully banned, feel free to appeal your ban over at Ban Appeal Do you have any idea that would help us improve Firestorm? Please head over to Suggestions Want to heck out the newest updates? Want to know what changed lately? Head over to the Changelog This is General Discussion, let's keep this section only about the game experience. It would be easier for us to clean it up and for you to get the info you need if we work together. Please note that any post not respecting the structure will be archived with possibly no reply. Thank you for your time and attention.
  7. Does i think or there is really too slow GM response on topics. I will explain why i think that. I got banned 5th december that day i massaged 3 different GM's from which i didnt get response, i also posted in 2 threads one was general disscusen and another in ban appels. Next day no1 was answering so i massaged 2 more GM's from all of the stuff members only Lazarius reply on my massage but he is some kind of trial game master so he cant help me much at list he give me advices about where should i made report about my account suspension. And here it is 4 days after my report... my topic in ban appels has been seen and now i am asking. is there some1 doing his job here... at list tell me something like "fuck you bitch we will ignore you" ???? i see 9 people seen my topic and i guess this was GM's but clearly they dont give a fuck to answer me. Now i dont even need answer any more bc my suspensio nends in 5 hours so dont reply on that topic i will remove it but at list if you have a job do it properly dont ignore your comunity like moltenwow was doing.. they had 30k active people at same time across the realms but their stuff members was all the time in mode like "fuq you players" thats why they now have 10k insted those 30k... i apologise for my grammer.
  8. Hey :), Today I accepted the Maelstrom Mission and went through the Portal in Og but I cant interact with Thrall any1 an idea how I come to "Tiefenheim" (sry just know the German Word ^^) I hope that someone can help me ^^ LG
  9. Hello guys I'm pretty new at your server. I'm playing Mist of Pandaria on Taran'zhu and tryed to get the Nether Drake as mount. But after the first missions which i have to do for the Drake I have enough rep to buy him....but how and where? In the 'normal' WoW you can fly to the Netherwing Ledge and buy him from Drake DealerHurlunk...but how do I do it on the firestorm server? ^^ I saw some guys with the Nether Drake but no one answered me ._. Greetings
  10. When I open the map in WoW is only one part of the map display or nothing . I guess that they are extremely slow loads . Had who can help me who have the same problem or something else. Prefer finally WoD play ... Translated with Google Translator
  11. hi all. why on this server not gm ingame?(on grommash i see gm one per week) is a big problem promote some ppl's for ingame work?. again today in world chat i see many spamers all languages. and not work ticket system. write error ticket retrieving. GJ. stil same problem with ingame support.
  12. Hi, So does anyone know why i get no answers on my ticket in shop support. The issue is quite big, but still nothing. Is there any place else that i can issue this?
  13. Hello, i played a casino with player "KAZOOIE" today and he scammed me. This player scammed lot of people and i'm writing for all scammed casino players. I have all screens and i want my 100k golds back and that the player named "Kazooie" get banned. He stole me 98 000 golds, on screenshot is 50k x 2 (win) so 100 000 golds + other 48k. After i told him i will report that, "SOMEONE" (KAZOOIE) writed me from another profile "ADMINA" acting like a GM. See screenshot no. 9! Have a nice day and thanks for your time. Hope you will solve it.
  14. Hey my question is above and sry but i cant find anything about it ...