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Found 34 results

  1. Hey, i just wanna ask if its possible to buy with my last 80 Firestorm Points one Level 100 boost for my friend on another account? Or is it possible to share my points to his account? Greetings
  2. So I transfered my char from MoP to Legion and character didn't appeared on Legion, so do it take some time or wjat is going on with that ??
  3. Hi! I haven't been playing for a long time and decided I would get back to it. Now that I am back I find out that Ashran where I had my character have merged with others into firestorm. I have been trying to look around to find a way to transfer my characters to sylvanas legion realm. So far I havn't been able to find a way to do this eventhough I see others have done it. I would like to know how? I am sorry if this is a very simple process that I have simple overlooked but otherwise thanks! Best Regards Mark
  4. I've had quite a few max lvls on Warlords realm, but moved all of them to Legion via the transfer. Is it OK for me now to sell those characters on the WoD realm via the firestorm shop, or are they anyhow "entangled" with the new transferred ones on the sylavanas legion realm that would prevent me to do so? Thanks for your replies.
  5. I wonder if it is possible to transfer the same toon 2x? When I transfered a toon I had to rename it as the name was "#transfer" and I gave them my old WoD name. Now due lots of bugs I rather wait till the server is more stable. I could for example increase profession skills, farm more gold. Or I might just like my toon much I want a copy and use a different spec or change its faction, race and/or profession by shop. A class change in the shop would be welcome to.
  6. Can I Transfer Character From My Old Account To New? My Brother Want To Play WoW From My Old Account, But My Heroes Are There Too And We Can't Play At The Same Time! My brother wants to play here from an old account, but my character is also there and i was wondering if my character can be transferred to a new account?
  7. I can't transfer my accont from gromash to legion it's say im in game.
  8. Did you seriously raise the copy to an expansion feature cost from 80 to 100?
  9. Hey guys. I play in WoD but in the future I want transfer my character from WoD to Legion. Will this occur? And for free? Thank you very much.
  10. Hi guys... Can anyone tell me who to contact with regards to a "character copy"? I applied to get my MoP char transfered or "copied" to my WoD account 4 days ago... Does it take this long??
  11. I would like to ask how would I be able to transfer my character to Legion, I've seen in the forums and website that you can. Tried googling, nothing came up. Thanks!
  12. Today I transfered my 5th character from the WoD server and his first aid skill 700/700 is disappeared (just like all my transfers) nor can he learn the skill from a trainer or by using the Draenor scroll. I didn't make a new bugtracker report for this as I added my message to an existing confirmed bug report. Since this is a long time confirmed bug, why isn't it fixed yet? There was a discussion that GMs could fix profession problems but are not authorized to do so. There were some GM command problems. What is the status now? Who can fix profession problems now? GMs or Developers and should i write a separate report for each toon with a problem? Timble, horde paladin level 100 (latest transfer): first aid skill gone, unable to learn from trainer and draenor scroll Splittens, alliance druid level 110: fishing stuck at 75/75 Dreathloc, alliance deadknight level 110: jewelcrafting stuck at 710 (general Legion problem)
  13. Hello! I was regular player on the Pandashan server. I stopped playing year ago, and i would like to play again on Legion server. I downloaded game and its working and everything is good. But there is a problem. I heard you can transfer one character for free, but it doesn't even let me do that. When i click Change my current character option, i only get to shoot picture and make it my profile avatar. Why is that happening? I linked my account from Pandashan with this one. I would really like my character here. It was on Taran'Zhu.Also. i dont know if its important, but i was force migrated to Taran'Zhu after server ( whose name i forgot, it started on E ) shut down. Thanks for reading and i would appreciate any help.
  14. Okay so, i was wondering if we will be able to transfer toons that arn't max level to the legion server? because i dont want to have to level all the way to 100 just to play a demon hunter when i could just transfer the level 70 i have since that is what you need... please let us transfer non-max level toons to the legion server.
  15. Hi

    Hi i used the one free realm transfer u gave from WoD to Legion and it didnt transfer i would also ask when gonna vote be avable
  17. Firestorm could you please add transfer to legion because i dont want to copy my character without my items in inventory thanks
  18. I was wondering if I could transfer over my characters from retail WoW, the reason I'm not playing that is because I don't feel like paying for it anymore lmao, but I have a 100 and a 110, is it possible or nah?
  19. I have big I transfered mý character before 1 week and i shouldn´t log in to the Legion Can ýou help me ?
  20. Hello I have problem with character transfer. I transfered my character before 1 week and i shouldn´t log in to Legion I need Help
  21. I want to transfer a character to Sylvanas legion but its not lvl 100, and the store front wont allow becouse its not 100. I really wanna keep playing on it. Here comes the question: Is there away to transfer without having to spent countless of days to 100, i was waiting to play on my character since i wanted to try the new combat animation.
  22. I was playing on Firestorm since beggining of WoD expansion. I really want to try out Legion expansion. But I´m not having enought time to lvl up charracters again. Is it possible to transfer from WoD to Legion ? If so then how ?
  23. I transfered my paladin level 100 from WOD to Legion 1 day ago. second day and I dont have my char in char list 1. 11. - 2. 11. Paladinecik - Paladin - Level 100
  24. Hello am playing here since pandashan start and i had pause from the games for few months.Yesterday i started to play on tournament realm beacuse I saw that there is a possiblity to buy few nice mounts.I had in mind that they are going to split to my other characters on other realms on WoD.They dont....So if you could tell me whats the point of farming mounts on tournament if they dont split to other characters? My idea is to make them split then there would be any sense of playing on this realm.
  25. Is this true that most guys talking about when legion will come out we will be able to transfer one character of our choice ? is it true And if we transfer this character we will get everything with this character (mounts,guild,bank,storage,gear,pets,gold)