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Found 35 results

  1. Hello, I would like to know if the Ensemble: Funerary Plate of the Chosen Dead is obtainable in game trought the Quest Trial of Valor: The Lost Army. I started the quest, but i haven't seen any topic or discussion related to this matter. Also, to obtain the Mythic Recolor, do i need to start the quest in Mythic option or collect all 1000 Valarjar Soul Fragments in several Mythic raids or I just need to end the Last raid to complete the 1k Fragments in Mythic difficulty? Kind Regards to all. Preamius.
  2. Hello, I would like to ask you few things about legendary transmog. Today i saw a rogue with artifact weapons (daggers) transmoged in to warglaives of azzinoth. I'm surprised that it worked, becouse warglaives are one-hand swords. Is it possible to transmog any type of weapon in to another? For example can I transmog my two-hand artifact weapons as fury warrior in to warglaives? Sorry for bad english but im very excited about this. I just don't want to waste my real money buying warglaives and then not beeing able to use them as transmog. Thanks, all
  3. What's wrong with the appearance tab? I have a load of items I looted that i can't use for transmogging. And I noticed that some itmes I had bought and had their appearances added to my collection were later unusable for mogging as well. Is there a fix for this ? I'm tired of having to keep so many items in my inventory since their appearances won't get added to my collection.
  4. Hi, Today, I saw a Mistweaver on Sylvanas that was wearing Sheilun, as usual, but the point that intrigues me, is that he had Fu'zan, the Wanderer's Companion as Transmogrification. Do someone know how to do this ? Ezrilla
  5. hi, im having a problem with my transmog i want to hide my cloak and helm but i dont find that option in my transmog set it supposed to be first place but its not there at all please help its very akward for me to play with my cloak and helm i've tried deleting the cashe files but that didnt work i tried reloggin a bunch of times but to no avail, is there anyway to fix this please help !!
  6. My wife and I were playing yesterday and when the game crashed at about 11pm EST we stopped and went to bed. Today when we started playing we noticed that almost all of the item appearances she had collected that weren't currently equipped were gone. How does she get this recovered?
  7. Hey people Topics here are usually more serious but I thought of coming up with a more relaxed topic of xmog possibilites on sylvanas-legion. If you've got a great plate transmogrification on Sylvanas realm you can show off here. If you know an amazing looking armor combination or set that is available on Sylvanas you should post it here too. I made this topic because seemingly ToT gear I was originally going for. When possible a item list would be great :D thx to all participating
  8. hey guys i have one question, my visual items sometimes disappear and i can't change the appearance of my equips this "bug" occurs with anyone else?
  9. Since WOD items apparently cannot be obtained anymore, I would like to make a request for this weapon appearance in the shop. The item is called Mindsythe of the Legion / Demon blade Evicerator. You get these twin Fist weapons as drop from Fel Lord Zakuun from Hellfire Citadel. These fist weapons look really nice and I would like to get them from the shop if possible. If this isn't the right area on the forums to ask for this, direct me to a better place.
  10. Greetings Firsetorm Staff I previously posted a topic in this forum section on Tuesday at 12:04 AM which was left without your attention, also I made in-game ticket the same day, it is still unanswered. Seeing as other people get a response withing 24h I decided to make this topic again. Here is a link to my previous topic I'm hoping to hear from you.
  11. so i just finished two quests: Vordrassil's Fall for Acid-Resistant Hauberk Post-partum Aggression for Hemet's Trophy Gun but then i got dc and i lost these two items and i can't do the quests to get them back soo i went to the site shop to see if i can just buy them and...NO i just want more shop options for transmog weapons and gear please
  12. Greetings Today (01.05.2017), I was playing with equipment manager, I've made a new set and when I clicked equip everything seemed OK. But when I clicked and equipped another set, I've lost an item from my previous set (I've lost it completely from my bags, I even checked my bank, void storage, double checked my bags). It's gone. I had a similar experience once with issue like that on Warlords of Draenor and Game Masters were able to help me, I would like to hear from you what could be done now. I have proof in form of screenshots that I indeed had that item, I also have a corresponding achievement wich proves I had it. I'm avoiding posting the name of that item to avoid trolls and people who generally like to make fun of others. Thanks.
  13. Can you solo mop raids to get transmog items ? And if its posible how to do it
  14. Hello GMs and Admins, I want to complete my transmog set for my Demon Hunter but many of the items in game are bugged or mobs don't drop or dont wont at all to get the required items. Can I please have the items listed below to complete my transmog. Items: Thanks, Raidrogon
  15. Hey guys. I have some transmogs and I want to share it with you Today I present: my transmogs with warrior. CAPTAIN TRANSMOG Dressing Room link: click here. EARTH WARRIOR TRANSMOG Dressing Room link: click here. IRON LORD TRANSMOG Dressing Room link: click here, That's it. Cya!
  16. So i have on my alliance char the pandaria transmog and bought it from soong, so i went to my paladin on the horde side and couldn't find him. I looked up on wowhead and it said that he is at the shrine, but he will never be there because some gm's moved him away, very funny. It's good to see that the horde has some transmog disadvantage, that is caused by the firestorm team.
  17. Hello,i have an idea.Is it possible for adding Frostmourne,in shop for people who want to transmog their weapons? and Runeblade of the Baron Rivendare.
  18. Type: Shop Hello could it be possible to add these items: , , to the shop or ingame? they are from WoTLK and they are unobtainable now, but a lot of people wants them because they fit their transmogs.
  19. Seeing that Challenge Mode doesn't work on WoD, a Moderator said you can get it in the shop, I've only seen one of the Challenge Mode Shields in the shop, where are the others?
  20. Hi, Are there any staffs that look like Ancient Staff in Runescape? I'm also eager to hear of any other Runescape look-a-like gear.
  21. Hello , i tried to farm for transmog items in dungeons and raids , but the bosses dont drop any loot. For example , i just ran Sulfuron Spire and killed all the bosses and nothing dropped , only 1 silver per boss. The same thing in Black Temple and other raids and dungeons. Am i bugged or this is something that is normal in this realm?
  22. I have a question, will there be another way to get Warglaives of Azzinoth than killing Illidan Stormrage? He's bugged so I'm asking if i can buy them or something... (I let him go throught all phases and I was killing him slowly)
  23. Hello there!Recently purchased the felsteel anihilator and some other mounts and some plate mogs for my character but im using 3 plate characters and 1st the mounts are not on the other characters and 2nd the mogs are not either can you fix this pls???i spend money on this server like many of us did and all that should be account wide not on a character only...i want a refund or make it account wide...I think eveyrone who read this will agree with me its not fair please respond!!Thank you
  24. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening. Please could you add items to the shop that aren't part of a set? For example in the transmog section I really wanted to get but I can't because they're not in the shop and you only have item sets I know that's quite a lot of items but even if you just add all the transmog gear from dungeons/raids that would be great. I'm sure a lot more people would be transmogging if this was implemented.
  25. So I was wondering, as I couldn't find answers anywhere online, if the drop chance of legendary weapons (specifically Thori'dal the stars' Fury) is affected by the Raid Difficulty chosen. I just talked with a player who told me he got the weapon on his second Sunwell run, and I've killed Kil'Jaeden about 20 times and have never gotten the weapon. Granted, it's probably a matter of luck, but does anyone know if the difficulty chosen affect the drop chance? Thanks in advance. (By the way this is on mists of pandaria, if it's of any relevance)