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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys I see quite the players getting confused with this world quest Everything in Highmountain. I searched for guides here but i couldnt find it so here is a simple guide. Usually the arrow on the navigation map goes wild when you reach the place but here is the place where the quest activates : It is just behind the mountain where there are the feltotem tribe mobs on the wooden platform...Getting there : Take the route to Shara Felbreath and the path should split up, turn to your left
  2. so im at that point of the questline, i need to finish it so i can turn in my suramar/nightfallen world quests, i did almost everything they want, but no matter what i do, the tick on the last one wont happen. i clicked on the orb thingy, killed the miniboss, and found thalyssra, tried everything with the wand of khadgar, but nothing happens... I can see other people speaking to here and then she starts to walk forward, but for me nothing is happening since she has a grey questionmark over her head. Help?
  3. I have a problem with world quests i can't complete any of them, i tried to relog many times,disable add-ons,delete cache,etc. nothing worked the thing is no world quest works since they don't get tracked.
  4. Is there any world quest and on what realm
  5. I have been doing world quests for a very long time with all my toons and I am wondering if there is a limit of ilevel drops. My highest toons are ilevel 843 & 845 and they have never been in a dungeon. the 845 has 26 traits and the other 18+16. Normally you can get drops 0-10 levels higher and when lucky 15-20 levels higher, but above 835 I think I am reaching a limiter. I know dungeons have better relics to increase my ilevel, but is there a max gear ilevel on world quests? I'm already exalted with Warden, Dreamwalkers and the Court. If the ration was +0 level = 60% drop chance, + 5-10 levels = 30% and + 15-20 levels = 10% and at higher 835+ levels 0 = 80%, 5-10 = 15% and 15-20 = 5%, then world quest gear improvement would take a very long time and I'd better move on to heroic/mythic dungeons. (the numbers are just my guess and not based on actual data)
  6. when will the emissary quest implement? it is planning?
  7. world quest all bug i go quest and not start
  8. On Blizzard, just for the facts, this item can be won by only THRE classes and the DRUID is not one of them see here Instead Firestorm invented a rule pretending is official like this and gives itemslike this to other classes. Where is your logic?
  9. I've seen UPDATE that World Quests are working first day it says that i must wait for Tomorrow, 2 days, and 3 days for World Quests but I've come back day after it said me but still same Message so please Help?
  10. How do you do this? I see other players reviving the whelplings but I can't do it myself.
  11. Hi Everyone wrote in different posts, from staff to players that the items we get from world Quests scale with our character itemlevel- the generic one not of each item. I believed so and I am 100% sure this is the official way of things. And is scaling 100% of the times. I am here to tell you that this is just NOT true See the screenshot. The demon hunter ILVL is 816 Doing the world quest the item to get was 815+ where + means it will scale upwards to a limit accoding to the item level In the bag windows you can see that cape is 815!!!! lower than my itemlevel despite the + meaning scalability!!! So, this is only one of numerous situations where, besides bein given ridiculous relic statuses like intellect on warrior or demon huntert relics, agility on mages loots, now we don't even get the scalability. So, because this is not a BUG but a BAD implementation I would like that the devs or who works on this issue pays a bit more attention to the issues arisen by World Quests. As player I like to believe it'll be fixed.