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  1. Does anyone know how to connect to Icecrown? I have set my realmlist to [set realmlist wotlk.logon.firestorm-servers.com], but the client will not connect. As I understand it, the Firestorm launcher isn't available anymore, and I can connect directly with my WotLK client. Any help would be very much appreciated -
  2. Hey there. So recently i decided that i'd play a little bit of WotLK to relieve the good old days,i downloaded the game through the firestorm launcher and upon trying to open it i get this error,note that this does not happen with legion wow,or with wotlk i got from a torrent before,which i currently don't have,if i downloaded wotlk from a different source and then set the realmslist to firestorm,could i still play it without the launcher,since this version won't launch properly.
  3. Hey, I can not log into the game on your desktop computer without a problem, but on the laptop I'm throwing an error that can not connect to bring a blizzard. Like I should be on the official site ... Why?
  4. Hey. Is the basic raids of vanilla, TBC or WOTLK work?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new to Firestorm (thanks to my kid brother) and so far me and my husband really like the servers/realms. We seem to be experiencing a bit of difficulty though. Not finding anywhere else that I could/should ask this question I'm placing it in General. If there is a specific place where I should post this instead, please let me know, or if a GM/Moderator would be so kind as to move it there and tell me, I would be very greatful. Now after that little explanation, this is our question/problem/issue. When we started playing on Firestorm, we were tickled that we would be able to transfer our characters from one expansion to the next. Essentially being able to experience the different expansions as they were meant to, one at a time. After we researched a bit more (mostly me) we noticed that we couldn't transfer our characters from TBC over to WOTLK. Because of that, we stopped playing on TBC although we had enjoyed it a lot (he enjoyed it more than I did...). Now as we started actually playing with my kid brother on Cata, we find that we are unable to transfer characters over from WOTLK, at least not for free. When I had first fiddled with the system it had shown that the transfer would be free, and the first time I tried it (although it didn't process the way that we wanted it too, as money was missing from the transferred character) was free. Now that we try again it comes up as costing 80g or 200s. However, I'm still able to transfer the character over to MOP and/or WOD for free. The option is curiously missing from the MOP section of the shop though. Could anyone please help us understand how this feature works please? We couldn't find any further explanations on the forums... For easy reference, here are the servers and expansions that we are/want to play. TBC - Stormrage (3 characters, 1 Lvl. 58) WOTLK - Icecrown (9 characters, 1 Lvl. 80) Cata - Deathwing (1 character, worgen) MOP - Taran'zhu (1 character, pandaren) WOD - Grommash (0 characters, atm) We only have one Lvl. 80 character at the moment on WOTLK (Icecrown), thanks to a (at the time unknown) promotion last month that let me level a throw away character up that high automatically through Boris.
  6. Like seriously, how do you expect people to properly use the guild feature if every single day they have to reset the permissions and even then it gets bugged sometimes? This should be your NO 1 priority, I've never encountered this bug in any private server I've been and it's so damn annoying. Thanks.
  7. i get this when i press play in the FireStorm launcher
  8. i get this when i press play in the FireStorm launcher
  9. Hi, In the wotlk realm called Pandaria there are 400/600 players connected and in Dalaran 10 max. You can close dalaran international realm and set Pandaria like international realm? I'm Italian and i would to play wotlk in the international realm but there are only 10 players. Please do as you have done with Catalysm.
  10. - Hello Wotlk ( 3.3.5 ) Player , ever wanted the overlay effects that appear around you each time a passive procs? ( Example : Art of War ) Then this Addon is for you : Cheese : Download PS : I DID NOT MAKE THIS ADDON. IT WAS GIVEN TO ME BY A FRIEND I USED TO PLAY WITH ON ANOTHER SERVER.
  11. Hi Want to play on Firestorm with Mac? Are you wondering where Mac launcher is? Well then this is one alternative for you, until FS comes up with Mac launcher. I am not Mac user, so I can't go into details on how to do this. I already posted this before when Mac launcher did not exist. So I will repost it, in case it helps anyone. But first, a warning. This is unofficial way of connecting with Mac. I know of it, because people had problems with Mac clients and lack of proper Mac launcher since Cataclysm. I did not test this and I don't have Mac. I only post it as it is, in hopes that it will help any Mac user. Also, I only provide this guide from my experiences. Use any links, files and steps in this guide at your own responsibility. I can't guarantee it will work for everyone, I provide it as it is and it works for some people. I have no chance to test it myself. I am not part of FireStorm staff, I am not associated with Blizzard, I also am not associated with any related organizations, so I can only do what I can with what I have. Now back to guide. Since there is no Mac launcher, only way to play is with Windows client. This can be achieved in two ways. Fist one is to use program like WineSkin Or WineBottler which allows you to run Windows applications on Mac, including WoW, by putting them in wrapper. Alternatively, you can also install Windows on your Mac, for that, you even don't have to remove MacOS, you only need to sacrafice part of your hard drive to hold Windows and WoW. Then you can easily switch between Windows and MacOS. Also you don't have to do both, just choose one and go to either chapter 1 or 2. No need to do both. 1. WineSkin/WineBottler To run Windows client on Mac, you will need Wineskin or WineBottler. You can grab them here here: http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php http://darwine-winebottler.en.softonic.com/mac I don't know how exactly it is suppose to work, so you will have to help yourself here. Only grab one, you won't need other one. After you got Wineskin up, just obtain Windows client, here is my guide for that: http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/topic/648-how-to-play-without-firstorm-launcher-how-to-get-full-client-guide-for-all-expansions-by-mistix/ And follow it, to set it up and run it without FS launcher. Before running WoW, open WTF folder and in it open "Config.wtf" in Notepad equivalent on Mac. Same way as you did for realmlist line. And at the end, add this line: SET gxApi "opengl" And save. Now simply run "Pandashan.exe" in WoW folder and log in with username you registered on Pandashan. 2. Installing Windows on Mac(preserves old MacOS as it was) This guide was copied and translated from old Pandashan, made by Isilis. It is translated via Google Translate with few fixes. I apologize for lower quality. I just provide it as it is: Hello everyone, I created this tutorial, since launcher for Macintosh does not exist, so that you can join us with your mac. First, you must have a USB key, 4GB minimum, an Intel Mac, and of course a Windows activation key. Before we begin, I want to point out that you should not worry about installing Windows on your Mac. Even if something goes wrong on Windows partition, it won't effect your MacOS partition. This partition remains as single virtual disk! Installing BootCamp Visit your launchpad, go to Tools and click on the BootCamp software. Once the application is open, you will see this: Click Continue to create your partition. At this step, insert your USB key in USB port, to create a flash drive which will allow you to install Windows (you can do it on a DVD too, if you want to). WARNING: Do not forget to install the drivers, they are offered to you through this step. This way, you won't have to search for drivers after installation. After setting up the flash drive with Windows and drivers, you should choose partition size you will give to your Windows hard drive. Confirm and wait while both partitions are done. Once this step is completed, we will move to the installation of Windows by clicking "Start Installation" WARNING: Whatever happens, do not remove your USB key. Even after restart, do not remove it. Installing Windows Choose your language: Install Windows: Insert your Windows key or choose to install it later: Choose custom installation. After that, locate the Boot Camp partition you created, click and select "format". What to do if you only had one partition before and that it is not big enough: Now Windows installation will start, your siystem might restart few times. Once the installation is complete, install the drivers you downloaded earlier with Boot Camp. Firestorm Installation Once all these steps are completed, you just have to get WoW client. For that, please visit our homepage: http://firestorm-servers.com/ Everything is explained there. Now, to return Leopard or Windows. Simply hold the ALT key (?) key during startup and select operating system you want to run: Uninstalling To uninstall Boot Camp is simple. Return to disk where you have MacOS. Open BootCamp and click "delete partition". ------------------------------------------- Alternatively you can use my other guide to get full client and use it without launcher: Also if you want to install Windows 8 or 10 via BootCamp, I think both should work, but again, I did not try it. ------------------------------------------ I apologize for lower quality of this guide. But since I never used Macs, I can't really give you more detailed steps. Still I hope some people would find this helpful. Feel free to give any feedback or any more detailed step by step explanations or point out any mistakes in this guide. Any feedback is welcome.
  12. Hey guys,i wannted to ask,i already have wow [lich king] 3.3.5a in my computer,when i open laucher it starts downloading whole new game i think,i tried just to change realmlist but its not working,what to do,please help..Sry if im openning new topic that already exists..