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  1. Hi, I just got my warlock to lvl 71 and quests in Northrend are so boring. Can you guys tell me other ways to xp ? Like soloing dungeons ? or killing mobs that earn lot of xp ? like in Pandaria- there is spot with fireflies and you can kill like 30 of them with one aoe, and you level very fast without quests. So pls tell me some ways or secret spots for farming mobs fo xp. Im 71 lvl Affliction Warlock Full heirloom
  2. Hello. I would like to play a new character - pandaren. I want to blizzlike xp rating (x1), but there is not rating changer in starting localization. where is he in pandaria? thanks
  3. So when I kill any kind of mob with my DH i don´t gain any kind of XP I already try to fix it by reloguing but it doesn´t seemed to work Character Name: Rauru Realm: Sylvanas
  4. Hi! Is leveling on Firestorm servers boosted?
  5. Hey guys/gals, Quick question, whats the fastest way to lvl from 90 to 100? -- God Bless' <3
  6. So yeah, the title says it all
  7. Hey guys, I am curious if this server has the way to change the xp rate to blizzlike (1x). Me and a friend are wanting to play on a server with the ability to do that so we can actually work on our characters.
  8. i have a simple idea that will not only encourage people to play through the game with 1x xp rates but will also make it worthwhile. the idea is: - if someone chooses an xp rate of 1: he will get 5x loot drop rate (uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, money(gold)) - if someone chooses an xp rate of 3: 3x drops - if someone chooses an xp rate of 5: 1x drops
  9. I decided to start this topic because I think that players should decide what xp rates should be applied to the servers wehre they play. - also I think that 5.0 rates are siplmy just an overkill for THESE REASONS: Quests aren't that much bugged... 5x rates mean you don't have to do all the quests in the specific zone- blizzard has made the quests so you should do the 80% of all quests for a given zone before you reach the level where you go to another one. calculations: -if 5x rates are applied.. it means you only have to do 16% of the quests in that zone, in a zone with 65 quests. it would be 10 quests. - I suposse there are more than 10 quests functional in each zone ,so therefore - bring the xp rates down! - cmon it's cataclysm- it shouldn't be THAT bugged... You have to travel all the time... since it takes you to do only a few quests before you leave a zone and go to another - basically all you do is just keep cleaning your quest log and walking from zone to zone all the time... how borring... You are always under-geared... -The rates just basically give you no reason to roll BGs, or go classic dungeons, therefore you can't find a party for those. -also you dont do that much quests, soo all you rely on is a drop, and even with 5x drop rates - you have to consider that mobs don't always drop everyrhing ( because they have only so much items they are set to drop) By reducing the xp rates ,you will have lees players fully equipped guys, that are just bored... - seriously guys... if you let those players level up that fast- you are going to end-up with all players on max, with the best equip they get from the dungeons - demanding more dungeons to open.. Therefore a server would tart to loose it's players quickly. If there is a zone, that is too bugged: a) you can travel to an alternative one on that level range ä there's always some) b) you can avoid even entering that zone by chcecking on forumps which zones are best for xp c) you can get xp via dungeons and battlegrounds!! (same applies for gish level zones) The game wasn't designed for such huge xp rates - 1having 1.5x , 2.0x ,2.5x rates is fine... 5x is just too muchWith all said. I leave it now on a discussion between players, GMs and Admins. So please vote everybody.
  10. Hello, I am aware that right now all realms are right now 5x ("All realms are now Rates x5 for xp, loots except golds / epic items which stay x1"). Is it possible that in future this will change in Grommash realm? Thank you in advance for your answer.