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Garrison tier 3!

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Hello there,

I know you didn't get informed well about this part of the game, and I also know many of you have been waiting for that. Here come the good news, I'll start working on tier 3, starting on next Monday! Those last days, I started to check the zone and managed to add some spawns. The biggest "issue" with me being my huge lack of information, as I don't have such a big knowledge of the game, I decided to ask for your help!

Starting tonight, I'll put tier 3 on our test realm for both factions. Quests http://www.wowhead.com/quest=36614 and http://www.wowhead.com/quest=36615 will now work properly, and you will be able to upgrade your Town hall. So you'll see what I've already added in the zone, which was empty (don't expect anything crazy, there's basically almost nothing more than in tier 2, please remember that the feature is barely started).

One more time, Firestorm needs help from its community, to provide some quality content. So I will ask the more motivated and volunteers of you to check the state of things, then most important part : sharing with me missing elements, or what shouldn't be there anymore. Any information tier 3 relative only will help me. Here is a rundown of the things that might interest me :

  • Specific questlines
  • Adding/Removing specific entities (creatures, game objects)
  • Special events


I think there's already enough to start working with. Important detail: Don't expect everything you are going to report will be fixed or even worked immediately. Some mechanics will be organized by priorities order, my mission is above all to get the whole zone working properly. The "tweaking" will not take place at this time, but will be continuously carried out until Level 3 is released.

Regarding how to notify me issues you meet :

I know most of you know the bug tracker well, but I also sadly know that many of you keep using the forum to report things. I'm personally against this, that's why I'm locking this topic. So, please, send me all your reports on the bug tracker, starting your tickets title with a prefix as [Garrison Lvl 3], so I'll know where the report comes from. (Obviously, your ticket will have to remain in category "Garrison")

Here we are, I hope I didn't forget anything, I count on your help so we can get this working live as soon as possible. I would like to release it at next update if possible (so not the one from 08/08/16). If you have any question about how to test, or in relation with garrisons, do not hesitate to contact me in PM. I'll keep in touch for feedback. Thanks in advance!

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