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Update #4

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Information: This update pack will be applied on September 5th, 2016 in the morning. Thanks to all Quality Assurance Members for testing. General
  • Fixed the skills interface when a player had two skill specialization.
  • Fixed the Friend list, some players were not visible at relog.
  • Fixed display of pet at character selection for Warlock, Hunter, Death Knight, and Mage. Raids, Dungeons and Instances
MuzUmPW.gif General Spells
  • Some players were rooted after disconnected, it's now fixed.
  • Fixed some aura improved critical damage percentage. In player vs. player case the auras would improve 50% less.
  • Fixed versatility on periodic damage like bleeding damage, will be lesser. Death Knight Druid Hunter Mage Monk Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman
  • Fixed, should not damage the main target and should be trigger by maximum 6 enemies around the mage.
  • Fixed Molten Earth damage aura.
  • Fixed Nature's Guardian now correctly heals in addition of increasing maximum health points. Warlock
  • Ember Tap is no more affected by Versatility.
  • Pet is now correctly re-summon on resurrection if it was alive on death.
  • Pet summoned on login is now the pet which was active on logout. Garrisons
  • Released Garrison Level three buildings for the following:
    • War Mill
    • Spirit Lodge / Mage Tower
    • Stables
    • Barn
    • Frostwall Tavern / Lunarfall Inn
    • Lumber Mill
    • Trading Post
    • The Forge
    • Alchemy Lab
    • Enchanters Study
    • Egineering Works
    • Gem Boutique
    • Salvage Yard
    • Scribe Quarters
    • Storehouse
    • Tailoring Emporium
    • Herb Garden
    • Frostwall Mines / Lunarfall Excavation
    • Fishing Shack Items
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