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Legion Quality Assurance / Class Master

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Firestorm International — Quality Assurance / Class Master Recruitment

Recruitment Information

Firestorm Servers is looking for dedicated members to help out with our Quality Assurance Team. The team will focus on testing new releases before they go live to the server, testing bugs and reproducing the steps, and assisting out with bug tracker reports. The main purpose of this team is to improve the quality before the updates go straight to the live realm, they will be doing extensive testing on the latest change logs for each expansion. Each member apart of the team must have good communication skills written and verbally, professionalism while working in the team, and most importantly working as a team.


  • You'll test the new releases (change logs) before they get applied to the server.
  • Write bug reports in a bug tracking tool.
  • Perform various tests and observe results of the tests.
  • Document your tests so other team members can run the tests as well.
  • Review bug tracker reports, identify the issue and provide steps on how to reproduce it.
  • Other duties assigned.

Legion Recruitment Status

Status: Opened
Positions Available: 13 vacancies
Please apply via the "Apply now" button, with your application.


  • You must be above the age of 16 years old.
  • Great teamwork skills.
  • Must have an own account, and be active.
  • Capable of working independently.
  • Great knowledge of the game.
  • Being able to investigate bugs thoroughly, to define the bug, and to prioritize bugs properly.
  • Computer Literate - have experience with Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets, Flowcharts, etc.
  • Good communication skills - written and verbal.
  • Troubleshooting skills, and the ability to analyze the issue.
  • A Discord account of your own. (Please remember to validate your Discord account so we can add you).
  • A working microphone.


How to apply:

Press on the Apply Now on the Right and fill all info required:

  • Firestorm Email
  • Main character armory link
  • Forum Profile link
  • Discord tag
  • How long you have been playing warcraft
  • Describe yourself and why we should take you
  • Add any extra info you find relevant!
    • Additionally, write five issues you consider to be a priority to be fixed within your class! Make sure to include links and provide detailed information!
      • Also five general issues server-wide (Anything goes here)
Good luck and we will contact you back if your application meets the criteria we are looking for!
*if you have further questions contact Beastial on discord or any member of the Quality Assurance
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