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[LEGION] Broken Isles Zones Questing Guide

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So, Since Legion has Arrived to our Beloved Firestorm Server Project, I have seen many People struggle to Find thier way to Level 110 With Questing in Azsuna, So i have decided, to make a Guide for People that do not know what to do with these quests, Or where to go. 

With this in Mind, I will not Implement Side quests, or Profession Quests.


If you want a easier Searching for a Quest that you dont understand, Use Left Ctrl + F  which will bring a Search bar,  Then type in the name of the quest you are looking for.


Take in Mind, that these quests can Change any time gived, durning the Testing, Or overall State of the Realm, So i will try my best to keep this post up to a date!

With that said, Lets get to the the good stuff shall we?





Azsuna is seperated into 5 Invidual Storylines, Which are necessary for the Achievment Completition : http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=10763/azsuna-matata

Part One: Behind Legion Lines

Part Two: Defending Azurewing Repose

Part Three Azsuna vs Azshara

Part Four: Againts the Giants 

Part Five: Mak'rana and the Fate of the Queen's Repsial


The starting Quest has to be taken from your Class Oder hall Scouting Map.

Tying Up  Loose End

Take the quest, Head to Dalaran,Krasus Landing, and talk with Khadgar.

PART ONE: Behind Legion Lines

Down to Azsuna!

Stright forward quest, Take the quest, Talk to Khadgar, He will fly with you down to Azsuna, Quest done.

Into the Fray

Take the quest, Go down the path, Under a tent, Talk to Kayan Sunfury, Quest done.

After Handing in this quest, You will be offerd 2 Another quests from Allari Souleather, And Jace Darkweaver.

Demon Souls

You get a Item http://www.wowhead.com/item=122100/soul-gem , After you kill Demons, Put the Crystal down, It will absorb the souls of the Demons you have killed.

If that dosent work, the Quest has been updated, in that case, Use the Item Before the Demon Dies, And then Finish off the Mobs while the Crystal is still up.

Reignite the Wards

Easiest quest ever. Around the Area, With butt load of Demons, There are 3 Wards, Find them, And click on them.

They look like this


The Scythe of Souls

Simply followe Allari, Once you Accept the quest, She will Escort you to the Location for the quest. Once there, Talk with Allari again, You will see now 3 Green Shards infront of you, Simply do them in this oder - Left one -> Right one -> Middle one. You do not need to Follow the Oder, But its going to make your Gameplay Experience Better, 

From Within

Simply go to Vanquish Point, on the other side of the Broken Bridge, or just follow the Mark on your Map, Hand in quest.


Take in Mind, That you need to have a NPC Called Kor'vas, or just (Demon Hunter), following you, If you dont, Go back to the Original Kor'vas back at Vanquish Point, and Talk with her, You need her to turn-in quests.

Fel Machinations

In "Legion Camp: Chaos" area, Demon Hunters are Imprisoned by the Demons, They are stunned under a Green Shard. Clicking on it, You will free them.

Saving Stellagosa

Head to the Location "Legion Camp: Ruin" , Walk down the path, and you will See Imprisoned Drake. Walk near it, to complete the first Objective, Once that is done, Walk back the path up, and head Right, Find a Jailer NPC called Lykill. Kill him, and he will drop a Key. Once you Pick it up, Walk back to the Drake, There should be 3 Crystals Nearby her. (YES ITS HER, OMG A FEMALE DRAKE). Use them, and Free her. Once that is done, Hand in the Quest to  Kor'vas.

Dark Revelations

Upon leaving "Legion Camp: Ruin", Head Left the Path, up to Traitor's Overlook. Once there, Walk around untill both Cordana and Nightglaive are Spawned, Once that Happens, Cordana will start talking, and eventually, you will be able to Attack Nightglaive, Once you kill her, Nearby should be Stellagosa, Click on her to return back to the Camp. (Clicking on the Drake is Option, You can walk there by your own.) -> But, Who would do that? LOL.


PART TWO: Defending Azurewing Repose

Journey to the Repose

Once quest is taken, Head to Azurewing Repose. Simply hand in the quest.

The Death of the Eldest

Behind Senegos, There should be a Giant cave, Head there. Kill some Burrowing Leyworms, untill you get 6x Crackling Leyworm Core.

Head back outside the cave, Go near the Pool in which Senegos is Resting, and press the Special Button, that will appear in middle of your Screen. Then Hand in the quest.


Nearby, there will be a Young Whelping named Emmigosa with a Next quest. Simple hand in quest. Following the road, NPC Ahapanthus will appear. Hand in the quest.

Thier Dying Breaths

Behind Agapanthus, There is a Small cave,In which are located Cracked Ley Crystals. Loot 4 of them, and then head back to Agapanthus, Infront of him lier 4 Wounded Whelpwings, Simply click on them to heal them. The one on the Left side, will Die, and Give you an Item Grievously Wounded Whelpling. Once you have done all this. Head back to Senegos to Hand in the quest.

At this point, You will be offerd two different Quests: "Those who Remeber" Which leads to another Storyline, Chasing the Tidestone, and Quest  "The Last of the Last", which continues Defending Azurewing Repose 

I will continue from here with the Defending Azurewing Repose Storyline

The Last of the Last

Head to Azurewing Whelplands, and Hand in the quest.

The Consumed

Near the Whelpling you picked the quest from should be a Shard.


Pick up the item from it, and head Left, following the road across the bridge, and then Left again Upwards the Hill. You will find alot of Mana-Drained Whelplings. Simply click on them, and Revive them.

The Witherd

Simply slay Witherd Exiles at the same place where the Mana-Drained Whelplings were.

Around this area, Stellegosa should have a next quest for you.

Runas the Shamed

Around the Are where the quests The Witherd and The Consumed are, You will find Stellagosa. Once you take the quest. Head futher following the road, then turn Left, into a Small cave. Inside, You will find Runas. Damage him untill he surenders, and will Follow you. Once that is done. Head back to the Mark on the Map.

Runas knows the way

Simply mount up, and follow Runas, to the next quest area.

The Hunter Returns

Head down the road, And Kill Nightfallen Hungerer and Nightfallen Overseers untill you get 4 Charged Mana Jewels

Leyline Abuse

Around the area. There are located 2 NPCs Simply kill them, and hand the quest in.

You Scratch My Back

You are required to use A Special spell, that appears in middle of your screen, To Destory 3 Leyline Paylons.




Simply use the Spell near those Pylons, Quest complete

This quest will take couple of times, Sometimes, The spell does not register for it.

The Nightborne Prince

In the Area, there is a Tower, Walk up to in, In there, Should be a Nightborne Prince, Which name i am not going to try to type.

After you Damage him enough, He runs away. Walk to the Balcony, and Stellagosa should be waiting for you there.

Still Alive

Simply talk to Stellagosa, She will fly with you back to Senagos.

Feasting on the Dragon

Simply slay 15 Witherd NPCs around the area.

On the Brink

Locate 4 different NPCs. and use the Radiant Ley Crystal on them to Heal them

Berazus is located on the Right of the Road in the small Cave.

Cedonu is located near the Flightpath Point

Emmigos is nearby the pool

Kharmeera is located nearby the pool

Cursed to Wither

Head down the road, Stright forward into the giant cave. Behind the Rock in the middle, Is Located Runas. Hand in the quest.

Hunger's End

Walk out of the cave,  And you will see Orbyth. Slay him, and The Nightborne prince will come down, Slay him also, and then Hand in the quest back to Senegos.


PART THREE: Azsuna versus Azshara

Those who Remember

Follow the Objectvie mark on the Map,  Untill you run into NPC Called Nightwathcer Idril, hand in the quest.

They came from the Sea

Kill few nagas around the area, and One Ugly Naga, that drops a Head, loot it, hand in. Simple eh?.

Prince Farondis

Mount up and Follow Nightwatcher Idri to the next Quest Hub.

Our Very Bones

Head down to the Beach, near the area, and Slay some Murlocks, untill you have collected all the Bones, then head back and turn in.

Trailing the Tidestone

Simply follow Prince Farondis, and make sure he dosent die :3

Nar'thalas Still Suffers

Follow the road straight, Once you see a Giant balcony, Walk on the stiars upwards, And head into a giant Building, Athissia is Located there.


The Walk of Shame

Simply escort Prince Farondis once again.


Into the Academy

Walk inside the Academy, Jump to the Lower level, Hand the quest in.

Hit the Books

Head back upstairs, where you came from, Around this area, 3 Ancient Books should be floating around, Slay them. Or maybe you can read them? If you are the chosen one. Or Brave enough to do so. Careful! They bite.

Dressing with Class 

Collect some Items around the area. To Dress your self as one of the students.

Locations can be found below.





The Haunted Halls

Turn left, Open the door and head downstairs.

Wanding 101

Simply slay the Training Dummies. Simple as that!

No magic Involved.


Study Hall: Combat Research 

Pick up the Books one by one in this oder, and invidualy put them on the table next to the Quest Giver.

Encyclopedia Azsunica


Courtship Rituals of the Skrog


Draconic Compendium Volume III


Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing

Not working! *SADFACE*

The Headmistress' Keys

A Magical Barrier nearby will come down once you accept the quest. Head in there, Talk with Elya Azuremoon, and teach her something new!

Once that is done. Head back upstairs and talk with Thyrillion.

The Tidestone: Shatterd

Turn right, and open the door, Walk downstairs, and Collect Tidestone shards around the area, then hand in the quest to Tidestone Core located in the same room.

Once you hand in, Athissa will freeze you and teleport you. After that, Prince Farondis will come to To Rescue you. and give you the next quest

Save yourself


Sometimes, You wont be able to grab the next quest. Just move around a bit, He should appear again.

Once you manage to get hold of the quest, Talk with Prince Farondis again.

Once you spawn as Prince Farondis, Walk to the Academy, Untill this Script happens.


Follow the naga to the next point, Damage Athissia, Untill she dissapears, And then Follow the Mark on the Map.

Once you get to the cave, Stay there for a bit untill Azshara will appear, You must stay untill the end for the Objective to complete.

Once that happens,Head in the cave and Turn iin the quest!

The Head of the Snake

Head outside the cave,and turn Right. Walk to the next Objective point on the Map, Nearby will be Athissia, THis time. Kill her. Once that is down, Walk down the stairs and Hand in the quest!


Congratz! You are nearly there. Just two short Storylines to go! Dont give up!


PART FOUR: Againts the Giants

Bottled Up

Remember killing those Poor (Not really) Murlocks? To get the Night elf Bones from them? Well, They drop a Quest item http://www.wowhead.com/item=122699/okunas-message#dropped-by

Which will lead you to another Amazing Adventure in Azsuna! Once you Get this item, Right click on it, and accept it. Then return to http://www.wowhead.com/npc=88798/lady-irisse

in the Building where you met Prince Farondis for the first time.


Infiltrating Shipwrecked Arena

Follow the Mark on the Map to complete the quest.

Boss Whalebelly's in Charge

Follow the Wall to the right, Untill you see Boss Whalebelly. Talk to him, No harm done by talking to strangers, right?.

No Time for Tryouts

Ooker Dooker is located in this small cave. Not the big one Behind Okuna!


Let Sleeping Giants Lie

Behind the Sleeping Giants as show on the screenshot, Is a chest. Go and Loot it, But be careful! Try to not wake the Giant up!.


Sternfathom's Chamption

See the Shipwrecked Ship in the Distance? Thats where you next Questgiver is.

Morale Booster

Head back to Okuna,  And behind him is a Giant cave, Enter it and inside you will find Ooka Dooker. Talk with her, and then hand in the quest.

Round 1, Fight!

Talk with Sternfathom and let him throw you into the arena, Once that is done, Wait a little untill Bilgerudder throw you an Worthy Oponent. Kill all 3 NPCs that will dare to Oppose you!.

Once that is done, Head Behind the Ship, where a cave is located, Head in there an Find a bag lying around.


The Right Weapon for the Job

Use the Item http://www.wowhead.com/item=118330 nearby Shipwrecked Captives to arm them. Then head into a Cave like this.


Once there, Find Okuna in a Cage on the Left of the Entrance.


Do not click on the Cage yet, You will break the quest.

The Prince is Going Down

Upon accpeting the quest, Click on the cage to free Okuna, then wait untill he comes out, and then attack http://www.wowhead.com/npc=89101/prince-oceanus

Once he is dead, Head downhill from the cave, Okuna will be wiating there.


PART FIVE: Mak'rana and the Fate of the Queen's Repsial

Making the World Safe for Profit

Head to the Quest objective area, Slay some Mutated Goblins and crabs. Once you done that, you will have to find a underwater cave entrance.


Once inside, you will find a Demon Jailer and A Queen Crab. Attack the Demon, Untill he Bubbles him self. them Kill the crab, and finish off the demon once he drops his Bubble.

Martime Law

Head twoards the Quest Objective on the map.

The Captain's Foot Locker

Inside the ship, Just behind the quest Taker. Head to the lowest part of the ship. and you will find a chest inside. Hand in the quest. and take the next one.

Fate of the Queen's Reprisal

Use your http://www.wowhead.com/item=140192/dalaran-hearthstone and head to Either Windrunner's Sanctuary (Horde) or Greyfang Enclave (Alliance).

Hand in the quests and you are done!




You have earned your self a http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=10763/azsuna-matata Achievment, Which means you have done all the Main Storyline quests in Azsuna!

But that does not mean that your jurney is over! There are still plenty of Sidequests to do!

Hoped you had fun, And see you soon. In the Battles ahead.

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Val'sharah is seperated into 7 Invidual Storylines, Which are necessary for the Achievment Completition : http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=10698/thats-valsharah-folks
The first 3 Parts can be done in any oder. But must me completed, in oder to Progress in the storyline.

Part One: Archdruid of the Vale

Part Two: Archdruid of the Claw

Part Three: Archdruid of the Lore

Part Four: Into the Nightmare

Part Five: All Nightmare Long

Part Six: Bradensbrook

Part Seven: Black Rook Hold

Before you begin progressing in the Achievment. You need to complete several quests, That are not part of the Achievment.

Those will be Listed here:


The starting Quest has to be taken from your Class Oder hall Scouting Map.

Tying up Loose End

Go to Krasus Landing in Dalaran, And find Khadgar. Take the quest.

Cenarius, Keeper of the Grove 

Talk with Malfurion, click on his option, and Enjoy the ride.

Nature's Call

Head back to Lorlathil (Thats where you ended up after the flight From Dalaran.) and talk to Aranelie, to hand in the quest

Now comes the part, where you choose which Questline you would like to Follow, I will start with the Shortest one, and prolly the Nearest one.

PART ONE: Archdruid of the Claw

Archdruid of the Claw 

Take the quest, and head to the Quest Objective on the map.

Frenzied Furbolgs

Nearby the area, Slay Bunch of Furlbolgs. then head back, and hand in the quest.

Awakening the Archdruid

Once you accept the quest, head into the Middle building that is shown on the screenshot below.


Once there, head down the corridor, And then when you get to a crossroad, Turn Right. Find Koda, and hand in

The Demons Below

Slay any demon that you meet durning the Progression of the next quest.

Out of the Dream

Further in the caves, there are imprisoned Druids, free them.

Once Both quests are completed, Koda should appear in the middle Crossroad Hallway.

Emangled Dreams

Head into the Cave that Koda is facing, And kill the Demon Inside, head back up, all the way to the villige, And hand in the quest.


PART TWO: Archdruid of the Lore

Archdruid of the Lore

Head to the quest objective on the map.

Solid as a Rock

Free 3 Ancinet Tree Protectors that are scatterd around the area.




Death to the Witchmother

Head to the Objective marker on the map. and enter this Tree-Ish cave.


Kill her, and hand in the quest.


PART THREE: Archdruid of the Vale

Archdruid of the Vale

Head to the quest objective on the map.


Head into the building, that is marked on the map. Engage Xandris, and slay him.

(Note: This quest can be queite buggy, give it a few shots)

The Corruptor

Head into a cave that is located behind the House, there should be a road leading to it.

Once inside, slay Kagraxxis, and free the Nightelf in the cage.

The Nightmare Lord

Head outside the cave, and find this treehouse, Enter it


Slay Poor Thaon, and then head outside the Cave.

Once you have completed all 3 Chapters, The Ending NPC will Offer you a Quest, 

Return to the Grove

Take the quest, and head back to the Grove, to help out Malfurion.


PART FOUR: Into the Nightmare

The Emerald Queen.

Take the quest, Talk with Malfurion which is next to you, enjpy the Cinematic and the Dialogue :3

The Temple of Elune

Follow the mark on your map for the next quest.


Tears for Fears

Walk to the point on the Map. This might take some time, untill the Event triggers, just move around the area for a bit. Then return to the temple.

The Die is Cast

Return to the Grove to hand in the quest.

Malfurion's Fury

Talk with Ysera to ride her to your next questing location.

To Old Friends

Move across the bridge, and use the Special button spell to purge the forests of 50 mobs.

Once you have slain the 50 mobs, Find the entrance to this cave.


Go inside and slay Botanis Darkgrove.

The Demon's Trail

Go up the stairs, a cinematic will play.


PART FIVE: All Nightmare Long

Love Lost

Go to the objective on the map.

Dark Side of the Moon

Head twoards the objective on the map, talk to tyrande, and protect her while she triest to find where Xavius has hidden Malfurion at.


Once done, hand the quest to her, and take the next one.

Regroup at the Refuge

Head back to the cave.

Head of the Nightmare

Take the quest, and follow Tyrande, Do not leave her.

Given to Corruption

Varethos is in a cave, the cave entrance is at 66.54, 37.00

Reading the Leaves

http://www.wowhead.com/item=136391/corrupted-petals drop from mobs north of Elothir (Ash'teran area) such as driads or lashers.

Softening the Target

Mount up on the bat that is located behind you, and simply enjoy the ride, the quest is bugged, so, you can use the spell, but it wont have any effect, the quest will auto complete on the way by it self.

Close enough to Touch

Once you follow Tyrande into town, Malfurion will be in the 2nd house on the right.

The next spot he will be at is by the lake but it is not the one in front of the deungeon, instead he will be at location 62. 33.

You will then find him 59.32 in front of the darkheart thicketing meeting Stone.

And lastly you will not find him in town per se; rather, near 57.38 just near the entrance of the emerald nightmare instance where it will go to a cutscene.
When you finish, Tyrande whisperwind will be waiting to complete the quest.

The Fate of Val'sharah

Talk to Tyrande, and enjoy the ride, Once you arrive at the Temple of Elune, Slay Ysera.


Then cutscene will play, and you will phase out and then you can hand in the quest.

PART SIX: All Bradensbrook

A Village in Peril

In oder to get this quest, head outisde of the temple, and head left. You will find a dead human with a quest..


Once the quest is taken, head to the objective on the map, Into a small Village Bradensbrook.

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The tauren tribes of Highmountain are the direct descendants of those that fought in the War of the Ancients and have lived within the mountains for millennia. They consist of three major clans, united together as the Highmountain tribe: Rivermane, Skyhorn, and Bloodtotem. They have lived in peace for generations, but the drogbar rose up and stole their most sacred artifact.

This incident has fractured the unity of the tauren clans, giving the drogbar the opportunity to strike at them in an attempt to claim all the tauren territories for themselves.

Storyline is seperated into 7 Invidual parts, which are necessary for completion of http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=10059/aint-no-mountain-high-enough

Part One: The Rivermane Tribe

Part Two: The Bloodtotem Tribe

Part Three: The Skyhorn Tribe

Part Four: IHul's War

Part Five: Secrets of Highmountain

Part Six: Riverbend

Part Seven: Battle of Snowblind Mesa


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Stormheim is a zone in the eastern area of the Broken Isles. Two Titan Keepers here have warred with each other for thousands of years, and vrykul who left Northrend many ages ago in search of their holy land have settled the area. The Halls of Valor and Helheim, the realms to which the vrykul journey when they die.

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Suramar was home to the ancient kaldorei city of Suramar City.Tyrande Whisperwind and the brothers Stormrage once called it home. For the past 10,000 years a portion of the original inhabitants remained, powerful in their practice of magic yet still becoming pawns of the Burning Legion.

This zone is a level 110 End content specific. Unless you are level 110, you wont be able to acess any of the quests that this zone has to offer.

Storyline is seperated into 11 Invidual parts, which are necessary for completion of http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=10617/nightfallen-but-not-forgotten and http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11124/good-suramaritan.

PART ONE: Nightfall

Once you reach level 110, Travel back to dalaran, and walk around a bit, you should get a quest poped up in your log called Khadgar's Discovery.

Khadgar's Discovery

In dalaran, find your way into the Violet Citadel, Khadgar will be waiting there for you.

Magic Message

infront of Khadgar, there is a small Purple Sphere "Arcane Anomaly, click on it, and listen to the Dialogue, once that is done, hand in the quest.



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Thank u Sketter! Lovely guide!


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Nice work.

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Thank you sketter for your hard work, Best guide.

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Pinned and marked as Featured. Thanks for the guide!

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Updated with first 3 Questlines of Val'sharah which should arrive on live realm soon :)

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On 25/10/2016 at 11:44 PM, Sketter said:

Reserved - Suramar Guide (Hopefully!)


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Hey man, thanks for the awesome guide, I just wanted to ask does the Emerald Queen quest work? Because I'm not getting any dialogue options with Malfurion, thanks in advance!

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But the quest "Death of the Eldest" dont work, at least for me, i seen ppl doing it but i cant, with any of my characters

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Can't do the quest TRAIL OF ECHOES, the faint arcane echoe, does never reveal

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How do i start Those who Remember  quest??? there is no quest marker on Senegos... just a bubble marker


Edited by Warri0r

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How do i do Softening the Target when it autocompletes because of the bug i can't turn in the quest it just says i got 50 out of 50 and i can't do anything with that.

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