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Druid mana regen reduced at 50%

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I don't understad why you reduced mana regen to 50% to resto druids. I'm 832 ilvl and i have to be very cautious to not get out of mana in a simple boss of an heroic but sometimes i can't heal all the party and only focus on tank and dps got killed... But that's not all...In BG's and arena is even worst. Can you tell me, what's the point to join a bg as healer if you gets 'oom' every minute? and i want to remember, that we don't have mana potions yet to use between innervate cd. In every single situation with a strong pvp the best thing i can do is to get killed to have mana back....that's the worst thing ive seen in my experience as healer. 

So please, no more 44k regen joke or try yourself and let me know how it feels to be a shitty heal after many hours empowering the artifact....

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i'm 840 ilvl and each boss in each hc dungeon i'm oom too fast i must be really carefull sacrifce some dps sometimes to save some others ... -50% mana regen like wtf did they think now it's useless to be druid heal gg ... can't imagine playing raids or long encounters with this shit nerf non sense to me ....

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