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Adding 6.2 content

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Content 6.2:

Hello world! This post follows the one detailing the development progress about the Garrisons. Indeed as most of you might have noticed, this system has not experienced any content update since several months. Well, this is for a specific reason. Basically: we are working on 6.2 content! Being in charge only of a part of the content related to this patch, I will only talk to you of this aspect here:


  • Tanaan Jungle: The area will now be accessible! Be ready to increase your ilvl in order to get prepared for our next PvE releases... Let's look at this in more detail:
    • Introduction questline : You will be able to unlock access to the zone by following the quests leading you there, as well as your outpost. This will allow you to have several sellers, trainers, and also a portal to the zone of Ashran!
    • More than 50 rare creatures available! Most of these will be available with their respective loots.
    • More than 50 treasures available through the whole zone! Train yourself to improve your best jump and parkour skills, since you are surely going to need it if you can't fly in Draenor!
    • The zone also grants you access to a new world boss. Be prepared to fight against http://www.wowhead.com/npc=94015/ !
  • Shipyard : The first level of this feature will be available. This is going to allow you to start using the new currency http://www.wowhead.com/currency=1101/oil.
    • Introduction questline : This quests will lead you to build your Shipyard, and will allow you to discover all of its features in an assisted way.
    • Ships: Build your ships, improve their quality, and raise up your fleet power in order to reign over Draenor seas!
    • Missions : Enjoy the new shipyard mission system, now functional, but take care to not fail them often... Otherwise your ships may get destroyed!
  • Item upgrade : Item upgrade feature is finally ready! You will be able to improve the stats of your gear, and you will probably need it during incoming months...


This list is unfortunately not exhaustive. More surprises are awaiting for you... See you soon to enjoy the release of these new stuff! I leave you a few videos to show you the progress and help you wait :).


PS : Most of you probably already know, but the Tanaan Jungle is an extremely dense area, and apart from what has already been told above, some aspects will be missing... I am thinking in particular of the progression towards new reputation, the accessibility of a large number of daily quests, and even to the quests of the Garrison Campaign type allowing you to progress in the story. In other words: to bring you closer to the legendary quest. No worries, these aspects will be treated continuously after the release, and obviously won't get abandoned. Even though my time will be shared with the development of new content on Legion, I will do my best to provide an interesting progress from the point of view of a player.


Shipyard Progress:


Tanaan Alliance outpost established:


Tanaan Horde outpost established:


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