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PvP - Horde abusing glider

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Hi, this is PvP server, why isnt this bug repaired or punished? In every game with flag carrying - twin peaks - WSG Horde is using glider to glide with flag from Alliance room to half map. But this is abusing bug, because it isnt allowed in offic. Why are we still waiting for repair of this bug so long?

And for those who dont belive


Can you use Goblin Glider when holding a flag? Would be kinda OP in twinpeaks for horde.

That was nerfed with 5.1; the button with glider is grey when u carry a flag, so flying accross tha half of the map with flag in twin peaks is not an option anymore.




  • The glider can be used where you wouldn't normally be allowed to mount or fly. This includes indoors, in instances, in combat and in regular battlegrounds , but not rated battlegrounds, nor when you are carrying the flag/ball.
  • You CANNOT activate the glider while carrying the flag.

It's particularly awesome in battlegrounds. Some particularly fun/useful glides:

  • ... from the starting point in Strand of the Ancients (defending) to the beach.
  • ... from the flag rooms in WSG and TP (Alliance side) to the middle of the field.**
  • ... from the starting points in Eye of the Storm to either of the two nearest towers.
  • ... from LM to GM in Arathi Basin.

**note, not while carrying the flag!

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