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Update #11

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Information: This update pack was applied on June 14th, 2017.
  • Fixed some food buffs abuses, usable outside of their attempted area.
  • Make currencies drops related to vignettes and unique (or time-limited) loot as items.
  • Fixed Paladins getting free flag capture in Battlegrounds with their Divine Shield.
  • Tried to prevent multi-strike procs to interrupt casts on victim.
  • Prevent lvl 100 runes to drop for each mob in each LFG dungeon.
  • Unstuck people that have been able to purchase 3 different main skills from the web shop.
  • Fixed a usebug which grants player to get infinite loot in bag with loading screen.
  • Fixed a lot of multiple spawns through Pandaria, Draenor, Ashran, Tanaan Jungle, and Wandering Island.
  • Fixed a usebug with herbs from Herb Garden building from Garrisons.
  • Implemented quest givers marks for Legendary Quests.
  • Improved global quest marks handling.
  • Legendary Questline Prologue + Chapter I working.
  • Prevent crowd controls getting removed from healing operations.
  • Removed receiving loyalty points when creating warlock stone.
  • Tanaan Jungle:
    • Fixed some scenes in Tanaan Jungle Intro (level 90) that remained black screen.
    • Fixed a total of 149 creatures models which were not available through Tanaan Jungle.
    • Fixed 170+ health values for some creatures in Tanaan Jungle.
    • Fixed flying animations for 25+ creatures in Tanaan Jungle.
    • Fixed Fel Sludge applying in Tanaan Jungle while dead.
Battlegrounds & Arenas
  • Prevented players from using Demonic Gateway to exploit the Wooden Barriers in Silvershard Mines.
General Spells
Death Knight
  • Fixed proc of Will of the Necropolis.
  • Fixed cooldown of http://wowhead.com/spell=165433.
  • Prevented Nature's Vigil to break Crowd Controls when healing.
  • Fixed Druid PvP Balance 2P Bonus Internal CD.
  • Prevented Seal of Righteousness to get added twice in aura bar (For Protection/Retribution spec).
  • Missions:
    • Fixed garrison raid mission rewards loot chances.
  • Misc:
    • Fixed some Garrison abilities appearing or usable at any wrong moment.
    • Fixed some exploits related to Herb Garden.

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