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Update #12

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Info: This Upate will be live on the 19 Jul 2017.
  • Players without groups will no longer show the group leader badge in portrait.


Raids, Dungeons, and Instances
  • Siege of Orgrimmar:
    • The instance suffered a lot of internal changes which will not be listed here, but will result in improvement of your overall experience in the raid.
      • Heroic:
    • Galakras:
      • Re-wrote galakras intro spawn/re-spawn mechanic.
      • Galakras will now move to a non-slope location after dying, this should solve issue with being unable to loot his corpse.
      • Wave enemies’ corpses will now immediately disappear, this should aid in being more alert with ground objects.
      • http://www.wowhead.com/npc=71945 will now properly use http://www.wowhead.com/spell=146899 on faction leaders, and will properly focus on them. Also they will now properly pick a random target after fixating on a leader.
      • http://www.wowhead.com/npc=72943 will now take-off and attack players if not engaged by any.
    • Iron Juggernaut:
      • 25 HC loot will no longer be shared with 10 HC, thus should now drop more items compared to it.
      • Heroic:





Battlegrounds & Arenas
  • Fast Crystals will now respawn upon arena beginning.
  • Arena results will now show players that have left prematurely or players that have been disconnected and are awaiting to return to match.
  • Arena Score UI will no longer show reversed MMR value.
  • http://www.wowhead.com/spell=110310 will now properly resume with correct percentage after returning to match.


General Spells
  • Implemented lag tolerance feature towards spells in global cooldown
  • Re-worked how Vengeance works for all tank specializations:
    • Will now only take into account the damage you receive, versus before it would take into account also the damage that you mitigated.
    • Will no longer grant an initial bump of 33% of the damage received, instead will now bump your vengeance up to 50% of the damage received (ONLY if your vengeance is currently below that amount).
  • Improved path generation, should result in significantly less underground leading paths (e.g http://www.wowhead.com/spell=100)
  • Improved collision detection for server-generated movements, this should also significantly reduce the chances of such movements putting players in walls/underground.





  • We are aware of the numerous complaints against Beast Master Hunters, but we are yet to receive any proper bug report about this issue. Do not hesitate to report about it if you have any information on this issue.




















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