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Useful Items to Carry or Consider

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A semi complete list of useful Items, toy, etc to consider carrying around with you in draenor. Many of these are teleporters or portals.

Definitely some I'm missing because I already carry them (goblin glider, Engineer absorb item, invis item, etc)


oralious whispering Crystal
azure water strider
new fishing Garrison mount
anglers raft
jaina's locket
cloak of consideration
Treessassin's Guise
aviana feather
loot a ring
tolbarad tabard
falling flame
ever-booming frond
boots of the bay
hearthstone shrine two moons
last relic of Argus
skywitch drape
salyin battle banner
battle standard of coordination
guild herald
helpful wikki's whistle
precious bloodthorne loop
blood orb
hardened shell
coin of many faces
innkeepers daughter
chef's hat
whispers of rai'vosh
falling flame
admirals compass
akamas necklace


What else should be on this list? Sorry for misspellings, was rewriting these from other sources with my thumbs.

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On 8/4/2017 at 5:49 AM, Desenkei said:

What else should be on this list? .

Wowhead links!

Hearthstone set to the Shrine of Seven Stars (Alliance) or Shrine of Two Moons (Horde)

  • Portals to 4 faction cities, Shattrath and Northrend Dalaran
  • Auctioneer, Bank, Transmogrifier, Void Storage available







Did not find the following:

cloak of consideration
akamas necklace

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You rock the casbah and are appreciated!

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The most useful and easiest-to-acquire portals usable by any class are:





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