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ice lance ice lance dmg

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1) Overestimate damage of magicians. Namely:
A) the wrong formula for Ice Lance (Ice Spear) Icy Spear Should deal 306-392 damage + 33.5% of Spell Power
B) incorrect work of skill - too much increases DPS from the magician

as you remember top 40 from player       13 mage  

like top 14 player 30 % mage -_-  please fix :)


Check out the video








19213053_1869905643276967_51489229_o (1).png

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yea like fix all the bug advantaged classes... the entire arena ladder is dominated by mages , druids , death knights , paladins and mages... compromised mostly of damage bugs and movement bugs. i have seen things like extra damage ticks per sec in the combat log along with many others like you posted

Just look at the arena ladder, pathetic

In Mop Warrior healer was the most dominate and there were teams like rouge mage... not here tho on this garbage buged version of mop pvp

warlocks and rouges are non existent , warriors and priest are hardly there either as well as shamans and monks... garbage server were half the classes cant expect to compete in PVP arena.  Funny tho that a BM hunter was #1 just last week so your post is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.


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