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Retribution Paladin DPS to low?

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Hy all and dear GMs/Dev's


Tell me any one why too low dps a ret paladin .My ilvl850 35% Crit 25% Haste 25%Mastery and full cd one targeted dps is only 220k max AoE dps full cd 3-5 target 600k + dps tell me what is a problem?

Any hunter (Boris fresh new character) BM hunter ilvl 819 he dps is 250k + tell me why?

My Stats is not bad i think another ret paladin stats is same (Retail WoW head)

Firestorm armory :

My char:



Retail ret paladins top paladin dps :



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probably cuz of trinkets..they use flask and pre pot twice per fight.

Paladin opening rotation is everything messing that up can cause huge dps loss. Some things also don't work like they should here obviously also you have no legendary and trust me leggos are like 50-100k more dps also your artifact is 33 at least 35 and u get 5% more dmg maxed out is a lot more.

Also training dummies here are bugged when they reach 1 or 0 hp u do no dmg to them only ur auto attacks do.

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My guildie is retri 880ish and he is sick af. Maybe ure doing something wrong in ur rotation/spell priority/lining up procs etcetc

Research is the key

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