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Update #13

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Information: This update pack was already applied on September 20th, 2017.
  • Solved an issue where players’ pets would lag behind and eventually disappear from visibility range and despawn.
  • Solved an issue where unequipping an item from your character using the auto-unequip feature would cause your item to become gray and unusable until a relog.
  • Custom transmogrifier will no longer allow you to use items for transmogrification that you cannot equip.
  • Currency flags will now be properly saved.
  • Basic implementation of creature model collision height has been added, this should resolve line of sight issues between objects that are near the height of your characters’ models.
  • Becoming rooted in pvp while jumping or doing any other aerial movement except flying, will now land you on the ground.
  • Rooting a target while it  is moving will no longer result in the target appearing as if it is still moving.
  • Fixed an issue where casting a spell while on a flying mount would result in a “Can’t do that while moving” error.
  • AoE loot improvements.
  • Corrected many cosmetic glyphs.
  • Fixed suicide exploit.
  • Corrected various movement issues for players while in Vashj’ir.
Raids, Dungeons and Instances
Battlegrounds & Arenas
  • Battlegrounds:
    • Twin Peaks:
      • Jumping from the waterfall will now kill you shortly after you jump.
      • Alliance teams will no longer be able to cast mounts on the left side exit.
    • Temple of Kotmogu:
      • Corrected an issue where players could get feared outside battleground boundaries preventing them from entering the battleground again.
    • Strand of the Ancients:
      • Preparation buff will now be removed from all players upon each round beginning.
  • Arenas:
    • Updates to queue interface.
    • Fast crystals will now despawn upon 15 seconds remaining until match start.
General Spells
Death Knight

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