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Update #37

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Information: This update pack was applied on Wednesday, January 24, 2018.
  • Fixed some legion item’s random secondary stats.
  • Fixed wrong collision with
  • Disable toy.
  • Player's can no longer use artifact power item when their currently equipped artifact has already all its traits.
  • Added Weekly Bonus Events rotation (except Timewalking events) with the correct passives on the players.
  • Fixed class-hall enter restriction. You shouldn’t be stuck now anymore if you enter a class hall which is not the one of your class.
  • Hotfixes (The following fixes has been applied already during the past weeks):
    • Fixed, no longer gives permanent movement speed.
    • Fixed, can no longer target rare creatures.
    • Fixed, is no longer triggered on Renew when you don’t have the talent selected, and can’t stack anymore.
    • Dampening no longer persists upon leaving arenas (Greymane).
    • You can no longer mount while carrying flags with specific mounts (Battlegrounds).
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to keep player versus player talents when surrendering a duel during preparation.
    • Fixed, now has a 60 degree cone angle (was 45).
Raids, Dungeons and Instances
Battlegrounds & Arenas
  • Added some changes to the queue dodging system:
    • The dodging team is now correctly displayed on the scoreboard.
    • Rating changes are correctly calculated and displayed on the scoreboard for both teams.
    • The winner team now correctly gains rating.
  • Damages dealt by summoned creatures are now correctly added to your own damages on the scoreboard.
  • Fixed armor values of the player versus player templates.
  • The bug preventing the use of your artifact main spell upon switching spec or re-equipping the artifact has been fixed. 
  • Artifact passive damage and or stamina per traits purchased now correctly get applied upon re-equipping artifact or changing spec.
General Spells
Death Knight
Demon Hunter


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Additional fixes that were added over the last week

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