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Valor on Gul'Dan (Add to LFR) [In-game]

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Title: Valor on Gul'Dan (Add to LFR)

Type: In-game


Hello there!  On the Gul'Dan (WoD) server we are pretty well setup to play as we would.  But there is a core resource which is basically unavailable, VALOR!  Valor in WoD is used to upgrade baleful, dungeon, raid, and crafted gear up +10ilvls.  While not *technically* necessary to the game, it would be nice to have that second layer to character development.

I suggest that Valor be added to the following activities:
LFR - it granted Valor on retail and should here too
Dungeon Finder - heroic dungeons are required for the ring quest, why not incentivize the queue with daily/weekly valor gains
And maybe one other place to gain Valor, like if you reach exalted with a faction or kill a World Boss or or or

Creating opportunity for people to come together more as a community and incentivize them with Valor, that is my suggestion.


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I do agree. If they would add valor to LFR and Dungeon Finder it would stimulate more people to join LFR and the dungeon queue for better equipment and better raiding skills which would lead up to more people testing high ilvl content. Today you can not join a raid finder group or a RDF group because they are more rare then 5v5 arena matches due to the lack of new content on wod.

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