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As mentioned previous, we have applied a balance arrangement to player's loyalty points regarding the problem of abuses during the Easter Eggs. The changes are applied as followed (please read carefully);

First, 300 loyalty points have been awarded to each player who has opened at least 1 Easter Egg. Then, all the players who had a negative value of loyalty points despite the awarded 300 loyalty points, had their balance reset to 0. This is to ensure that every player won't feel cheated:

  • If a player opened only a few eggs and got about one hundred loyalty points, as the reset also took away the points they got despite not abusing, they were compensated with 300 loyalty points.
  • However, if a player had gotten a lot of points (either with or without abuse) and spent them, the system obviously took away all the points including the 300 bonus, which can lead to a negative value of points, which should now be corrected and set back to zero.

Obviously, we will fix the exploit related to eggs and when it's properly tested by the Quality Assurance team we will return them back to the server and give another two days so players can hunt the eggs again (thus potentially gain more loyalty points). We hope that this solution will satisfy every player and rest assure for the next event we will be more careful when implementing customized stuff in-game.

We truly do apologize for the inconvenience, despite the problems that occurred, we hope you can spend a Happy Easter playing on our server.

Thank you, 
Firestorm Team

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