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MoP PvP [In-game]

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Title: MoP PvP

Type: In-game


Hello , I've been playing on firestorm for around 5 years I believe and I have one crazy idea. How about we do some pvp fixing that is actually going to make pvp better :o
Since you guys dedicate at least 95% of the time (and no , I am not exaggerating) fixing PvE , how about you spend 1 year fixing pvp? :D (even tho it wouldn't take that long to fix it) That would include fixing bgs , class spells (which would also benefit PvE) and arenas.
Also you could rename the realm to Jurassic Park as that would be more appropriate name for it due to how popular BM hunters are (totally not cus they are brokenly overpowered) and also that might attract you some jurassic park fans to play on your server so it would be really benefitial!
Here is why you should rename it to Jurassic park ^-^










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